Keith Eats Everything At Popeye’s & Raising Cane’s

Keith Eats Everything At Popeye’s & Raising Cane’s

The episode you’ve all been waiting for! Keith is eating everything on the menu at Popeye’s AND Raising Cane’s! Don’t forget to get yourself a bottle of Keith’s chicken sauce!

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59 Responses

  1. Emma Combs says:

    I would really like a “what Keith eats in normal day” video to see just how different his diet is after everything he has changed about his diet.

  2. crazynirvanalover says:

    Alex: has a fear of vomit
    Also Alex: eats off the same fork as a sick person

    • Aelithia says:

      Emetophobia has many variants and levels so to speak. Just like people 🙂

    • Tori Marie says:

      Yeah I got a fear of vomit and I definitely do not go near someone who is even remotely nauseous lollll

    • Stella Rose says:

      i can barely even go to school if a virus is going around i could never be willingly around a sick person

    • Geography Pal says:

      Tori Marie same I have like a no contact policy with someone who has vomited even if they vomited for an un contagious reason.

    • Socks says:

      Damn everyone in the comments could never be around me lmao. I have chronic illnesses and am sick/vomiting allllll the time.

  3. Caroline Alleman says:


  4. Taylor Bishop Deal says:

    “Popeyes is good every where!”

    FALSE! Evidence: Fort Wainwright Location in Fairbanks Alaska.

  5. thelittleladythatcould says:

    keith, ya promised eugene you would call him to be a guest when you do popeye’s…

  6. Mike Marquez says:


  7. Emma Blanche says:

    keith: tries everything from popeyes and raising canes
    me, a lifelong louisianian: 👁👄👁

  8. Rebecca McLaughlin says:

    “the color is significant”
    holds up identical drumsticks

  9. Tiffanee Reyes says:

    Keith: “Fast food chains should be good everywhere.”
    ***Proceeds to get disappointed by the mashed potatoes***🤣💀

  10. mdduet says:

    Louisiana native advice: Everything dips into the Cane sauce…even the toast. Also, if you ever visit a Popeye’s location in the New Orleans area, look for one that offers a chicken liver dinner. You will not be disappointed.

    • lilykep says:

      I’m from North Louisiana and they used to sell the chicken livers here when I was a kid. My mom LOVED them and was very upset when they stopped selling them.

  11. Monica Medcalf says:

    These boys are so high during the airport and Canes’ scenes. Lol

  12. tj blue says:

    As someone who’s worked at raising canes, yea that employee who took their order deadass lied to them dndndmmd. you can sub any side for any other side, you just cant sub for extra fingers, and you can only sub the cane sauce for honey mustard. that was so weird watching their ordering experience cause i took orders all the time and it’s literally on the screen the different sub choices you can make on a combo. oh also!! yes the lemonade is freshly-made!! 6am openers squeeze lemons for 3 hours straight for it :(((. also little secrets for anyone who wants to try it, order your toast “bob style” (buttered on both sides) for more flavor, and ask to add butter to your sandwich (plus if u put hot sauce on it its so good)

    • shas applesoos says:

      ANDDDD you have to ask them to sub the bun for texas toast and its so good someone TELL KEITH

    • monicasm says:

      Cane’s has honey mustard?????

    • OpalRiderLR says:

      I was gonna say the exact same thing. Every Cane’s employee out there is shaking their head.

    • tj blue says:

      shas applesoos true!! personally i like the kaiser rolls with the added butter, but some people really love the sandwich on bob’d toast!!

    • tj blue says:

      monicasm yes!! we dont outwardly offer it tbh, but we do have it! ask for it next time to try it! personally i prefer the canes sauce, but some people really love it especially on the sandwiches!

  13. Madison Bellavance says:

    The sweet tea actually being coke was a pretty big plot twist lol

  14. Don DeSilva says:

    “A bad Popeyes is better than a great Burger King.” Ironic since Burger King owns Popeyes.

    • Ry.the.Stunner says:

      @karicherrycola yep, it would be. They kind of stopped (or slowed down significantly) with those gimmicky monthly promos around the same time BK’s parent company bought them. It’s kind of a bummer because I think it made them unique,

    • Wesley Corbett says:

      After BK bought Tim Hortons to try and avoid paying taxes the combined company bought Popeyes.

    • ariley938 says:

      Also, the Popeyes near me got permanently shut down for being so vile and filthy. It wasn’t even open very long.

    • Nhi Nguyen says:

      Keith is gonna become wendys with his roasts

    • Piriathy says:

      @Wesley Corbett …how would acquiring Tim Hortons (Canadian donut/coffee shop?) have allowed them to dodge taxes?

  15. Jessica CARDEN says:

    Keith: I’m gonna treat this like a lady

    *pours chicken sauce all over*

    me: …

  16. Hearteyes 147 says:

    I like how Keith’s first scandal is about his opinion on food

  17. Kowai Mochi says:

    “Call me when you do Popeyes”
    -Eugene Lee Yang

  18. izzy c. says:

    keith- has his own chicken sauce
    zach- making a tea company
    eugene- LGBT activist
    ned- sO mY wIfE aNd My BaBy

    jk Ned we love u

  19. Ophelia says:

    Alex: The try guys have a lovely segment called “Without a Recipe”
    Keith: Its a show.

  20. Kevin Andrés says:

    Since Eugene was left out they should do “Eugene ranks every menu item from Popeyes”

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