KOF in real life

KOF in real life

spend more than 100 hours doing this ““ use after effect

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20 Responses

  1. iTzDark740 says:

    More people need to see this. Amazing work. Id like to see a MUGEN version.

  2. Estevan Rios says:

    that was great

  3. Kashawn Hernandez says:

    This guy is a fucking legend. MAKE MORE VIDEOS

  4. Kashawn Hernandez says:

    Is it just me or did I see a move from maplestory? 

  5. G33KN3rd says:

    the Oculus Rift 5 looks cool!

  6. Afro Zombie says:

    do it make me a nerd that i really love this

  7. HarpZ SC says:

    DOPE bro, would be awesome if you could make a mini tutorial on how you
    done the effect at: 0:28 (where you send yourself running into the other
    guy) :P

  8. Partition Pleez says:

    He be whooping ass

  9. Nihil Verum Omnia Licita says:

    Haha. This is awesome

  10. Kalada Opuiyo says:


  11. paul reyes says:


  12. Marco Chavez says:

    A copy of another video from a few years ago. The title is ” The king of
    fighters ’99 Real life by EL COSPLAYER”

  13. Timothy Joe says:

    Wow you’ve really improved your After Effect skills in a really short
    amount of time! A lot of hard work!

  14. sulibreezy says:

    Amazing bro!!

  15. redslayer50 says:

    King of Feet – Fetish Edition.

  16. Shane G says:

    Looks like someone is an Iori fan.

  17. fernanda labbe says:

    LOOOOOL ósea queeee :0 , y al final se suicidaaaaaa xDDDD

  18. PassionsMuzik says:

    Fuckin dope

  19. Rudy March says:

    awesome -^^-

  20. iAcceptMastercard says:

    Dat Maplestory Skills?