Kelly Clarkson Carpool Karaoke

Kelly Clarkson Carpool Karaoke

James asks Kelly Clarkson to help him carpool through Los Angeles traffic while singing her classics and new music, and arranges for Kelly and her husband Brandon to have some quality time together.

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55 Responses

  1. MidnightBlack says:

    Please do one with Leona Lewis, Sade or Janelle Monae!!! I’ve always loved Kelly Clarkson since AI. She is so talented and humble!

  2. Fyraan says:

    She hit the high note in Love So Soft at 3:16!!

  3. MeetEmpau says:

    I often watch James Cordon Videos, From Indonesia🙋‍♂️🇮🇩

  4. Crystal Nguyen says:

    Whenever I listen to Kelly Clarkson, I get early 2000 feels

  5. kcisthegoat says:

    Sinne U Been Gone is the ultimate car banger!

  6. Anthony Karapetrides says:

    Oh my God! She Finally sang the bridge high note!!!!!

  7. mErDzKy09 says:

    SHE DID THE Eb6!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. nadine rose says:

    who’s here before 100k views??

  9. Mathijs Koopman says:

    did she just do a fucking whislte note?!?! 3:14

  10. Dj Pyromania says:

    “I feel like we’re making a porn” 😂😂😂😂

  11. Rebecca Vocal Athlete says:

    Since you been goonnnneee

  12. Rebecca Vocal Athlete says:

    They look a bit like brother and sister..

  13. Sky And Kid Show says:

    We love Kelly Clarkson! Comeback to Manila!

  14. Matheus Nunes says:

    3:15 replay replay replay OMG she did it

  15. Makeup by Bárbara BR says:


  16. shinii shinuu says:

    No one talking about james’ incredible voice😍❤

  17. Zaid Khalili says:

    Get fall out boy on

  18. Zaid Khalili says:

    Get fall out boy on they have new album coming out soon too

    • Samuel Duplessis says:

      Zaid Khalili no they should get someone more relevant like Thomas Rhett cause he’s the first country artist to have a no. 1 record this year plus he’s a cool dude.

  19. Joss and Janik says:

    Vocals on point!! What a QUEEN, killing the game since that denim outfit audition!!! 👸🏽

  20. Joss and Janik says:

    COOL BEANS!! 😎

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