Kevin Gates – Puerto Rico Luv [Official Music Video]

Kevin Gates – Puerto Rico Luv [Official Music Video]

Kevin Gates – Puerto Rico Luv
‘Only The Generals Part II’ OUT NOW!

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59 Responses

  1. Conrad Foster says:

    Smash the like if you stopped what you was doing to tune in!

  2. KsoWavey says:

    “God protect this pssy ahh heart i got i love to give, full of protenders pssy ahh rap niccas aint my friends”

  3. Roseadonnia Range says:

    Your wife has showed me what it is to be a wife and woman to hold her head high. I have always said that quite woman is a smart woman.

  4. Jacob Mendoza says:

    I went back to Kevin gates old freestyle when he was young with the bucket hat…. man looks young as hell again. He motivating me to get back to the grind.

    • Up Next says:

      bro tell me why i know exactly which freestyle your talking about 😂😂 bro was singin ‘Meteoritesssss!!!’ 😭

    • GUCCI LYRICS says:

      Wishing you the best, btw I’m 15 years old girl starting my channel and I did post lyrics of Gates whole Album, I need your feedback🙏

  5. You can't stand Me says:

    I like he’s taking his health more serious , something we should all take more seriously

  6. CURBLIFE says:


  7. NG NG says:

    Why nobody talking about 🇵🇷 how beautiful is 🇵🇷 my next vacation 🇵🇷
    I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life!

    • mason mansito margiela says:

      You more thab welcome here fam 🇵🇷

    • Wu Alumni says:

      Dem hurricanes be ripping dat bitch mane

    • KevNYK says:

      @Wu Alumni well yes and no. A lot of the derelict buildings and abandoned houses have been there before the hurricanes really ripped up the island. PR is in a dire situation because the local government is dysfunctional and the US doesn’t really lend a hand unless PR wants to start paying state taxes.

  8. Lu k vargs says:

    He never lets me down. No lie every time I’m going through some shit he drops something. Satélites. Great man. In god I trust .. dreka. That’s just a few that makes me remember when and how to heal … it’s like how he says good energy mixes with good energy.

    • Austin Bryant-Ellis says:

      Sober State of Mind

    • Lu k vargs says:

      @Young Mingo that’s true but did you actually read my comment

    • Young Mingo says:

      @Lu k vargs Yeah I did and zi was gunna list the ones that made me feel the same way thats why I said about Satellites

      Mines are Tryna Yea , Satellites , Right game wrong nigga , 430am , makin love.. when I was going through it Some how these dropped and i could relate

  9. Ty Robinson says:

    He’s back like he never left

  10. Fredo Bang says:


  11. StormmThe Weirdo says:

    It’s crazy because I just deactivated all social media’s because I need to heal you are a God and I really understand everything this my favorite one I can feel you keep vibrating high 🤞🏾

  12. Louisiana Girl says:

    Babyyy this look like that old Gates and I ain’t disappointed, per usual. 🖤🖤

  13. Kilewithan_i says:


    Kevin Gates: 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. kevingatesTV says:

    ‘Only The Generals Part II’ OUT NOW! 🚨

  15. MenaceYB Plays says:

    I hope whoever sees this becomes successful in life 🚫🧢

  16. The Face Of Entertainment says:

    You can tell when someone quits the bullshit in they life, gets rid of all that toxic shit, whether it be the drugs, vibes, or ppl. You start to see consistency is everything someone does. Big ups to Gates.

    • GUCCI LYRICS says:

      Nice comment, Btw I’m 15 years old girl starting my channel and I did post lyrics of Gates whole Album, I need your feedback🙏

  17. Luckideadbou Channel says:

    “Fools do what they want, men do what they must”

  18. New Hip-Hop says:

    This the skinniest I ever seen gates

  19. Tyler Parker says:

    Kevin: “dont have to flex racks”

    Also kevin: goes straight into flexing racks.

  20. Scarlet Harmison says:

    Kevin Gates is a real talent. These all trappers who are going viral by using *Igrocket* to get the Instagram followers likes and get fame. Thumbs up who agrees with me

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