KD never got over the Draymond argument – Kendrick Perkins | The Jump

KD never got over the Draymond argument – Kendrick Perkins | The Jump

Kendrick Perkins says Kevin Durant never got over Draymond Green telling him the team didn’t need him. Ramona Shelburne says Draymond Green told Kevin Durant what everyone in the organization was thinking about him leaving.
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70 Responses

  1. Dominique Dixon says:

    Y’all need to stop it, KD was leaving even before the draymond incident, he had that sat out from the beginning of the season

    • Cecelia Helms says:

      Dominique Dixon glad someone else knew that ?

    • bundang don says:

      Dominique, I’m sure that they know it. These haters are praising Perkins as if he has become the new messiah of basketball analysis, but in reality it’s just a bunch of media trash created in order to get attention

  2. JULIAN H47 says:

    First of all NOBODY knows what KD thinks … all this coverage is all speculation… no facts.

  3. Thomas Coutcher says:

    Breaking news KD is going to make 40 million next year with the Nets, and not play a single minute, because he is recovering from injury

  4. United States Citizen says:

    Fact is KD only went to get a ring ??‍♂️ so not like he went cause he was in love with the team or the city . He went to get paid just like he’s going to the nets


    He got his easy rings what else he wants? He did say he doesn’t feel complete winning. Well maybe because it wasn’t a fight. Duh

  6. K-Ron Hay says:

    Kendrick Perkins keep up the excellent job! ??

    • lj3thomas says:

      hell yeah he doing great

    • DEK TRAN says:

      perk is the barry white of nba analysts

    • San Diego says:

      Perkins is CLUELESS as a doormat…. as bad or worse as Paul Pierce as a media guy…. but what’s worse, Perkins works as Executive in the Thunder organization, and he is oblivious. one of the reasons Thunder teams always underachieve & never find the right mix/combination of players. their teams never fit together with cohesive pieces, & 1 reason is clowns like Perkins inside the organization making Admin decisions.

    • 10GALLEN81 says:

      He’s SO very good at this

    • Daniel says:

      K-Ron Hay
      Unless I hear KD say it personally, don’t believe Perkins or these other clowns.

  7. Joshua Kim says:

    This the longest video I saw without Rachel Nichols not talking

  8. gurmeet718 says:

    Perk doesn’t like warriors simple is that .warriors did this and that to KD .they welcome KD WITH open arms and heart mann ya I understand green shouldn’t have crossed the line .KD WAS THE BEST PLAYER IN WARRIORS uniform. But else he wanted more

    • Lay Babii says:

      gurmeet718 naw the best player in a warriors’ uniform gets all the defensive attention which is Steph Curry.

  9. El Ka says:

    Again as I said before…bravo Draymond. Dude made sure there was enough money left on the table for him.

  10. P05TPWN3D says:

    I don’t blame KD for this one. What Draymond did was toxic behavior and I would never want to be on a team with that happening

  11. dagville1 says:

    Sound like KD is Very sensitive? Perk outchea telling folks what KD wants to say??

    • Kevin Lowe says:


    • SD Fishin says:

      What if your teammate loses the game then blames you and calls you a bitch? Lmao the hate kd gets is unreal

    • Summa Summarum says:

      SD Fishin Right?! You score 33 pts. The “teammate” who scored 6pts. is all up in your face? Phuck dat! Draymond outta control!

    • Mncedisi Mndzebele says:

      He’s ageing and facing a long term injury in a team where I feel his efforts were never appreciated,the only time they felt like they needed him was the day he picked up this injury which might haunt him for the rest of his life…put yourself in his shoes then

  12. • Devin • says:

    He mentioned all the notable teammates he got into an argument with (and they going out to eat together)….. except Ray Allen 🙁

  13. RIC shady says:

    When a man continually seeks others to validate him he his still a boy.

    • Candice Hamilton says:

      it’s easy to say that when you don’t have the burden of being a superstar in the NBA. The desire for glory. He’s 30 yrs old. Lebron went back to Cleveland for that same validation. He is building super teams to chase rings, still seeking validation that he is the goat. Shaq and Kobe was about that same validation. More people pretend they don’t care. I rarely meet people who do not care what people think.

    • Johnny Jones Jr says:

      Candice Hamilton I understand that but this move didn’t make sense , I understand if he went back to okc or went to another team where he was the only superstar moves these dudes making now a days just don’t make sense I mean I’m 27 so I haven’t seen it all

    • Oliver Lewis says:

      RIC shady that and insecurity issues he’s seeking validation from people who have never played ie the media

    • Caelan says:

      What the duck

    • Nate says:

      Its amazing how once he leaves GS, y’all call him out. But he was acting like this while on the team. He was right to leave, he didn’t get any respect on the outside, or the inside.

  14. I'm just saying says:

    5:03 Boogie be like: calm down man, I still gotta get mah ring first before y’all blow it all up.

  15. Bolaji says:

    Perkins never got over the Draymond argument! The man has moved on, espn n perkins need to do the same

  16. whatudoin1 says:

    Perk defending KD for leaving but somehow he still can’t understand Ray Allen’s decision. Smh

  17. Da Gooseman says:

    Maybe KD went to the East in hopes that he will go to the finals and play against Golden State Warriors!!!
    Imagine that shit!!!
    That would break all kinds of records…

  18. Richard Butterfield Jr. says:

    Kendrick Perkins could be like a life coach, his country voice is so calm n relaxing

  19. The brotherhood of the wolf says:

    You can always rely on Rachel to show up on set with a plunging Neckline ?

  20. Gerson Melendez says:

    “We are a part of the media, and we dont help the situation either”- *Kendrick Perkins*

    Realest thing I’ve heard any media member say this year.

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