Kawhi Leonard Postgame Interview – Game 6 | Raptors vs Warriors | 2019 NBA Finals

Kawhi Leonard Postgame Interview – Game 6 | Raptors vs Warriors | 2019 NBA Finals

Toronto Raptors vs Golden State Warriors – Game 6 | June 13, 2019 NBA Finals | 2019 NBA Playoffs
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77 Responses

  1. Nop says:

    Amazing keep it up HoH!! Congrats Raptors! #WETHENORTH

    • Ricky skudd says:

      @Denton Lewis I’m not a Raptors fan aw you just keep the team dick wet with them crusty lips lol I can tell you salty golden state musta fucked yo team up and now you trolling when the Raptors beat Kevin Durant Stephen curry and klay Thomas healthy 4 games then I’ll be salty until then nigga shut the fuck up

    • Denton Lewis says:

      Ricky skudd I know you struggle with reading. I sympathize with you. But TRY to read this… ready? Ok. Im not a raptors fan. The raptors definitely won because of KDs injury. And I hope KD and Klay recover well and are the same players. Im not “feeling myself” after this win. BUT the warriors fans are saying the raptors championship doesnt count because of injuries. But Golden state won in 2015 when Kyrie and Kevin Love got hurt. They were losing to the spurs in 2017 before Zaza injured Kawhi, they were gonna lose to the rockets last year but CP3 got hurt. Theyve benifitted from injuries every year that they won a ring. Im not saying those championships didnt count tho. And im not gonna say this one doesnt count for toronto. They worked hard, played well and capitalized. Seriously man, read and try to understand my words. This comment sections stupidity is so cringey. Im not even a hater, just logical

    • Denton Lewis says:

      Ricky skudd I’ll give you this tho. Im reasonable. Its obviously not AS impressive as beating a healthy Warriors team, so the ring doesnt count AS much. But people cant pick and choose when to bitch. Its still an accomplishment and salty people will try to knock down the joy of raptors fans. I, for one, am happy for them, and all the players.

    • ChimChim _ says:

      Foxxxy &Sassy lmao u still had 3 all stars (curry,cousins and green). Also when Kyrie and love got injured warriors fans had no sympathy for that. Also I bet ur a bandwagon ?

    • Detective X. says:


  2. Black Mamba says:

    Mark schwartz ESPN: Mark Schwartz ESPN

  3. Kyle Yamamoto says:

    “I ended up with the trophy but everyone deserves it”


    • PAY10s variety Show says:

      He leftbit

    • Traviseen says:


    • Ibnziyad Tariq says:

      @II Am Jesus no we are happy for Toronto cuz this team is similar to the 2015 Warriors, grow up these are millionairs and they repect each others why would we cry over that ?

    • Jigga says:

      Very powerful statement… it is no wonder this team has won a championship. They really play as a ‘team’ and for each other.

      I can’t help but admire how the guy is so articulate yet very humble. I still have no idea how he keeps his emotions in check and how he can bottle it all in despite all the pressure of playing at this level. Really amazing guy!

    • Ragdoll Sucks says:

      Jigga oh get off his nuts

  4. Kevin Cai says:

    He couldn’t remember that it was Ray Allen who made the 3. Can only remember what went wrong for him. Shows his only focus is to improve as a player and person. He applied what he learned on that last Golden State possession.

  5. Jose Marques says:

    canada supported you all the way, thank you for everything Kawhi! enjoy your summer and we’ll always have your back no matter where you go!

    • Southern Gent says:

      Nothing like those fake fans in San Antonio! Congratulations from a fan of the Lakers!

    • Ralph Italian 515 says:

      Buddy, you’re crazy for saying that.
      He has to stay, or everyone should lose respect for him

    • Brandon Bourgault says:

      Ralph Italian 515 your retarded af you clearly aren’t from the area of Toronto. We aren’t looking for 3 straight nba titles kawhi delivered what we been missing for the last 24 years. Kawhi will always have Torontos support!

  6. TBNX Gaming says:

    Kawhi a reincarnation of a basketball legend confirmed man said “I just learned from my past life”

  7. Yung Maestro says:

    Lol I know your bestfriend left I know your mad but let me get you this ?Kyle you gone feel better ? ?

  8. Johnny The Pencil Slayer says:

    Congrats Kawhi. Your Dad would be/is so proud of you

    • N Wilt says:

      Like MJ

    • Joshua Quaid says:

      His is proud

    • Boqoreh says:

      @N Wilt coincidence…


    • Warrior Fellaini says:

      @OURSIS THEFURY Odd reaction to the comment, something in your empathy receptors is misfiring…700 hundred and counting upvotes compared to your little farce of a reaction. It’s more telling of you than you realize. It’s easy to get noticed saying something like you do…something not right with you, want to create pain. The original comment was nothing but a tribute to love, not sure where you’re interpreting things from to not only react to it, but then to comment like that…shows a very strong lack of emotional intelligence, I suggest you look up the concept. Odd to want to hurt someone and create controversy with your words like that when they were only sending love. Another way to put this in perspective— currently there are 717 upvotes to their comment compared to your five…717 divided by 723 equals 99 percent…you are in the one percentile to react the way you have…Maybe not so ironically there’s an average of 1 percent of sociopaths in society…

    • Johnny The Pencil Slayer says:

      @EazyJ lol, was like two in the morning— thanks for the spelling catch. I know what you mean, had an older brother stabbed in the back and murdered and there’s a lesson you take with you in tragedy.. a positive one

  9. Victor O says:

    Spurs salty af right now

  10. Chrome Child says:

    Kawhi Leonard the slayer of Super Teams! The MVP that leads from the Shadows.

  11. Adrian lewis says:

    Kawhi says I told you so in the most classy way!! Congrats champ!!

  12. ms.Tee F says:

    This team truly played hard and deserved this championship.. Congratulations Raptors….????

  13. Johnny Boy says:

    Young people need to learn from Kawhi. That’s how you win in life.

  14. Alex Kimou says:

    Jeremy Lin got a ring before Carmelo Anthony.

    • Erica Jones says:

      Pat McCaw three straight in his first three years in the league…..2 with GS and Now 1 with Toronto

    • jeffery reaves says:

      @Erica Jones Really ain’t nobody talking about this! This cat got three rings in his first three years! He truly is blessed!

    • Cameron Hilliard says:

      I forgot that Jeremy was even on the team until last night

    • Daisy'sWorld says:

      Besides being happy for the Raptors and their core players Jeremy Lin getting a ring also put a smile on my face cause God don’t like ugly and if Lin had been given the time and patience to hone in his skills instead of being chased out of town by Camelo and virtually every other team he’s been on I think we could have seen something special!

    • Jeremy Morris says:

      Simon Chase it just shows us that GOD has everyone destiny.

  15. freddy durst says:

    Left mvp trophy like nothing omg dude is realest mfer in the biz

  16. Linkz GP says:

    Kawhi is the true definition of keeping the same energy. He been humble since day 1

  17. Aston Thorpe says:

    Kawhi is inspiring me. Truly grounded, he is behaving like the consummate leader ?

  18. Raptors Nation says:

    Draymond Green: Fun Times Ahead

    Kawhi: Keep This Trophy ???

  19. Ansquez1 says:

    Kawhi helped us make not only our 1st finals, but 1st championship too. This man deserves a statue in Toronto.

  20. Guy Man says:

    Kawhi: *sits a whole season*

    Journalists: “Kawhi not gonna be the same player, blablabla*

    Next season: *Kawhi wins a championship*

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