Keegan-Michael Key Has Wept With Stephen

Keegan-Michael Key Has Wept With Stephen

‘Friends From College’ star Keegan-Michael Key was one of two people weeping uncontrollably at a play in New York. The other was Stephen Colbert.

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36 Responses

  1. Legendary Bodybuilder Saiyan says:


  2. Rivers Bliss says:

    From comedy skit to movie star.

    • SkepticalContrarian says:

      From stealing Dave Chappelle’s show to mildly famous.

    • Mark Byrd says:

      +SkepticalContrarian stealing the Chappell show? Really? Come on that’s a stretch.

    • SkepticalContrarian says:

      +Mark Byrd Ugh, no it’s not… They replaced Chappelle’s show, did his exact type of show on the same network. There is one difference, there was two people to make up for the 50 million dollars Dave would have got.

    • Mark Byrd says:

      +SkepticalContrarian I’m not gonna argue with someone whose name is SkepticalContrarian.. Haha you go on thinking what you want

    • MrMasjek says:

      Fun fact: he also did a ‘ funniest animal’ segment on animal planet before he got into the big league

  3. Angela Villanueva says:

    Saying Keegan Michael Key is like saying chickity china the chinese chicken.

  4. New Message says:

    When I’m out of coffee in the morning, I just watch Keegan for 5 minutes.

  5. New Message says:

    Imagine the embarrassment of mistaking JuJu for Jo Jo.

    • PaleGhost69 says:

      JuJu is played by Terry Crews
      JoJo is played my michael duncan.

      (Voodoo magic may apply for joke to work)

  6. Eun Zhang says:

    “Weep with Stephen next Thursday” is always an excellent plan.

  7. Norina Jimeno says:

    They’re very cute bros. I need more of these stories.

  8. Zeeshan Muhammad says:

    I gotta say, he dresses really well. That three-piece suit is on point!

  9. Obrudda Justdafactsman says:

    Jon Stewart 2020

  10. Mjgirl55 says:

    A Stephen and Keegan Michael sandwich….lol seriously though they’re both gorgeous!

  11. Ken Roberts says:

    the ol´blindfold entry gag always gets em

  12. xenomorpheus says:

    I want some of what they’re having lol

  13. BTW says:

    Nice entrance

  14. Wendy Pastore says:

    I have a hard time seeing him as anything but Luther the anger translator. Maybe that’s because I need one. 🙂

  15. Apurva Patel says:

    I know these are rehearsed, but they had such good chemistry, haha.

  16. vmwindustries says:

    Lol, these guys are great together!

  17. ßÎåĸquåʍåňg says:

    I miss Key and Peele, but both doin big things boy!

  18. Murrv Vmurr says:

    Kmk being Irish was not joke, donkeys

  19. ryan r says:

    Dude what if u fool the actors by out acting them

    Whoooah…take the golden globe???

  20. Bill Podcast says:

    I miss Key and Peele..

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