Kodak Black – Transgression [Official Music Video]

Kodak Black – Transgression [Official Music Video]

Kodak Black – Transgression [Official Music Video]
Directed by: @Wavyyflash

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48 Responses

  1. pikachu 4207 says:

    Don’t press read more

    Now you have good luck for 2019 ? to activate ???

  2. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says:

    Who’s better?
    Kodak Black = Like
    6ix9ine = Reply

  3. Elvis Nj says:

    If you really support Kodak Black, turn this
    ? blue, i wanna see you guys?.

  4. Kyle Masters says:

    Whos better

    Kodak black = like
    Blueface = reply

  5. SAIKO says:

    MALCOM X.X.X next Kodak ?? fire video as usual ???

  6. Gottiitien Tube says:

    Who here from his album ??

  7. brazyanthny says:

    Gleee 954 kick ya door down

  8. QUEZ D says:

    On me he tripped on this whole album, kodak black is back. I’m so happy to see him winning, he really to real for the rap game.

  9. Ayvy Ayvy says:

    Whos here before the sun turns into a red giant and kills us all.

  10. 6rings says:

    we need an identity theft video. Scarface Style?

  11. Rap UPDATE says:

    We need a music video for Identity Theft

  12. Attila Fancsali says:

    I love the pigeon sound in the backround.

  13. XMGX Almighty says:

    Kodak Black is *Ultra instict*

  14. Daddy Ramen says:

    Kodak dont go the pen bro and mess up, we want a happy ending ?

  15. Kung-Fu Kenny Family says:

    Like if *Kodak Black* is better than Lil Pump?

  16. henrybeats. says:

    `i’d rather prove it to myself before i prove to you` worddss


    Kodak sounds like a baby who overdosed on lean…

    But this song is fuego

  18. Abdimalek Mohamed says:

    I swear to god i will Like this

    (You swore now so like it)

  19. babi tai says:

    Hi random person scrolling through the comments?. Hope your having a nice day?

  20. Smoove Ke says:

    “I couldn’t even get a letter out you and that was your gun…”

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