“Keanu” Red Band Trailer – From the Minds of Key & Peele – Uncensored

“Keanu” Red Band Trailer – From the Minds of Key & Peele – Uncensored

In the market for a gangsta pet? Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key are back with “Keanu,” their first feature film.

“Keanu” opens in theaters April 29.

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20 Responses

  1. SalaTrash says:

    Getting into a war with some kind of gang because they kidnaped your cat?

  2. nighthawkjonzey2 says:

    John Wick + Taken + 21 Jump Street + Key and Peele = AMAZINGNESS.

  3. Jonathan Arena says:

    I could watch the first 30 seconds of this trailer on repeat for an hour.

  4. ultramaximus says:

    Really? That is hilarious

  5. Hobbs says:

    I hope these guys make a lot more movies together and be like the Seth
    Rogen and James Franco/ Simon Pegg and Nick Frost of film

  6. Alexa Torgesen says:

    I’m so excited!

  7. Ryan Sandler says:

    If the leader of the 17th Street Blips isn’t named Quackadilly I will be
    very upset.

  8. Navin B says:

    i need that gangsta cat in my life yo!

  9. Whilli Whonka says:

    that cat is gonna make this the best movie of april 2016

  10. DreSkillz says:

    Yes Yes Yes I’m gonna love this

  11. MedEighty says:

    That cat is going to win an Oscar.

  12. matt denny says:

    this is the only black movie white people will go too

  13. Batpool says:

    A Key and Peele movie?! AAAAAAHHHHHH

  14. DeVante Lewis says:

    if you have a hard time deciding if this real or fake chance are you also
    have a hard time tying your shoelaces

  15. jordan buchanan says:

    I hope to God that this is making fun of John wick

  16. David Alfonso says:


  17. Atlas says:

    More ……..pls i need my fix…….

  18. Beastboy B says:

    who the fuck thought when they saw the name keanu was a movie about keanu

  19. deelisheslover says:

    Check my page for twerking!

  20. Monica Escamilla says: