Kids Describe God to an Illustrator

Kids Describe God to an Illustrator

Produced, Directed, and Edited by Cut!

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20 Responses

  1. madlittlemarie says:

    “I’m an atheist”

  2. Nottony- says:

    I like where this channel is going. At first, I thought it was gonna be another Buzzfeed but this is dope.

  3. Random Commenter says:

    So he has 2 large meatballs, lots of spaghetti, eyes, tomato sauce…

  4. Khushil Parikh says:

    that dude laughing at the dick lmao ??

  5. Konstantin Gabert says:

    he is a good drawer

  6. trickstinator says:

    God looks like Morgan Freeman

  7. River Liz says:

    I will always protect Ernie with everything I have from the demons from mars!

  8. Talisha de Graaf says:


  9. RabbitGaming //RobbieRZRabbit says:

    0:46 the kid looks like a little clone of Eugene frim Buzzfeed

  10. Radeiculas says:

    Wow this video really provided insight on what different individuals think of a ‘higher power’ at such a young tender age. The illustrator and the kids, surprisingly, were insanely cool and chill too. Keep it up Cut video!

  11. egg says:

    People saying the kids being atheist is concerning? So? How is it they shouldn’t be forced to believe in something that doesn’t have any proof of existence and also they shouldn’t be forced to believe that they apparently do, it’s something for them to decide when their old enough rather than telling them they exist or don’t exist

    BUT LETS BE HONEST, seriously? The whole thing is nonsense

  12. booblyjoob joobly says:

    Ernie was just taking advantage of the illustrator

  13. Ijustwannaeatwithoutgettingfat says:

    No one talking about the illustrator?? ?

  14. Ciara says:

    God is an angry lion headed frog who protects us from the demons from Mars. Jesus is the mommy, hexagon with one eye, and she lives in Asia! (I wanna believe in Ernie’s religion).

  15. brid gette says:

    Is no one going to talk about how gorgeous the illustrator is

  16. peaches and cream says:

    Why couldn’t you name the illustrator? I would love to see his works.

  17. Jennifer Eileen says:

    I need more videos of the kids with the illustrator ??

  18. fatima hdz says:

    I fell in love with the illustrator guy hahaha.

  19. Ahmed Youssef says:

    Where can I get Koji’s khaki shirt?

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