Kingdom Hearts III 3 — Official Gameplay Trailer (E3 2015)

Kingdom Hearts III 3 — Official Gameplay Trailer (E3 2015)

Kingdom Hearts III 3 — Official Gameplay Trailer (E3 2015)
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20 Responses

  1. Prinz4miga says:

    i see the Epilepsy DLC is included … damn these kids nowadays are getting

  2. Brandon K says:

    Just got back from EThrizzle and this game has a release date of 2016..they
    said Spring. 

  3. Gam3rG_X says:

    I pray that KH3 comes out atleast in Fall 2016. Square can’t keep toying us
    with just short game-play trailers, WE WANT THE WHOLE THING NOW!!!!

  4. Jess B says:

    *heavy breathing* YEEEESS!!

  5. KJjonjon says:

    I LOVE KH1 and 2, but I’m going to wait for one of my ‘gotta have it’
    friends to buy it first. I have ZERO faith in game developers and
    Why? Cause ‘fuck you pay me’ has been their mantra since they came up with
    shit like DLC and micro transactions. Bet they will find a way to fit those
    in the game too. CALLED IT

  6. AdventuresOfWilly says:

    looks too round and cartoony almost like a pixar film

  7. swifttiger says:

    I didn’t know Shulk was going to be in this game! Monado vs Keyblade lez go

  8. Tiffany Garrard says:

    I’m getting a ps4 for Christmas for real this time no distractions.

  9. Zero says:

    Worlds shown: Hercules, Twilight Town, Tangled


  10. Gabriel Montero says:

    Me gusto

  11. Dynamic Samurai says:

    No lie this is probably one of the only games that caught my attention this
    year E3. Now I gotta finish my KH 1.5 and 2.5 thing now. Barely in

  12. BrionStoutarm4 says:

    can’t wait until we get another trailer in 2 years…-_-

  13. Kryptica Paul (KrypticaMusic) says:

    Wait wait wait waaaaiiitttt. Why does the blue haired white robed guy sound
    sort of like Zack…

  14. Adrian Qadir says:

    So Final Fantasy 15 is basically a fusion of Kingdom Hearts and Final
    Fantasy 7. Makes sense to reboot Final Fantasy 7 now. Those 3 days in the
    span of a couple years makes me happy.

  15. vmah0111 says:

    looks good but the disney rides seem disorienting and kind of a plug…
    maybe the “happiest place on earth’ isn’t doing so well

  16. angelofdeath275 says:


  17. OG ARC says:

    Well I think I just died and went to heaven 

  18. RedLightGamers says:

    The Disney ride supers are not necessary…

  19. Fionna the Human says:


    +Andrew the keyblade wielder you gotta see this, I think your gonna freak
    out about this

  20. ShinigamiChick39 says:

    the unreal engine graphics for KH feels so weird :0 like it doesn’t match
    the cartoon-y feel of the game?