Kevin Spacey And The Rockettes Kick Off The 71st Annual Tony Awards In Style

Kevin Spacey And The Rockettes Kick Off The 71st Annual Tony Awards In Style

Tonys host Kevin Spacey was joined by ther Radio City Rockettes for an opening number with more costume changes than you can shake a stick at. Stream the 71st Annual Tony Awards on CBS All Access.

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20 Responses

  1. Painted Trillium says:

    He had a hard act to follow after Cordan and he nailed it

  2. Jack Ruotolo says:

    really great performance. and they kept it politics free!

  3. AMagicProduction says:

    Finally an awards show not bashing our president. Brilliant work as usual from Kevin Spacey !!!

  4. Jim Michaud says:

    Wow, Stephen Colbert must be tone deaf.

  5. Sidno says:

    Had no idea kevin spacey could sing. Love him even more now!

  6. Minority Nomad says:

    Kevin Spacey is one of the most talented and under-appreciated actors in the world. Amazing performer.

  7. Kim Johnson says:

    3:34 oooohhhh that would;ve been bad if the gopher head got knocked off.

  8. Victoria Ramirez Teran says:

    good job CBS, erasing Tony awards videos from other users so you can egt more views

  9. AdaylnTheLifeOf says:

    Honestly..Steven Colbert popping up from the bed wearing a beaver head is the best thing I’ve seen

  10. Franny Sewell says:

    why did he put the cast on his leg?

  11. Ben n says:

    nice swap 3:30 – 3:38

  12. Lady Frank N. Furter says:

    Kevin Spacey is one of the best actors ever! Him, Tim Curry, Hugh Jackman, Gary Oldman and Christopher Walken are my favourites!

  13. Hania Stafiej says:

    O M G Kevin and Stephen 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 I died

  14. Simon Vin says:

    The cast switch from arm to leg had me in stitches. Andy Karl is the man.

  15. Yoga Arif says:

    Frank, what are you doing there? Didn’t Doug clear this one for you?

  16. Lynn Ocampo says:

    When are they uploading the Falsettos Revival performance?!

  17. Steve S says:

    Man, Stephen Colbert cannot sing.

  18. carolcheny says:

    Kavin Spacey is no NPH. Sorry it sucks. Colbert CAN’T SING SO STOP IT!

  19. Hector Baca says:

    Gosh, is there anything Kevin Spacey can’t do?

  20. Fallen Angel says:

    #6 on Trending with only 1.8k views!

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