Kellyanne Conway: Nobody here talks about Clinton

Kellyanne Conway: Nobody here talks about Clinton

CNN’s Chris Cuomo talks with counselor to President Trump Kellyanne Conway about whether Trump will talk with special counsel Robert Mueller.

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99 Responses

  1. Andros says:


    • William Otis says:

      Cuomo has no valid arguments. He never scored one point. Winner = Kellyanne.

    • William Otis says:

      Pointing out hypocrisy to discredit an opponent’s argument is a valid tool. It wasn’t “invented” by Republicans. To”label” it as “whataboutism” is a typical Alinsky tactic meant to invalidate it. But it doesn’t work when the hearer is intelligent enough to see it for what it is.

    • C Beasley says:

      +William Otis he run circle around her lol

    • Shawn Vanlandingham says:

      +William Otis 👍

    • Covfefe The IV says:

      William Otis that’s an inaccurate assessment of what “Whataboutism” is. On top of that, you can’t pretend like all Kellyanne’s deflections are pointing out necessary hypocrisies. That’s just absurd. Most of what she’s saying is full of crap.

      First of all, it’s ironic Republicans, OF ALL PEOPLE, would be “calling out hypocrisy”. We already know how much of a fuckin’ hypocrite Hannity is, and the rest of Fox News. Obama eats a hotdog with Dijon mustard: Hannity implied he’s an elitist. Trump talks about how great he is, calls himself a “genius” and takes credit for shit he didn’t do, talks down on everyone else, gets offended and lashes out at all who criticize him, eats pizza with a knife and fork, and is a diagnosable narcissist: Republicans don’t give a shit. Republicans wanna talk about how Hillary’s relationship with Saudi Arabia, yet they never wanna mention Trump’s relationship with “DAMAC” and the fact that Trump’s Dubai golf course was built using slave labor and he didn’t at all give a shit or even have the balls to accept VICE’s request for a simple interview about it. Republicans wanna talk about how Obama lies and how important it is to be honest, yet when Trump lies, they don’t give a shit. They change the subject and pretend it doesn’t matter that our president lies constantly and in fact lied over 100 times since taking office. Trump is literally the most secretive and dishonest president we’ve had in modern history, especially when he’s hiding his tax returns, refusing to release them. I could go on for several paragraphs, but you get the point.

      Second of all, Kellyanne isn’t pointing out anything of value. She’s just refusing to address any issues with the president, and instead brings up non-sequitur topics to make it look like she’s answer the question by “addressing the important issues!” But really, she’s not. Whenever someone pointed out the fact that our president lied about something, Kellyanne and other pundit sheep just echo “N-n-no! That’s not important! People care about jobs!”. If someone points out an issue with the president or make ANY fair criticism that isn’t fully pro-Trump, they just respond with “Shut up! America selected him, so it doesn’t matter! You aren’t allowed to judge the president! People wanted this!” This video explains it in-depth.

      So yeah, if you make any fair criticism, Kellyanne often responds with Whataboutism. If you ask a simple question, Kellyanne tries to change the discussion to something else. If you point something out that’s negative, Kellyanne tries to point at everyone else and make it seem like THEIR wrongdoing. “Oh, it doesn’t matter that he lies! What about that other candidate who lied!?!?!? Shut up and keep quiet you! Deal with it! We’ll stop lying when that other party stops lying!” That’s just retarded. Lol, in one interview, Kellyanne really responded to Chuck Todd’s dismantling of “Alternative Facts” by saying “people care about jobs!”. Well no fuckin’ shit, Kellyanne. Everyone cares about fuckin’ jobs. All parties care about. How the fuck is that even a response?

  2. B Davis says:

    Kellyann spins faster than a tornado.

  3. Mother says:

    Trumps got no principles,

    He’s a liar

    • Liberal Jackass says:

      Respect your President.

    • Your_inner_idiot says:

      Mother…I think what Trumps trying to tell you and the American people is, there’s no collusion with the Russians, other than the obvious collusion on the part of Hillary and the Obama administration. The dossier has been exposed as a fraud. Game over, the election is over, and if the dems keep it up, they will be over as well…..sorry.

    • William Otis says:

      Trump has more principles than CNN and Chris Cuomo. He’s a complete jackass. Does he really think he’s a “journalist?” And then he dares to say, “We’re friends!” Doesn’t look like it to me.

    • brian p says:

      NO ! you are gullible and will believe the lies from CNN , think about it .

    • Tirso Rojas says:

      In your opinion who got principles? Bill Clinton, who stuck more than his fingers in those women’s pussies while signing state bills? Hillary, who probably watched Bill rape them?

  4. Caleb Shelton says:

    Of course not. Why the fuck would they? The Clinton’s aren’t in the WH, they’re not even in the government. It’s irrelevant.

    • Caleb Shelton says:

      I agree.

    • Ted K says:

      No base to your arguments Trapper, crapper . Talk about Hillary’s criminal activities, and your ratings will sky rocket.

    • Caleb Shelton says:

      HILLARY IS IRRELEVANT. Has nothing to do with this video. I don’t think you guys understand that most democrats dislike Hillary as well. It’s not a party thing. Just like a lot of republicans dislike President Trump. I used to be a republican as well (now an independent).

    • G MinK says:

      Did you watch the video? Kellyanne Conway claimed that Trump and his camp don’t ever talk about Hillary. She said this right after talking about Hillary. Trump tweets about Hillary all the time. It’s their favorite “whataboutism”.


      The Dept. of Justice is certainly talking about Hillary.😂

  5. Sandra Spengler says:

    If Trump says something, you know it is not true. Thus, there is collusion. 100% we will see

    • Lorita Alanzo says:

      Leit22 facts are facts. Trumptards really don’t like facts and they seem to think that CNN, isn’t reporting facts. You can verify things for yourself, instead of being a brainwashed trumptard.

    • Lorita Alanzo says:

      Mystic Madman it’s funny how, it’s not over yet and Trumptards keep implying they haven’t found anything – you have no idea what they’ve found or haven’t found. You must be naive, to think the investigation is still going just for show and there is no crimes. Wow. America has the stupidest people in the world.

    • Lorita Alanzo says:

      Mystic Madman everything in that list is absolutely fact, verified and proven. Seriously, you don’t have to be so naive and brainwashed – or maybe you’re just Russian.

    • Phil Dawson says:

      Sandra Spengler deluded parasite liberal mentally delusional cunt

    • joshua novelo says:

      you lost…get over it lol trump won

  6. Thomas Anheuser says:

    Welcome all to the downfall of Western Rome 2018.

    • Thomas Anheuser says:

      Thanks for answering my question.

    • Lorita Alanzo says:

      Thomas Anheuser you’ve neglected to mention which country you reside in, for a fair retort. You simply stood on a soapbox and proclaimed your self righteousness, using Jesus. In general, only religious hypocrites go around preaching morality. There is a child’s lesson you might benefit from – when one points a finger, three more point back at them. But do go ahead and state your perfect nation, so those who you’ve attacked with your self righteousness, can have fun rubbing your nose in your own stink.

    • j dr says:

      Thomas Anheuser no problem

    • Dreysen Lindgren says:

      Wrong. The fall of America started with Busch. Obama’s did nothing to slow in fact he sped it up. Trump has done so much and yet you idiots can’t look past CNN biased news to see the good

    • Lorita Alanzo says:

      Dreysen Lindgren people are so silly. Obama pulled this country out of one of the lowest points in history and handed Trump a silver plate to eat his dinner from. Trump destroying safety policies, is creating jobs too, but he is going to fuck up the environment with most of his deregulation garage. Trump thinks China has an edge over US manufacturing, so we need little to no regulations in order to compete, Chinese people also die from toxic pollution at a rate unprecedented in the world.

  7. Prasoon Mishra says:

    Kellyanne Conway: Nobody here talks about Clinton
    Really?!!!!!….Trump mentions her in his tweet like every day

    • Sergio Velasco says:

      Just after she brought her up too, her career is ruined after this shit show goes down in flames. She knows this but she’s in too deep to retract so she’s going full in.

    • Sam Santana says:

      Trump has a sexual fixation with Clinton and Obama, he dreams about being the meat in that’s sandwich.

    • Gary Freeman says:

      Prasoon Mishra no 💩every time someone says Russia trump say Clinton

    • PhilmoeSlim says:

      You are prolly right, it will lead to hillary right after trump gets indicted for collusion. He is literally the worst president ever, and didn’t even want to be president he wanted to run and lose then go on to start his own news network and progress his shitty brand of hotels.

    • shadowspade7 says:

      Zchuhay Martinez Yea ok says the illegal. Have fun when Trump deports you back to where real corruption is rampant

  8. Sören Nilsson says:

    When did Trump ever honor his word, I can honestly not remember one promise that he made that he has kept. Let us see 1. punish China, no tax gain for him, will not touch social security, will not touch medic ade et cetera, will give a better healthcare system for all. No, he definitely is a lier. He is, therefore, a normal Republican,

    • Liberal Jackass says:

      Hahaha REALLY? Because you are here at fake news, dumbass! No WONDER not a one of you has a clue, *you are LITERALLY watching the most bottom rated news channel* . Fact!

    • William Otis says:

      Did Obama keep his word? “The average family will save as much as $2,500/year.” “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” Etc., etc.

    • The X-pert Genius says:

      Did Obama keep his word?… He may not have delivered everything he promised but he got the majority no thanks to Republican who blocked him every step of the way. At the rate it’s going Obama would have done more his first year and a half in office then Trump will in 4 years in office! You call CNN fake news because they “Report” news while Fox News only make up story’s to help Republican/Trump agenda. Fact! Trump lies to people’s face, says one the thing then says other, then goes back to what he first said then acts like it never happened when when have it recorded. He have people like Steven Miller, Kellyanne Conway, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders spewing out lies in spinning stories not only to help and appease Trump but to cover their own asses! Take a look in the mirror you have no clue.

  9. Paul Damon says:

    She is a flipping bully

  10. shawnoso100 says:

    Chris please stop letting her on.

  11. Bryan Conner says:

    whirlpool just called and demanded that Kellyanne give them their spin-cycle back…immediately.

  12. Clorox Bleach says:

    Kellyanne is a joke. The childish displays of public and social commentary from them are a serious problem

  13. Akbar Muhammad says:

    Like nails on a chalk board

  14. Total T says:

    I tried. I can’t watch her anymore. Her and Steven Miller have sold their Humanity.

  15. Tango Bango says:

    WHY does Chris have this irrelevant, unimportant Pivot Lady on his show? She is very entertaining I guess! But ALL she does is talk about the PAST! “You can’t get over the election”…”Hillary this”….”Hillary that”…Over & Over & Over & Over & Over 🤮!

  16. Melissa Reiman says:

    Trump says there is no collision, well hell That’s it then , case closed. Lmao

  17. AboxoroxRoxursox says:

    Stop giving that Sith succubus a platform.

    • Linda Casey says:

      It’s all re-runs of the same movie we’re watching … ugh

    • AboxoroxRoxursox says:

      Howard Beale: I want you to go to the window, open it, stick your head out and yell: “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore.” Network[1976]

  18. ralph osorio says:

    Why do you give this woman air time, when she gives alternative facts!

  19. Goodcat007 says:

    Haha holy shit, she’s dodging these questions like a seasoned politician. At least giving it her all

  20. DemarkableP says:

    BREAKING NEWS! My sources are telling me that Donald J. Trump will deficate in the 6th bathroom on the 6 floor 6 doors down on the left today. My sources are also telling me that he will not use wet wipes to properly clean himself. If my sources are correct Trump is clearly unfit for office and is part of the illuminati.

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