Kelly Osbourne ask Donald Trump who would clean your toilets if Latinos leave. ouch.

Kelly Osbourne ask Donald Trump who would clean your toilets if Latinos leave. ouch.

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20 Responses

  1. Yodasstuff says:

    Why is it acceptable to be so racist on this show? That is offensive.
    Aside from the illegal immigration problem Latinos can do more than clean
    toilets. I guess you’ll have to pay people more to do this if an illegal
    doesn’t do it. What a novel idea.

  2. Mud FlapShoes says:

    i’ll scrub his toilets.

    what, i will.

  3. Jesse Jimenez says:

    LOL! As suspected. It’s usually the liberals that are closet racist!
    Freudian slip much? hahah. She back peddles faster than Michael Phelps.

  4. felix candela says:

    That is such a racist comment that Kelly made. Only Latinos clean toilets.
    She is an Idiot! No wonder the show has low ratings.

  5. Vicki Jaden says:

    These women are no better! Like they clean their own toilets. That’s what
    wrong with this country, no one with any common sense! They elect brain
    dead Obama, what can we expect in return from them. They can’t think for
    themselves without drugs anyone!

  6. Rick Keating says:

    Not enough brain cells among them to wet a Kotex.

  7. Jamie Schoenian says:

    How about one of you dumb b!tches after your stupid show is cancelled? Like
    spoiled rich b!tch Osborne has ever cleaned a toilet in her freaking life!

  8. G. Robert says:

    Well… she’s history.

  9. Phil Smith says:

    It is what it is.

  10. jonathan says:

    first thry hated blacks and then acsepted them when marthor luther king
    faught for they hate on mexicans??.are you forgeting that most
    construction sites are own by spanigh people,la is up and runing cause of
    mexican owners,,newyork building are up cause the owners of each buisnes is
    spanish…whites tok over america from the indians.why do whites get to
    call out who can stay…oh did you forget that yhe bomimg and suicide,and
    school shooting were caused by white people….if mexicans are at war in
    mexico dont bitch about what they do in mexico…their not bitching about
    white people visoting their lands for vacation,you white fucks go to cancun
    and oyher spanish places so what if mexico didnt allow you to enter

  11. Marvin Geovani Clavel says:

    Stupid people saying that if this would’ve been said by Donald Trump
    everyone would loose their minds, can’t you see everyone especially Latinos
    are outrage but this? I’m Latino, democrat and just because it was said but
    a ‘liberal’ doesn’t mean we’re not outrage!!!

  12. Bob Frapples says:

    I would bet money that Kelly has never cleaned a damn thing in her life.
    What a horrible, entitled loser. Riding the coattails of her addled
    father and bitchbag of a mother. Amazing that people watch this garbage,
    but then again, here i am commenting on it.

  13. Patrick Hansen says:

    Chipotle sucks. 

  14. JuventusFC05 says:

    She didn’t mean it like that though…what she meant was that the Mexicans
    clean toilets for a living 

  15. CapAnson12345 says:

    See a liberal somehow find her two working brain cells. See her try to rub
    them together in a desperate attempt to ignite some spark of intelligence.
    See the spark flicker once, twice, then ultimately die out from the winds
    of stupidity that blow through her empty, vapid skull.

  16. Brendon Bosy says:

    Lol this is the definition of a Freudian slip

  17. Eight1Eighty2 says:

    The look on her face when she realized what she said..

  18. Scwurt says:

    Funny how people don’t know how the like and dislike works. Dislike is not
    for shooting the messenger. By disliking, you make it appear more as if
    you are defending what Kelly said and you disapprove this channel making
    her look bad. Get it?

  19. juanlugofitness says:

    Why is Woopi Goldberg just saying and not saying sh****. I’m surprised.

  20. B.A. MOFO says:

    For all you point the finger mothafukkas out there. She worded it wrong…
    She meant hard working hispanics… if you really give a shit… why don’t
    you say anything about the governments all around the world? They the main
    reason why all this shits happening in the first place…