Kanye West’s Live Performance in Downtown Yerevan Swan Lake – Armenia, April 13, 2015 Yerevan

Kanye West’s Live Performance in Downtown Yerevan Swan Lake – Armenia, April 13, 2015 Yerevan

Live Kanye West’s concert in Swan Lake, Yerevan

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20 Responses

  1. Олег Бондаренко says:

    А люди которые по воде ходят!!! Это не удавшиеся Иисусы!?

  2. Iskuhi Hintiryan says:

    kanye west = simply the best. no if’s and’s or but’s about it.

  3. Gladys Swagress says:

    Looks like a lot of fun….. Bless his heart 

  4. Jack says:

    “This can’t be happening, i can’t walk on water”

  5. Dav Teymurazyan says:

    Kaney.. You are besttt! . Yerevan Lovvve you !!!!))

  6. Люк Скайвокер says:

    правильное название виде: грязный ниггер оскорбляет религиозные чувства
    армян в Пасху в центре Еревана)))

  7. Richard Hwang says:

    yeezez walking in water

  8. Vigen Zargaryan says:

    It was fantastic. Thank you Kanye.

  9. Twister95 says:

    My left ear is enjoying this

  10. Kaiser Hugh says:

    I’m loving it

  11. Lili Anna says:

    It was amazing!❤️

  12. stickdemessage says:

    У нас в городе когда обезьян в зоопарк завезли, столько же народа
    посмотреть собралось

  13. hasmik gevorgyan says:


  14. Anna H. says:

    That was soooo CRAZY!!! I wish I was there! Thank you Kanye for making my
    people that happy!! <3 =D RESPECT!!

  15. warm says:

    Вах вах, какой голос! Пэрсик…

  16. bugimens87 says:

    носатые гуляют

  17. Andranik Azarumyan says:

    Shit I didn’t know about this concert

  18. Qasem Rezaee says:

    My left ear enjoyed this video, thanks….

  19. Alex Gala says:

    Kanye jumps into lake at 1:03:30

  20. Saqib Munir says:

    Marshall: There’s a lot of rock out there. But it’s no longer … I don’t
    think it’s what our generation will be remembered for. I think it’ll be
    Kanye west
    Mumford: I think Kanye is sick. He’s the only rock star left.
    Marshall: We went to one of his shows in London. He played Koko, which is a
    small venue, like 1,500 people. It was f–ing mindblowing.
    Mumford: It was f–ing amazing. There were a bunch of cool London grime MCs
    doing stuff. But then he gets up and just blows them all away. Says one
    word and the whole room just…that’s rock’n’roll, to me.
    Marshall: He’s everything he claims to be. Maybe not God, but … (Laughs.)
    He really is incredible.