Kim Kardashian West Gets Fitted for Her Waist-Snatching Met Gala Look | Vogue

Kim Kardashian West Gets Fitted for Her Waist-Snatching Met Gala Look | Vogue

Designer Thierry Mugler created Kim Kardashian West’s look with the help of the world’s foremost corset maker.

Directors: Georgia Stockwell, Nikolai Kokanovic
DP: Jess Dunlap
Sound: Chris Bennett, Jesse Stormo

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Kim Kardashian West Gets Fitted for Her Waist-Snatching Met Gala Look | Vogue

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56 Responses

  1. Zoro p says:

    I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world
    Life in plastic, It’s fantastic

  2. # Fall says:

    *Designer:* How do you want your wig to be?

    *Kim:* With diamonds on it.

    *Designer:* Too late Jlo is wearing that.

  3. Jinyoungg says:

    4:00 *Kanye dressed with all his dickies so Kim could have a spotlight* ??

  4. jade marie says:

    3:34-4:02 Am I the only one who’s never seen/heard Kim this laid back and down to Earth? Like I absolutely love this version of her; she usually seems more uptight, nasal, or pretentious

    • jade marie says:

      warofmankind It’s not that serious lmao. Not a die hard fan of the Kardashians, just making an observation/statement. Find a better hobby than making hate comments to people you don’t know lmfao.

    • Jade Lin Lee Chen says:

      it’s because of how tight the dress is; she can’t breathe & the lack of oxygen is getting to her brain

    • jade marie says:

      Jade Lin Lee Chen ???

    • Cresha Nicole says:

      I’ve seen this Kim plenty of times. But it’s all up to what networks WANT you to see.

  5. Mayraaa 5 says:

    Omg 1:20 looks so creepy cuz of the waist being so small !! ?

  6. azia azia says:

    Kim:im so nervous met gala is like my dream

    James Charles:*wears something he would wear in coachella*

  7. i o n says:

    She looks like Esmeralda of Mobile Legends with that met gala look ❤️??

  8. Arianna Williams says:

    Yo she missing some ribs. When they said snatched they wasn’t playing.

  9. Sophia Hernandez says:

    I just seen someone comment that said “she looks like rotisserie chicken” and I almost choked?

  10. Irm Cbn says:

    Kim looks so so pretty wirhout makeup. Say what you want but she‘s really gorgeous

  11. Arielle Edwards says:

    So pretty without the makeup! Her and Kourtney are just so beautiful!!

  12. ルナ says:

    what about the livers? pancreas? intestines?

  13. Ari Elle says:

    Corset maker: how small do you want your waist to be

    Kim: yes

  14. SquaredSpekz - Connor Ellis says:

    That is unhealthy literally shifting organs out of the way.

  15. Giovanna Snow says:

    I was literally eating a plate of ribs while watching this .. bad choice on my part .. ☠️

  16. nacho business says:

    Kim : hows my dress

    Corset: breathtaking

    Edit: not mine ,read this on Instagram

  17. Sazan Mc says:

    Me…..”I’d love to have something in common with Kim”

    So I ate a dozen doughnuts ???

  18. Janina Baby says:

    Kim: what do you say about my outfit?

    Corset: *breathtaking*

  19. Lady Trader says:

    *She’s really beautiful! And this dress! Ah, fantastic!*

  20. madafaca 99 says:

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