Kobe Bryant Passes Michael Jordan on All-Time Scoring List!

Kobe Bryant made a pair of free throws to give him 32,293 career points, moving past Michael Jordan to 3rd on the all-time scoring list.

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20 Responses

  1. mcoeif says:

    It only took Kobe
    1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 more shot
    attempts than MJ to finally surpass him by 18 points. Congrats, Kobe!

  2. Panangon Divina says:

    Congrats +Kobe Bryant God bless 

  3. pacman says:

    Kobe is one of all time great, his the only one that can do that and I will
    not compare him to MJ but his the only one right now in NBA that closed to
    do all what MJ accomplish his 1 title away to tie MJ on NBA champion, MJ is
    the all time great and Kobe cant pass that but he can do, pass and
    accomplish what MJ do.

  4. Nick Evans says:

    If I could watch only one basketball game it would be a 1 on 1 with MJ and
    Kobe both in their primes… just the pure basketball chess match would be
    unbelievable to witness… arguably the 2 greatest to ever set foot on an
    NBA court… it would be the greatest game of all time… if only dreams
    could come true

  5. Serial Crepeist says:

    If you look closely LeBron traveled.

  6. Cedomir Prasak says:

    Hahahahhah that moment on 1:38

  7. Tibor Krakkai says:

    Thumbs up also for Timberwolves! You are true players gents!

  8. Firat Nacar says:

    9th best player of all time in nba history !!!!

  9. Tessa Edison says:

    Kobe passes Michael Jordan for 3rd All-Time in NBA Scoring!

  10. GetsRoyal says:

    Kobe has scored 32,310 points and has played 19 seasons. And the fact of
    the matter is, Jordan accomplished neither. What-if’s and maybe’s are for

    This is a testament to Kobe’s talent, drive, work ethic, sacrifice,
    conditioning, and longevity. One of the greats and a true legend. Congrats

  11. Brian Paul Andaya says:

    Congratulations to Kobe!

    You’ve been my childhood hero since I was 8, and even after 10 years,
    you’re still my favorite basketball player. 

  12. paul mow says:

    I love when ppl argue and start to hate on kobe, bringing up MJ… One of
    Kobe’s biggest endorsers. LMAO. Michael Jordan said himself the only player
    who could beat him 1v1 is kobe, because kobe steals his moves and is the
    closest thing to him there will ever be. Kobe Bryant came along and did
    what no one thought was possible, emulate and pretty much achieve ALMOST as
    much greatness as MJ. That in itself is fucking incredible. Jordan got to
    it quicker, won the finals mvp’s more.. etc etc which makes MJ the best
    ever, but just keep this moment in your mind 40 years from now when we are
    still wishing for another Kobe Bryant… Lebron is great but he is not Kobe
    and not an MJ type of player. He will never be the assassin they are and he
    will never have their will. Lebron gets away with physicality and his
    ability to make his teammates shine, lets see what he does in 5 years when
    he cant run through a brick wall and has to actually develop offensive
    skills and cant run jump and pass faster than the whole world. Kobe and MJ
    are in their own league when it comes to maintain greatness later in career
    when athletic ability drops. Kobe will be 60 and probably could average 20
    points. That is greatness

  13. AttitudeEra2000 says:

    but he will never get the 6th Ring !!!

    and Kobe now have 32310 Points in 46422 played minutes.
    Jordan: 32292 Points in ONLY 41011 played minutes.
    Kobe needed over 5000 minutes more !!!

    So Jordan still the best !!!

  14. Jay Zinho says:

    I’ll be proud to tell my children that I saw him playing. Thank you Kobe

  15. smlbcity23 says:

    Ya just shut the fuck up on blah blah blah Kobe Jordan talk. They both got
    god given talent that no one but them two has.

  16. Dennis Fajardo says:

    Now he needs 1 ring to tie mj and 2 to pass him!

  17. imverycool06 says:

    Congrats Black Mamba. And I just want to show this comment to my future

  18. Jericho Lancaster says:

    Kobe passes Michael Jordan for 3rd All-Time in NBA Scoring!

  19. Giovanni Raininger says:

    the name of the song?

  20. Kmoore Moore says:

    He might not be better, but in the end, all that matters is that Kobe got
    the job done.