Kathy Griffin: A Hell Of A Story

Kathy Griffin: A Hell Of A Story

If you have 17 minutes to spare, I have a hell of a story to tell.

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20 Responses

  1. Ja.Oliver says:

    Harassing for calling your personal phone number it’s a fuckin call lady relax a

  2. Ahum Stinum-alahbakbak says:

    Didn’t watch any of the video everything about you is dogshit Kathy stay the fuck out of the spotlight, you’ve never been funny in your career, and you actually lower the value on the movie pulp fiction with your appearance.

  3. SteadyNUnremitting says:

    YES Kathy!!! Drag those bigots to the depth of hell.

  4. Static Method says:

    Kathy Griffin still trying to be relevant in a world she has been forgotten

  5. Madison Gil says:

    Thank You. I hope people listen!!!!

  6. Matthew Gonzalez says:

    “You did not protect me.” Bitch the world does not revolve around your irrelevant ass

  7. Alternate TDH says:

    Y’all are giving this dude shit on the premise that he is a scumbag, in terms of his personality. While that is 100% true, its really pissing me off how ignorant everybody in this comment section is being. With all these women coming out and trashing Hollywood stars, its starting to get me a little suspicious of how much is actually true. Yes, Hollywood is an awful business, and I bet you there are many producers, actors, etc. that may share a lot in common with Harvey Weinstein. The problem I see though is that much of these claims are back with NO EVIDENCE. Kathy Griffin’s best piece of evidence was a fucking phone call from Harvey. She said “How the fuck did he get my phone number?” and was using that as evidence for “sexual harassment”. People have to understand that just because its a woman throwing out claims like a wildfire, doesn’t mean its true. It’s sometimes scary how much power women hold in first-world countries these days: just one claim of sexual harassment or any “act” made upon the woman, true or not, can destroy a person’s life. Once clear evidence is provided, then I can fully come out and support Kathy’s situation.

    I would like to clarify that I am not in support of any of these actions, neither do I take a side. I am well aware that the problems and situations are fully feasible, especially in Hollywood. But please concerned citizens, hold back on the venting until further evidence is provided. You may be unintentionally destroying an innocent man’s life/lives.

  8. John Brown says:

    Boo fucking hoo. Fuck you. And fuck everyone in this comment thread.

  9. James Wilkinson says:

    How is this on trending
    It has only like 50k views

  10. quadetronzz says:

    5:45 Kathy on Andy Cohen’s Cocaine Use. You’re welcome. Sip that tea hunties

  11. papavalium says:

    Aww, Poor Kathy, is removing comments. The comedian, that makes people laugh, by making fun of peoples looks, weight, or color, can’t handle comments that disagree with her.

    Deleting Comments = Can’t handle it. Poor Kathy, keep deleting the messages.

  12. water5000 says:

    But.. but.. it’s not new years.

  13. Whatta Joke says:

    Attack someone and then play the victim

  14. steve STAR says:


  15. thisguy1225 says:

    You deserve to be dead.

  16. John Dönhoff says:

    You are irrelevant. Get off the internet and retire in Florida.

  17. faszom fasz says:

    jesus christ what the fuck is this disgusting thing????

  18. Alexandra says:

    Cowchop has 88,000 views in 4 hours… how much did you pay to get on Trending Kathy!?

  19. Gery de Brute says:

    Please come to indonesia

  20. Andrew Rowlett says:

    Ohhhh. Kathy…after the initial pick up this won’t land well for you. 99% of us love you because you don’t give a fuck. You forced these fake people to have you on their shows because you worked so hard and made it known you didn’t care. This makes it look like you care. We get enough pseudojournalism. Go back to where you began and light the bitches on fire but with a punch line! Never let em see you cry!
    You changed the rules. STOP playing by theirs. Show us how to be strong and laugh when we can’t make our antagonists disappear.

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