Khloé Kardashian’s New Mom Beauty Routine | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

Khloé Kardashian’s New Mom Beauty Routine | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

As she goes through her everyday makeup routine (along with baby True!), Khloé Kardashian gets candid about how motherhood has changed her approach to beauty.

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Khloé Kardashian’s New Mom Beauty Routine | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

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40 Responses

  1. ayoitsmai says:

    True is so adorable! I love the thumbnail omg!!?? I also love how indept her video is compared to others.

  2. TheAWOLFamily says:

    Awe she said Kendall so naturally pretty no one feels bad for you!? Love her and True they are seriously so cute! I have a 3 month old son and I’m currently 7 weeks pregnant so a quick makeup routine is crucial??God bless you and yours as well as anyone reading this❤️???

  3. Kalina Bassin says:

    You can really see the resemblance to kourteny and Kim in this video

  4. Brooke Maletis says:

    Kendall’s technique putting f*cking mascara on ?? I died

  5. mxrisha k says:

    true is honestly so cute and anyone who doesn’t agree gotta go in the bin

  6. Nash Lantey says:

    *Khloe without makeup looks like Kourtney, but a blonde version* …?

  7. Fathmath Nab'ath says:

    “I know it keeps the brows in place, but where they really going” Khloe 2k19
    FR!!! ?

  8. Brandy Garcia-campillo says:

    I don’t understand why people were saying that her baby wasn’t cute. HER BABY IS ADORABLE ??

  9. Tammy Nansur says:

    Khloe daughter is so beautiful. Love how she looks with out makeup she’s still pretty

  10. Madina Kpandja says:

    Locking everything so the toddler would be in sight, using the same palette for 10 years… finally something common between me and kardashian lol

  11. Melanie Jean says:

    “You always wanna be cute & prepared even in trauma or tragedy” MOOD

  12. julia says:

    *I would much rather watch Kardashian/Jenners’ YouTube videos like this than their actual KUWTK show!!*

  13. buket cal says:

    i bet if true is older she wants to be true kardashian haha

  14. The Mexican Mommy Adriana Sanchez says:

    I love that KoKo is finally a mom.. She is such an amazing person that is full of love and wants to be loved.. she deserves all the happiness in the world ?

  15. Zlata Mark says:

    Khloe is very beautiful without makeup
    Her daughter is very cute❤️❤️❤️❤️

    excuse me, my dream is to have 1000 views on my last video, I will be very grateful to you if you help me thank you)

  16. Sila Gam says:

    Why are all of the kardashians and jenners have a perfect ASMR voice! ?

  17. Lie Siel says:

    True is beautiful. The only thing Tristan did right.

  18. Roxana says:

    I’m noticing how much Kylie looks like Khloe, woah. Khloe is honestly so beautiful without makeup.

  19. Nikole Osani says:

    Khloe’s natural lashes though??
    Her without makeup is stunning!!

  20. Caroline Williams says:

    She seem like the most humble person out of the all of her sisters. I don’t know why I think that but I do.

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