Kanye West – Fade (Explicit)

Kanye West – Fade (Explicit)

Kanye West
Creative Vision by Kanye West
Directed by Eli Linnetz
Produced by Iconoclast
Executive Producer: Kathleen Heffernan
Director of Photography: Guillermo Navarro
Production Design: Tino Shaedler
Styling: Renelou Pandora
Choreography by Guapo, Jae Blaze, Derek ‘Bentley’ Watkins
Editor: Adam Robinson
Color: Sofie Borup
VFX: Gloria FX

Music video by Kanye West performing Fade. (C) 2016 Getting Out Our Dreams II, LLC, distributed by Def Jam, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc., 1755 Broadway, New York, New York 10019. Good Music ™ and associated logo are trademarks of Mascotte Holdings, Inc. All rights reserved


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19 Responses


    12:05 am
    here before 20 million views

  2. Tommi Toonami says:

    i dont eat ass, but her dancin make me want to

  3. XMVTIC JDAM says:

    i just waanna bite her cholocate ass

  4. Excersions says:

    I’d eat her sweaty ass.

  5. Princess Paulitaa says:

    Honestly If Teyana & Iman Had A Sextape I Would Watch It???.. This Was
    Like Soft Porn Right Here

  6. Jose Ayala says:

    She turned my gay ass straight

  7. RADubs says:

    That “me and Taylor might still have sex” line has two meanings now….

  8. Miles Robinson says:

    Masturbation with syrup cures cancer if I’m lieing I’m dying.

  9. African Twinkie Cartel says:

    I would commit MURDER just to snort the sweat off that ass. If someone told
    me I could eat Teyana Taylor’s ass for for 12 seconds under the condition
    that I push my family off a cliff, I’m sorry but y’all niggas gotta go smh.
    I mean that’s the type of ass to make a nigga bust in miliseconds on some
    Olympic shit, goddamn. Teyana, if you feel tired after all that dancing and
    need a place to sit down and rest, my face is all yours.

  10. Nabil says:

    Way better then Anaconda

  11. Purple Six Beats says:

    Put the half naked girl on music video and keep them plebs happy.

  12. Crucified Assassin says:

    ?? Everybody commenting “Here before (number) views.” It was on TV,
    millions of people already saw this mate. lol nobody cares.

  13. Stephen A. Smith says:

    My interpretation of the video.

    Teyana was doing choreo from past artists (Aaliyah, Janet & Michael Jackson
    etc). The reason being that their legendary images are fading away in the
    wave of the new generation. Most people from this generation didn’t even
    understand the Flashdance cinematography. It’s a modern day representation
    of the gap between generations and shows that when Kanye uses samples, he’s
    only trying to keep the past art alive.

    Oh and the last few seconds elude to MJ and the black Panthers (Teyana as a
    cat), as well as showing that the youth are unfortunate sheep.

  14. Fyllow Mellow says:

    Kanye’s bout to snatch that election, watch his ass ?

  15. LucarioDXAuraStorm says:

    Iman Shumpert looks like Desiigner’s final evolution

  16. k hassan says:

    She claims not to exercise and constantly eats junk and fried chicken. I do
    not believe it one bit if it is true she has mighty good genetics. Love
    this song and video still ❤️?

  17. Itsbabyj1 says:

    AHHHHHHH YASSS.. she slays

  18. Altan Nehir says:

    Who wanna eat her ass??? Be honest please?:D

  19. Grundle Plith says:

    Uh oh here comes Kanye haters