Kids Try 100 Years of School Lunches | Bon Appétit

Kids Try 100 Years of School Lunches | Bon Appétit

Watch as kids try and react to 100 years of school lunches! Which decade featured boiled steak in school lunches? When were kids routinely served liver loaf?

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Kids Try 100 Years of School Lunches | Bon Appétit

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92 Responses

  1. J-Mac's Amateur Kitchen says:

    How could kids not love LIVER LOAF!???

  2. Given Warner says:

    i’d rather eat most of what these kids were served versus the inedible prison food were served at my school.

    • Nelson Williams says:

      Ya I remember the food in high school not good I am 27 now.. I just smoked a cigarette and drank a red bull

    • Gelus Venn says:

      I feel you, California’s school system didn’t do the fast food sponsoring thing, so their low budget and high-population [most schools had about 2-3x th eamount of students they had budget for] meant that the school lunches were pretty terrible. I’ll never forget that cardboard rectangle with some shredded rubber and a teaspoon of unseasoned tomato paste as long as I live.

    • Elizabeth Hutt says:

      Nelson Williams I just smoked a cigarette and drank a Jolt cola 😂

    • Michael Decker says:

      Bet you guys that are older now didnt get what we got. Im 20. I use to eat lunch everyday then i quit. When Obama became president the food changed because of Michelle food plan thing. After that everything became healthy. Im a skinny twig. I need my fats and stuff. For Ala cart we use to get these big cinnamon and they got rid of them and pretty much didnt eat the rest of school and that was like 2 years haha

    • Spideysuperfan R says:

      I stopped eating lunch after she changed it. Then my parents wouldn’t get home until l was asleep,so l wouldn’t eat dinner either.( They are all about “eating together as a family.”)I was about 100 lb. for most of my teenage years, and developed an eating disorder. Thanks Obama. Really.

  3. delius521 says:

    So sad there was a time kids ate pickles for lunch.
    And I can’t believe there was ever a kid who finished a cottage cheese sandwich!

    • delius521 says:

      +I can survive university. kids eat crap every generation. Kids are a lot more health conscious due to exposure to the internet and parents exposing them to more diverse food than ever before.

    • ᴄʜʀɪs ᴅᴇsᴍᴀ says:

      +delius521 – that was the lunch from the 1930s during the Great Depression, I’m sure those kids were thankful for whatever food they could get

    • delius521 says:

      +ᴄʜʀɪs ᴅᴇsᴍᴀ they ate what they had to. That doesn’t mean they enjoyed it at all.
      Apparently they tried to trick their friends into trading a lot, when lunch was specifically very vile.

      I watch a woman who has since passed named Clara on YouTube who was a child during the great depression and she does cooking from that era.
      That’s where I got this info..

    • jmarks881 says:

      +delius521 I have never seen the fast food stuff in schools

    • jmarks881 says:

      +delius521 their is happiness in having junk food every now and then no one likes a nazi

  4. Cindy Jiang says:

    How do these kids not know what a Capri sun is???

  5. Matheus S says:

    Love someone that loves you back, just like that girl loves an egg sandwich.

  6. Okay Listen says:

    “Is it dog food?!”
    *breaks a piece off and pops it in her mouth*
    Now that’s what I call fearless!

  7. Jae Pencil says:

    My school lunch did not look like that in the 2000’s. We had a small thing of nuggets or pizza, fries, a milk and some vegetable covered in butter. Not to mention that go hurt and Cry Babies were commonplace for extra sides.

    • Jae Pencil says:

      I don’t remember ever having fast food for lunch. If we did, it’s leaps beyond my memory, like kindergarten and preschool.

    • tanukihat says:

      We had pizza available on Fridays only. Rest of the week was wraps, quesadillas, burgers, chicken nuggets, apples, oranges, fries, etc etc.
      In 2003, my senior year, they put a Pizza Hut cart in the quad, which sold breadsticks and personal pizzas.

    • Connor Yang says:

      tanukihat we have pizza, chicken nuggets and fries everyday though it all kinda sucks

    • court Mc says:

      my school had like chicken sandwich, burgers fries reg lunch etc.

    • alize0623 says:

      I agree! We had the same when I was in school in the 2000s. Except we could pick between these old, tiny, ugly, dry apples or under ripe bananas if we didn’t want the veggies

  8. Jonah Facciolli says:

    My school was still serving the 1980’s stuff

  9. tytytytyty says:

    That is NOT what I had for lunch in the 90s. My school district cared too much about our nutrition. Instead I had hot cheetos with nacho cheese. And a hot pocket for the protein.

    • JC MmmBrains says:

      Chili-cheese Rolls (dinner rolls smothered in chili and cheese), curly fries, and non-square pizza were the foundation of my school district’s food pyramid back then.

    • Claire Whitehouse says:

      Hot pocket days were the best days.

    • Bee Gnome says:

      In the 90s I remember you could buy the weird “hot lunch” or for the same price a cheeseburger or fried chicken sandwich, fries with canned hawaiian punch.

    • Goofy Emoji says:

      It depends on the school. I went to a school in the wealthy part of town and their cafeteria served food better than most all you can eat buffets. 9 months later I got transferred to the ghetto and we all can guess what kind of food was served there.

    • Wutsizface says:

      My high school sold Pizza Hut and other fast food in the ’90s when I was a student. When I showed up as a teacher at the same school a few years later, everything had been overhauled and all the food was healthy. No more fast food. Lame.

  10. Carly Equestrian says:

    Im in shock that they dont know what a capri sun is 😱😱😵😂😂😂

  11. Moxie Beast ASMR says:

    Buncha whiners! 😂 theyre gonna try the liver loaf (😍) and not touch the creamed spinach??

  12. Praise The me says:

    The Capri-sun moment made me realize I’m old.

    • C. S. says:

      These kids are probably of a pretty high socioeconomic status, as well. That really needs to be factored in. While everyone might have drank them at one point, it’s very unlikely anyone but poor kids are drinking them now.

    • K4tommes says:

      Like I’m not allowed to drink that stuff but I still know what a Caprri sun is. It honestly hurts me hearing those kids say they don’t know what that is

    • Sw33tKookies says:

      Reese Thomas I’m technically 12 since my birthday is like a week away but I know what it is! I had it like 3 days ago on my early birthday party.

    • alize0623 says:

      My school lunches always had either Mott’s juice boxes or Capri Sun! Those were the days

    • MoRB_HD says:

      Praise The me I’m 12 and my whole school including the kindergarteners know what Capri sun

  13. RedSaint83 says:

    Haha, 7:23 “Bread has a lot of carbs in it, it builds up inside you, and then you become bread” – best comment of the video.

  14. Tosh T says:

    As usual, this was great. Now BA should have the same kids try school lunches from around the world. That would be fun.

  15. Allu71 says:

    “I don’t like the beef thing I’d give it a 20…. 20 out of 2” 3:46

  16. Cadwaladr says:

    Ah, I remember the square school pizza. It was simultaneously the world’s shittiest pizza, but also the best school lunch.

    • jmarks881 says:

      The 1950 clearly had the best lunch

    • Sw33tKookies says:

      Cadwaladr yup, they served it at my school when I was in elementary, it wasn’t that bad but it was the best lunch.

    • Lilitha11 says:

      They got the square school pizza, but they don’t got the french bread pizza. I actually remember schools having normal pizza, square pizza, and french bread pizza, though all at slightly different times. Then in high school they straight up at the full on domino pizza that they brought in. It was the age of pizza.

    • Ryan McClintick says:

      i’d buy the square school pizza today if they sold it in a grocery store. I’d eat one every day till i got sick of it. That thing was so tasty. i’m so glad i was done with school before Lady Obama ruined school lunch for everyone

    • Dlox.KynTill says:

      iRaccoon Thats disgusting but whatever it’s what you like

  17. Claireeds0 says:

    2000s and 2010s??? I graduated in 2014 and both of those made me laugh. Pizza, chicken nuggets, and weird looking fruit and veggies is what I remember

    • me says:

      +TJ G yep! And all through the Obama years kids photographed their lunches, put them on Facebook, and then threw out the food.

      In reality, Mrs Obama’s food nutrition program was worse than prison food.

    • TJ G says:

      me It could have been good and made a great change for schools but the schools didn’t even try. Instead of taking the guidelines and trying to make good foods they just got the cheapest things that met the guidelines. They would rather save a few pennies then make something edible. Food made with bad ingredients will taste like bad food. I actually think it was a good plan from Michelle Obama, to try and make things better but she didn’t know how badly the schools would screw it up.

    • jmarks881 says:

      Yea well I guess the 80 and 90 shared the same food group because I have never seen a fast food joint in a school and I have lived in CA Utah Nevada and al

    • JustEmlyn says:

      Hey, my cafe food actually looked a lot like the last three or so. Albeit I never ate them, I just got sick of the salad bar and bought a bunch of a la carte snacks instead.

      Fruit cocktail always made me feel a little sick from all the sugar though. Hated that stuff.

      When I was doing colorguard and marching band in HS, i often got dinners that look like the 2010 lunch. (they have to provide it when you’re staying at school events past midnight lol)

    • EnerG says:

      2013 here we had frozen and microwaved foods for lunch all yuck especially when they dnt even microwave it right

  18. YayYayWoot says:

    I lost it when she said “this soup smells like steam”

  19. Dennis Josefsson says:

    Words to live by: “Go make yourself some toast, it’ll make your day happier.”

  20. Amishhellcat says:

    interesting journey. but why remove the price of the meal after the first few?

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