Kayne West “crashing” Beck’s Album Of The Year Acceptance Speech

Kayne West “crashing” Beck’s Album Of The Year Acceptance Speech

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20 Responses

  1. Robert Gordon says:

    If you like myself had no idea who Beck was until he showed up at the
    Grammys, like this. LOL

  2. Austin Hemsworth says:

    When I saw this on TV, I was like “oh shit, it’s going down”. I totally
    expected him to genuinely crash the speech. Then I noticed he wasn’t being
    a douche and actually making fun of himself. Who are you and what did you
    do to the biggest rock star on the planet?

  3. mrTabascohot says:

    Who is Kanye west? I know Beck because he is a musician. 

  4. BigAznEvil says:

    That was funny! Not afraid of looking stupid. He’s making fun of himself.

    I genuinely thought he was going to say something, but at the top of the
    screen at the 0:12 mark, some dude was gonna get him. And on the telecast,
    he saw that dude coming for him, so he left real quick. HAHA.

  5. Luis Torres says:

    Unlike Taylor Swift, Beck never really heard or listened to his music.
    Taylor Swift has an army of fans, who is beck? But I digress, because, once
    upon a time Norah Jones shoes up out of the blue to nab a ton of awards and
    even album of the year. I listened after and I realized how incredibly
    talented she is. Could beck fill a similar shoe? Perhaps, perhaps not.
    Honestly I don’t enjoy Beyonce us in so I’m not so troubled about it lol.
    Although Sam Smith I would of accepted and other over beck. We will see.
    Norah Jones faded into the night with all those awards. Will beck

  6. poetmm says:

    Beyonce and Jay Z was noooo. LMAO
    Beck album was okay but I don’t think it deserve album of the year tho. He
    was shock himself that tells you alot

  7. coco chilli says:

    You can see Kim chasing him at 0:10 lol next to the girl in blue then she
    just stops n goes back. Highlight of the night idc 

  8. John X says:

    It’s amazing to see the horror creeping up on Hov’s face as Kanye
    approaches the stage.

  9. SuperJourneyer says:

    They’re all weirdos!! 

  10. Ska Aks says:

    It’s hilarious to see their facial expressions change… especially
    Pharrell and Jay Z LOL

  11. chauntrell says:

    Hahahahahahahahahaha!! Man…

  12. Csenge Hatvani says:

    Jay-z is like oohh don’t do it

  13. MrCWells3000 says:

    Just a no-class, loudmouthed, hot head.
    Sit down and shut up, asshole.

  14. hattorihanzo says:

    He was definitely definitely not joking. Him getting up there in the first
    place is a statement. No words needed. The guy just cant keep his opinions
    to himself and that makes him an asshole (even if I agree with him on this

  15. Enin Tlov says:

    Beck makes real music and is a better mc then west

  16. Rahul Loves'ThePayne says:


  17. Rahul Loves'ThePayne says:

    *KAYNE* ? seriously ? -_-

  18. Dhanraj Swijsen Barilla says:

    Kanye west claims he is a grown man while he still acts like a kid

  19. Joe Mama says:

    Fucking attention whore

  20. Marquis Pope says:

    Look at Jays face when he was walking up there….priceless