Katy Perry – Never Worn White

Katy Perry – Never Worn White

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Music video by Katy Perry performing Never Worn White. © 2020 Capitol Records, LLC


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49 Responses

  1. Jebakumar says:

    Katy Perry: I have never worn white

    Hot n Cold: Am I a joke to you?

  2. apenas uma carinha says:

    Aqui sem entender 1 letra, mais mesmo assim vendo uma rainha cantando👏👏👏

  3. cute anna says:

    omg imagine her children says “i love my mama, my mama’s name is katty perry, she’s very pretty and talented, and i love her veryyy much”

  4. Moises Enzo Farfan says:

    Katy se ve tan hermosa será una gran madre 🤰🤰🤰🤰🤰😭

  5. Wake Up Violet ! says:

    Depression :going to suck your life

    Kety Perry : hold my mic !

  6. Vimala Darshani says:

    It’s so sweet and cute to think that a little soul’s gonna call Katy as ‘Mommy’ 💕

  7. Sehat bareng Yuk says:

    Justin bieber – yummy (pink)
    Katy perry -never worn white (pink)
    Lady gaga – stupid love (pink)
    Anne marie – birthday (pink)
    Pink sweat -17 (pink)

    2020, pink is becoming a favorite color

  8. Jamaal Rainey says:

    One Of The Boys: 10-12 (Childhood)
    Teenage Dream: 13-17 (Teenager)
    Prism: 18-22 (Early Adulthood)
    Witness: 23-27 (Womanhood)
    KP5: 28-32 (Motherhood/Wife)

    It’s been a journey 🥺♥️

  9. Flip Vossen says:

    She raised me and so many others with her music, providing constant support in dark times. We’re all her children and she’s a mother to all of us Katycats. I am so so happy to see that she can finally be a mother to not only her fans, but also her very own child and provide him or her with her unconditional love. She’ll be an amazing mom🤍

  10. xxMARAxx HD says:

    Been a fan for nearly 10 years now and seeing that she finally found a man who treats her right and makes her happy makes ME so happy😍

  11. Jacob Alexander says:

    we have all witnessed katy evolve over the years. she has morphed from a teenage dream to a a future mother. she has blessed us all and she has given us either the childhoods we wanted and gave us so many good memories. now she is finally morphing into something greater and we are all so proud of her 🥰🥰🥰

  12. DylanvandusenVEVO says:

    OMG she confirmed she’s pregnant

  13. Phuc Positive says:

    Katy’s child will have sparkling eyes like water and a warm soul, beautiful as flowers ♥️♥️♥️

  14. Crystal Ann says:

    Who else has been a fan of Katy’s since day one?! 🙋🏻‍♀️💕

  15. SeksownaKanapka says:

    I’ll put this song right after “Not Like The Movies” on my playlist

  16. Miranda Panmei says:

    Katy: Never worn white
    Her wardrobe: You do!
    Lyric: Never worn white
    Katy: I do…

  17. Ric Morilla says:

    From “Hot and Cold” to “Never Worn White”
    I’m happy for you Katy Perry. You finally found the love of your life.
    Been a fan for many years 💕💕

  18. Fionna Adeline says:

    😭💖💖💖 i cant believe how brave she is bearing her soul and being so vulnerable like this, so publicly, wow i’ve got chills and i’m so happy for her!!!!!! Orlando better know what he’s got!!!!!

  19. Avery Grissham says:

    Grammy, you better don’t ignore this masterpiece. And y’all, we can’t make this flop. Katy deserves her Teenage Dream era again

  20. Karina says:

    She really fell into depression after her divorce in 2012. She struggled so much with loving herself and now she’s having a baby with someone who values her for who she is. *SHE DESERVES ALL THE HAPPINESS*

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