Kawhi Leonard will consider 5 teams in free agency – Cris Carter reports | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Kawhi Leonard will consider 5 teams in free agency – Cris Carter reports | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

Ahead of NBA free agency, Cris Carter reports Kawhi Leonard will consider 5 teams including the Los Angeles Lakers and Clippers, Toronto Raptors, New York Knicks and Nets in free agency, with Toronto as the current favorite.

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About First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright:
Cris Carter, Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe team up on First Things First, a discussion and opinion-based studio program that covers all the headlines weekdays on FS1.

Kawhi Leonard will consider 5 teams in free agency – Cris Carter reports | NBA | FIRST THINGS FIRST

First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright

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77 Responses

  1. First Things First: Cris Carter and Nick Wright says:

    Where will Kawhi Leonard sign in free agency?

    • Don Juan says:

      @Noe Zamora Clippers are just as well run as the Raptors. They have one of the best young cores, Its his home town and can build a dynasty there. Kawhi’s intentions were to finish out the year with the Raptors and thats it. Championship or not. He wants to play at home in his own country. Not sure why people do not see the writing on the wall.

    • Deven James says:

      I think Kawhi relishes the challenges, at times he looks bored out there and he seems to wake up on the court when theres a new challenge for him to get through

      Clippers/knicks/brooklyn only offer the challenge of carrying worse teams/less experienced than the raptors to the finals, meaning more load on him and his injuries

      Lakers offer no challenge as playing with AD and LBJ would be another cheat code super team and who will be the 3rd option? It would look like the easy way out and he can sip wine with LBJ and destroy teams but deal with the drama that comes with lakers/lbj and the battle for who’s the alpha in LA

      Raptors give him great support on and off the court, and you know the American ego is so hurt that the Larry OB is in Canada that they will head hunt the raptors so hard, for Kawhi to defend next year would launch him straight to “the next MJ” “better than LBJ” talks, if he was to 3 peat in toronto he would be launched into GOAT conversations and anything past that he would be launched into direct competition with the goat. He would already be the raptors goat. And raptors also offer young pieces that can develop and now have experience winning in the finals.

      Its almost a no brainer basketball wise where to go if u want to challenge for the goat, or if he wants the easy way out and is ready to sip wine and relax in the sun, or if he wants to prove he can take anybody to the top no matter what talent/experience and maybe that would stir some goat convos….

      Lets see what’s important to him….

    • King Petty says:

      Clippers.. . You can tell that’s where he want to be

    • MandoGuerrero2 says:

      My sources say that his fake laugh at the end of the speech was his way of telling the team he’ll be back next year. That’s why they were all waiting for it, all why they started hugging each other when he did it.

    • sweetburgers1 says:


  2. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    Kawhi should stay in Toronto

  3. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    C.C “I know what kawhi decision is because we talked about it last night during dinner”

  4. LeeTravius Mckay says:

    Kawhi would never want to sign with the lakers to be 2nd fiddle to LeBron

  5. Innis Mor says:



  6. BrxndxnR says:

    I don’t think Kawhi cares for the money but he should sign back with Toronto since we won

  7. Lowkey OJ says:

    Kawhi gonna join lavar bbb league and bring them a chip

  8. D Wolff says:

    Toronto or Clippers….that’s it. The knicks have ZERO surrounding talent….ZERO.

    • Don Juan says:

      @Jason Lashley Finally a level headed observation of the game and whats to happen

    • Don Juan says:

      @Yevgenii Kisarauskas Shh.. Let the Raptors fantasize that they will get Kawhi in the next 2 weeks and that they will stay relevant in the NBA. Has a team ever missed a playoffs after winning the chip?

    • Anthony Mercado says:

      D Wolff true but if he leads a bad Knicks team to the finals or even east finals in 1 year he is the goat.

  9. Jamie Gaskins says:

    What if kawhi kept signing one year deals and winning rings for the less fortunate teams ?

  10. br 1251 says:

    Why would the most quiet guy in the league who wants no drama and not all the media coverage want to go to the Knicks? ?‍♂️

  11. Antonio Ewers says:

    cant see him going to the Lakers, Knicks, Nets. I really believe its between Toronto & the Clippers.

    • Joseph Salinas says:

      @Tyler Hoyt Lakers might not have the third max slot to sign Leonard.

    • Michael Maya says:

      If he goes to the Lakers its gonna be like the Showtime 80s again! And Kawhi can the extra cash just in sponsorships in L.A. that he won’t get anywhere else. He can make it work.

    • Jim Hopper says:

      @Michael Maya exactly, people FORGET how much money is floating around California.

  12. Mike The Human says:

    Hes going to the Shanghai sharks thx

  13. Shawnaldo75 says:

    Defend your title. Sign with Toronto.

    • Shawnaldo75 says:

      @Hi im Ish, That’s basically what Kawhi just did. He was a Champ and MVP with the Spurs, now he did it with the Raptors. His legacy is established. If he wants to add to it, a repeat would help.

      @bhec7715, I love the irony that you claim people just don’t understand Cali, then proceed to prove you are clueless about Toronto and Canada.

    • Shawnaldo75 says:

      @Yusuf Wadud, if you think the Warriors (or any team) can go to 5 straight finals without any wear and tear, you’re smoking something good… and you should share.

      @Paul Willams, If you think Toronto’s boring, then you must not get out much. There’s plenty to do in Toronto… Especially if you have Kawhi’s bank account.

    • Brief Keef says:

      he can defend it wherever

    • Shawnaldo75 says:

      @Brief Keef,
      Really hard to defend the Toronto Raptors championship playing for anyone other than Toronto.

  14. M M says:

    Kawhi should go to the Memphis Grizzlies

  15. Harveen Kaur says:

    He’s staying. It was cemented in game 7 vs Philly.

  16. MELANATED KING says:

    Shout out to *Kawhi* for

    • Jesse Mix says:

      NBA is scripted. The NBA could not let Steph Curry three peat before Lebron and have more rings than their chosen one especially coming into the league after Lebron.

    • Iwon Again says:

      You mean Klay Thompson and KD for getting hurt and balancing the league out again

    • OGGOAT_ _ says:

      Nba is rigged..look at this..NOLA gets Nr1 pick Lakers get Nr4 pick..staged to form a new superteam for Lebron..ex Cavs GM goes to NOLA ??? Media is in full recruit mode for Lebron now Kyrie Kawhi Kemba etc etc

  17. TjRich says:

    CC has zero credibility he has no clue who Kawhi is considering

  18. yvandmcc says:

    He’s staying in Toronto or going home to LA.. That’s it, stop making s#$t up!

  19. nabil chowdhury says:

    You forgot to put Giannis on the list. He ain’t quite on that level, but you put talent around him the contenders.

  20. Darius Person says:

    Chris Carter’s Bold Prediction: Kawhi will consider multiple teams

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