Kavanaugh Hearing Cold Open – SNL

Kavanaugh Hearing Cold Open – SNL

Judge Brett Kavanaugh (Matt Damon) takes questions from Senators Chuck Grassley (Alex Moffat), Dianne Feinstein (Cecily Strong), Amy Klobuchar (Rachel Dratch), Thom Tillis (Mikey Day), Cory Booker (Chris Redd), John Kennedy (Kyle Mooney), Sheldon Whitehouse (Pete Davidson), Lindsey Graham (Kate McKinnon) and prosecutor Rachel Mitchell (Aidy Bryant).

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87 Responses

  1. Drew Hendley says:

    Beautiful ceepy calendar

  2. MLG HELP says:

    “Im a…keg thats half full kind of guy.” LOLπŸ˜…

    • screwyootube1 says:

      They write themselves!

    • screwyootube1 says:

      “When you can’t get the guy on anything at All, attack him for having a few beers”

      Right! Especially when he passes out, and tries to rape, he MUST be SCOTUS material!

    • Bleeding Eye Watcher says:

      Richard Lamb Actually, not only has he been implicated in sexual assault, rape, and perjury, the joke that went over your head was mocking his pathetic denial or his obvious alcohol abuse. Next stop, prison.

    • Bleeding Eye Watcher says:

      Paul No, you don’t get it. It’s because he’s an alcoholic and obviously an angry, abusive drunk as well. I feel sorry for his wife.

    • Richard Lamb says:

      @Bleeding Eye Watcher,
      Leave the misinformation, disinformation & slander to cnn.
      First Step, turn off your tv. (Kav is rated 100% by all women colleagues)

  3. BRAVO2I4 says:

    This was almost exactly how the actual hearing went. Hilariously sad.

    • Timothy Lewis says:

      Watched it all day. This was perfect!

    • Queenie says:

      There’s a Washington Post video with BOTH versions onscreen..you should see it!!

    • Cygnus X-321 says:

      – Kavanaugh helped author Alberto Gonzales’ β€œtorture memos” during the Bush admin.
      – Kavanaugh praised the constitutionality of mass surveillance by the NSA.
      – Kavanaugh advocates repealing the right to abortion for millions of women.

      The Democratic Party’s refusal to address such issues is a deliberate decision. They are themselves guilty of involvement in these crimesβ€”and intend for them to continue, whether Kavanaugh or some other reactionary is on the court.

      The Democrats are not even capable of addressing the fact that twenty years ago Kavanaugh was a central player in the Republicans’ anti-democratic use of sex scandals to attempt to bring down the administration of Democratic President Bill Clinton. To raise this issue would expose the fact that the Democrats are engaged in the same methods today.


    • Don says:

      +Sly Hughes III you’re lying or didn’t watch it

    • meatwad74 says:

      BRAVO2I4 well, the actual kavanaugh was even worse and painful to watch. Did you, did you? What a Moron. Trying to copy trump at being aggressive, retarded and failing. Probably to entice trumps base of filth and bigots. Embarrassment for the human race

  4. BonjourIsHello says:

    i was thee proudest, drunkest virgin there ever was!!!!

  5. Julie Waninger says:

    Haha. His wife is a great actress!!! Her poker face is solid.

  6. Gan Khef says:

    Ha! Damon crushed it. I hope the studio audience watched the hearing. Spot on!

  7. linden 826 says:

    i dont care what side you are on this is HILARIOUS finally SNL got back to really good comedy writing

    • John Schauder says:

      yoyoyoyoyoyyofsdfsdf i wonder where they got the idea that her story was corroborated by her friend. The media would never misinform them…they are unbiased and objective…

    • Kathy Shuck says:

      Not funny..at all.

    • Dat Meme says:

      John, wake up. This goes on in both parties. Stop falling into their divide and conquer tactics. We shouldn’t be looking at politics like a football game. We should want all American’s to win and that can only happen when politicians with different ideas work towards a common goal and don’t just demonize anything from the other side. This also means that when someone in power who shares your views screws up that you call them out instead of covering it up. That’s what patriots do.

    • screwyootube1 says:

      It helps to have an endless supply of material, which Trump & his cronies have provided since they took office!

  8. John W says:

    Should get Dana carvey to play dr Ford she looks so much like garth

  9. Mr Newkirk says:

    The Lindsey Graham part tho LMAO

  10. Antonyo Adams says:

    “Did you drink TOO many beers”
    “Oh, you mean was I cool?? Yeah!”
    I’m weakkkk

    • Facts and Freedom says:

      @Da Chop Up
      Which questions did he avoid? What is insane to watch?

    • Bleeding Eye Watcher says:

      Facts and Freedom You don’t get it. πŸ™„He wasn’t speaking candidly absolutely anything. He was going off-topic to avoid answering the questions, and he flat out refused to answer the most important one: β€œWould you submit to an FBI investigation?” That’s part of the reason the majority of Americans now say he’s guilty.

    • Facts and Freedom says:

      @Bleeding Eye Watcher
      The majority of Americans do not say he’s guilty. Get your head out of the ass of MSM.

      He did not refuse to answer the question about FBI. He said he would do what the committee wanted. I believe he stated this multiple times. Get your head out of the ass of the MSM.

    • Richard Remetch says:

      Your a bunch of pussies

  11. VOODOODADDY says:


  12. VOODOODADDY says:

    OMG the actors in the back ground must pisst in there pants from not laughing

    • Skip741 x says:

      i was watching the 2 women by his side during some of the lines to see if they were gonna crack..they held it together great but i think matt himself had a few times where he almost broke into laughter at the lines he was saying..

  13. Brooke Madison says:

    Wow. I never realized Matt Damon was so… talented.

  14. elbeejay says:

    Great writing, love Damon’s willingness to try anything…. and be so good at it. Well Done!

    • daniel kathan says:

      Looking forward to the Harvey Weistein skit. Think Damon will play himself when he helped enable Weinstein’s decades of sexual abusing Hollywood women?

    • Chaika? Yes, Chaika. Chaika. says:

      that would be so fun, also will trump play himself when he visited express lolita? i mean he is a fucking pedophile so it makes sense.

  15. Emcee Nassar says:

    Matt Damon is golden in this. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  16. Motorcar Classics says:

    Kate McKinnon steals the spotlight as usual.

  17. Sandi Billingsley says:

    This would be funny if it wasn’t actually happening in our judicial system.

    • Brett C says:

      Sandi Billingsley Maybe the bigger problem is that you think this is happening in the β€œ judicial β€œ part of the system.

    • Dieu DonnΓ© says:

      What did he do for that ?

    • Dieu DonnΓ© says:

      +JigΓΈku ShΓΈjΓΈ
      “Behavior issues” wohaaaa 😱😱😱
      He has to go to jail for that, amazing ! That’s to much !
      I thought it was about a rape, but no ! BEHAVIOR ISSUES !!!

    • Dieu DonnΓ© says:

      +JigΓΈku ShΓΈjΓΈ
      Oh wait, Clinton has Behavior issues too so no death sentence in fact… he has to run for president

    • Facts and Freedom says:

      @JigΓΈku ShΓΈjΓΈ
      Those are interesting points, but unfortunately for you none of the Democrats brought this up during Kavanaugh’s hearing, so the Democrats disagree that those are true or relevant.

      Read Rachel Mitchell’s report, dumbasses.

  18. Sasha32659 says:

    I love it when he came in, sat down and screamed WHAAAAT!!!

  19. Linda Coleman says:

    I hope Matt Damon wins an Emmy for this; everyone was great for not cracking up, but Matt was fantastic.

  20. Jerome Bullard says:

    The situation in this country is extremely concerning.

    • mellow magic says:

      Sit back and enjoy the ride. It’ll be ok.

    • meatwad74 says:

      Impulsive, aggressive guy whose yearbooks, memoirs, memories are littered with references to drinking and sex games? Seems legit. Perfect for filthy bigoted red neck trumpers . Yeeehaaaww

    • Tony Tee says:

      It shows a pattern of aggressive behavior. i could care less if they put up another candidate, just not this lunatic!

    • Bleeding Eye Watcher says:

      Dave Gunner Except this isn’t a trial. This is a job interview. If Kavanaugh is denied the nomination, it’s not a guilty verdict. Innocent til proven guilty doesn’t mean give the accused a free pass to the highest court in the country for the rest of his life.

      Also, you underestimate the will of the American people. A growing majority detest Trump and his sycophants, Kavanaugh included. All of their days are numbered regardless of how this turns out.

    • Bleeding Eye Watcher says:

      Andrew Michael There is no such thing as the β€œCommunist Left.” The Left and the majority of Americans are simply opposing the blatant corruption and authoritarian overreach of Trump and Republicans.

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