can’t believe i’m finally announcing my next collection for Kylie Cosmetics .. and it’s with my SOULMATE Kendall! the KENDALL X KYLIE collaboration is launching on June 26th! we have been dreaming this up for quite some time so i hope you guys love it! stay tuned on my stories today for the official reveal. 🖤 video by morelli brothers

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76 Responses

  1. NandoLaFlame says:

    Drop the song Travis

  2. Beast5285 says:

    wtf y is there no comments

  3. SaluteSoviet says:

    man this comment section is worse than the trollz one

  4. Timur Kapasi says:

    Lol imagine deleting 10,000+ comments and turning off the likes and dislikes. smh…

    • Bimla Chhetri says:

      @Alyssa Ackerman uh a racist or something? I am an Indian. You should not bring a topic like this cuz this was literally a video of their makeup product and then you first brought plastic surgery an now Indian. Who do you think you are to judge people?

    • Bimla Chhetri says:

      @Edward M exactlt

    • Bimla Chhetri says:

      @Alyssa Ackerman no I’m not having my period so the hell with you. You are watching this video just because she is hot, such an immature person.

    • Bimla Chhetri says:

      @Samridhi Kohli exactly

    • Prankster says:

      Alyssa Ackerman you out here cussing like you ain’t 11 😂

  5. y e e t says:

    No one cares

    • T Taylor says:

      @Katalenia Smile When you or your loved ones can’t go out because a new autonomous zone took over your neighborhood, or the Covid lockdown remains in effect, or protests, or the financial collapse happens NO ONE CARES ABOUT LIPSTICK BY A WEALTHY CELEBRITY. lol

    • Katalenia Smile says:

      @T Taylor the why is it trending ???
      Plus it isn’t lockdown everywhere and a lot of people are not going for protesting because not all countrys are so common racist

    • Dana S. says:


    • sir georgio alastrata says:

      Interesting you care enough to comment this though

    • HarLod says:

      sir georgio alastrata don be that OBVIOUS loser. Please. And “katalenia stop being a sheep.

  6. Ned Flanders says:

    Let’s be honest….. We were more excited we got new Travis

  7. M says:

    Can’t Travis drop the god damn song already

  8. Madison Jones says:

    Kendall and Kylie’s body’s are everything. Also Travis please drop the song it sounds fire

  9. enoki says:

    Hope there’ll be an episode on the making of this on KUWTK

  10. Tablespoon Senpai says:

    Hey this kendall girl is pretty hot she should start modeling or smtg

  11. aubrey says:

    kendall looks so gorgeous in this

  12. Lakeyia Wright says:


  13. Timmy Turner says:

    When you relise that a Kylie Jenner video has less comments than your own channel

  14. Stunning Pro says:

    Anyone notice how there’s like no comments

  15. Lizzie Paulin says:

    Kendall is everything I wanna be ugh

  16. Xxhunter xX says:

    imagine kylie collab with all of her sisters😆all in one.

  17. Lola No says:

    Hey this Kylie girl has on good makup maybe she should make her own

  18. The5th Horseman says:

    The fact that they have hidden the dislikes and deleted
    The comments
    Who knows they might make the video private too😂

  19. Cinthia M says:

    Who cares if Kylies body is real or not y’all, she looks beautiful. Get over it

  20. Issac V says:

    The thumbnail makes it look like it’s KYLIE x Kendall

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