Kesha – Hymn (Official Video)

Kesha – Hymn (Official Video)

Get the new album ‘Rainbow’ featuring “Woman”, “Praying”, “Hymn” and more!
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Watch the official video for “Praying”:

Watch the official video for “Woman”:

Kesha is on tour with Macklemore this summer!
Check out the tour dates for “The Adventures of Kesha and Macklemore” here:

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40 Responses

  1. Angel Vargas says:

    We stand an alien queen

  2. Wera YT says:

    Ja polska ❤😎
    Good music

  3. Unreleased Audio says:

    Here before 100K Views squad??? Where u at

  4. Sevarate says:

    please tell me this means a spaceship video is coming cause UGH

  5. MissScribbleHeart says:

    I love your album!!

  6. Alessandro Badioli says:

    all the dreamers on this planet are waiting for their spaceship 🛸🌈✨

  7. NicoThe CrystalGem says:


  8. NicoThe CrystalGem says:

    Can someone explain me the final?? ._.

  9. Unreleased Audio says:

    Only 113K true animals who have viewed this so far

  10. Unreleased Audio says:

    I am almost sad and certain to say that Hymn is most likely the last single from Rainbow. If their was a 5th single it would be Boogie Feet

  11. Hurricane Kevin says:

    *Make Boots the next single*

  12. Dani3l L!ma says:

    Achei que não ia sair o clipe! ❤

  13. LyricalGenes says:

    *D O P E*

  14. CarlosPortillo says:

    Te amooooooo ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 🇲🇽

  15. Sydney Dianne says:

    I am so proud to see how far Kesha have become I believed in her from the start when not too many knew how beautiful her voice is and how good writer she is, even before I knew she deserved better and now I am so happy she is writing songs for herself and for everyone who needs acceptance and love. I love you Kesha!

  16. John Newmark says:

    Stunning video. Beautiful song. RAINBOW 🌈 is truly a masterpiece. Gorgeous.

  17. Qwerty Nich says:

    This should be the #1 video on trending

  18. Emmanuel Jepherson says:

    So relatable 💔💔💔 I wanna crie !!!

  19. GINGERGREEN ' says:

    Despite being fairly new, this album is the embodiment of nostalgia to me

  20. great boi says:

    Omg yessss

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