Katy Perry – Rise (Coming August 4)

Katy Perry – Rise (Coming August 4)

Get “Rise”: http://smarturl.it/KatyRise
Official video for “Rise” coming August 4. Follow Katy at the links below for more details.

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19 Responses

  1. ʍoɥ ǝɯ pǝʍoɥs ɥɐlᴉlǝp llᴉ┴, ɹǝɔuɐp ɐ sɐʍ I ʍǝuʞ ɹǝʌǝN says:

    Actual footage of Katy struggling to be relevant.

  2. Fernanda Firpo says:

    at last

  3. Joshua Powell says:

    Bubblegum cookie cutter garbage put out by fat rich white Jew’s in suits to
    sell to the digital morons who think this is music.

  4. Roxy rose says:

    mmk :|

  5. Pedro Aranha says:

    Meu Deeeeus

  6. Romina Aquino says:


  7. Dulce Diaz says:


  8. emelin campos says:


  9. Fling Pou says:

    wow look at all you followers… brainwashed sheep… no mind of your
    own… worshipping celebrities like gods… she’s just a skank… no need
    to get excited… wake up… take back control of your mind…

  10. Yoselin Trejo Garduño says:

    Exellent isverygood

  11. Meli Panda says:

    *-* love it

  12. The Mad Hatter says:

    Not usually a fan of Katy but this looks awesome!

  13. norelys valeria RV says:

    o esta super genial

  14. Ivania Gonzalez says:

    bkn sigue haci

  15. Samuel Moreira says:

    Que F-O-D-A

  16. Whatever It's EVELYN says:


  17. AKA Caleb says:

    this is literally the representation of the antichrist. listen to the
    lyrics and look at the pictures of her for the album

  18. Noah Cheng says:

    For some reason when she was getting pulled away by the parachute I laughed
    really hard???

  19. Always'Faithful says: