KSI vs LOGAN PAUL ends in DRAW – True Geordie Reaction

KSI vs LOGAN PAUL ends in DRAW – True Geordie Reaction

KSI vs Logan Paul ended in a draw at Manchester Arena. The True Geordie gives his thoughts on KSI retaining his belt as KSI vs Logan Paul 2 awaits.

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86 Responses

  1. singhnp09 says:


    • Tucsky says:


    • sitapea1 says:

      Its all bout money

    • Tyler Williams says:

      To be fair, the huge debate about who won is what I believe makes the money that much more worth it. Maybe not completely since I got to watch it free but it’s good to know it wasn’t a complete landslide for Logan.

  2. BAZZI16 and SUBSCRIBE says:

    And the winner is…

    The people who didn’t pay to see the fight๐Ÿ˜‚
    โฎ โ–ถ โญ

  3. Emmett Halley says:

    Anyone watch it on twitch without paying a penny ๐Ÿ˜‚

  4. tobi437u says:

    Next time in America: ITS A DRAW, KSI: I want remath. Logan: Me too and lets make it 50 dollars next time and ban all people who stream it free

    • Ap3x St4rZz says:

      Didn’t someone say that there already a rematch in the contract

    • Playa Unknown says:

      NOBODYS gonna pay 50$ , its a fuckin joke, EVERY VIDEO in relation to this comment section is full of pissed off people, and watch these wankstain cunts like TG, KSI, LP and the rest of hte youtubers involved just ignore it, the fact is their taking the piss out of our intelligence, anyone who follows these people after this is etiher a 9 YO LP fan, a fuckin moron, or someone who loves getting fuck over and is a pacifist fuck.

    • lamonikos miloko says:

      +Loppy Hero agree

  5. Elnur Brown says:

    I think KSI at the first round playing passively and just dodging the punches of Logan was a game plan which they agreed with his trainer Viddal. But it didn’t go well because Logan started talking to him and smiling continiously to fury KSI. Although KSI didn’t get angry he started to lose his confidence seeing that Logan is actually 100% sure of his ability. After 2 rounds constantly taking punches from Logan, KSI realised that it isn’t possible to knockout Logan as he won’t get tired as easily as Deji did in the other fight. So he started going in and won the other 3 rounds. It was all fair but I think if Viddal knew Logan well they would’ve gone for a different tactic and gameplan.

    • Duhhkota Kota says:

      Elnur Brown I agree

    • Duhhkota Kota says:

      PNG I agree. He should have lost a point he kept doing some dumb shit

    • Duhhkota Kota says:

      Ginger Legend well yeah ksi has been training for a year.. Logan only 3 months thatโ€™s a big different between stamina

    • Galvion says:

      Elnur Brown Lmao, Where Did you get all of this inside information from? Almost Sounds like you’ve been on KSI’s team, which I know you haven’t. So is this perhaps just speculations? Haha

    • Medic says:

      nah if it was a 12 round game logan would have fallen if not knocked out check the last minute ksi held up cardio en energy wise. he was tired and the punches hit hard

  6. nSaneฯˆ says:

    The real winner here is scarce

  7. gotma17 says:

    Everyone who saw the fight and claims it was scripted right from the start, just proves one thing to me. Yesterday you saw your first boxing match ever. For amateurs all the guys I saw (watched the last three fights) went out there to win and gave it the best shot they had at that exact moment. Punching each other for 18min as a non pro is something pretty impressive. The event was great entertainment and no one involved has to be ashamed for what they achieved. Geordie you are a legend. Hail to the king of the north. Greets from Germany

  8. No Faith In Michael says:

    Mate tbh I think people are being way to critical of this whole thing. The fact that this event has caused so much debate shows clearly how entertaining it was and I would say worth the money and of course they are going to milk it like every one else would do. Now in terms of the fight itself between KSI and Logan Paul I believe that Logan technically was the superior fighter, however KSI simply had better stamina which shows his dedication and also I personally thought his mad swings looked a bit silly but he is putting his all into those punches and that is why at the end Logan looks a few seconds away from getting knocked out. Also I noticed that at the start of the fight Logan had so much speed and power but lost it and KSI looked slower but kept it up throughout the six rounds making it obvious that he would have won given another two rounds. And finally the people who are saying it’s fake or rigged are simply wrong and jumping to rash conclusions.

  9. Jacob Dybdahl says:

    The real winners are the ones who watched on Twitch!

  10. Clorox Bleach says:

    I wanted to kill myself when I heard him say it was a draw lol.

    • Vlad Marian Dragomirescu says:

      So nobody won

    • Motrippz says:

      Yeah even though ksi had one more point total

    • Xanninja says:

      I was pissed as well, becuase KSI not landing the KO in time is only gonna give both sides more time to argue and do this aidsy back n forth. We need an end to such a magnitude of a fight. F-ing terrible, it was very close but they should’ve picked a winner based on the facts. Logan was hurt more and for longer, KSI was the more sound fighter mentally, was never hurt just trying to get around his disadvantages, which he did. KSI was the much worse technical boxer throwing eye sores for punches and footwork, and that’s all Logans bitchmade fans are banking on in the “win”.
      Logan got his ass handed to him and couldnt do anything but lean on the opponent landing nothing significant for 4 straight rounds.. KSI got his ass handed to him but kept coming, that is the winner ladies and gentlemen

    • Bryden Carrigan says:

      Ksi wouldโ€™ve been on his ass if it wasnโ€™t for that headgear

    • Drink bleach says:

      Brother ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. Usman Ishaq says:

    I aint a fan of Logan. But as a boxing fan i do think he won logan edged it slightly. If it was a 8 round match then Ksi would have won but it was unfortunate that it was a 6 round match.
    Round 1 = Logan
    Round 2 = Logan
    Round 3 Logan. Was very close but looking back Logan got more punches in
    Round 4 = Ksi
    Round 5- Logan
    Round 6 – Ksi round 100%

    But for ยฃ7.50 for all that entertainment was a steal anyone hurt about that they should see the many upsets in PPV in Pro boxing. It’s part of the sport.
    Can’t wait for the Rematch.

    • Joshua Ortiz says:

      Duhhkota Kota especially with the hooks and jabs in the early rounds, totally agreed

    • UberYeeter says:

      +Joshua Ortiz im pretty sute you didnt even watch the fight cause the commontater sais who won each round dip shiy

    • Duhhkota Kota says:

      UberYeeter the referee never said it goes to ksi. And Logan had round 5 for sure. Lol are u dumb??

    • UberYeeter says:

      +Duhhkota Kota im smarter then if you think Logan won the 5th match, i ment the person who was talking over the fight in the livestream, and the 5th match was a tie but it was leaning in KSI favor thats why his score was 58 57 and Logans was only 57 57

    • RandomisedGaming says:

      Round 3 was not logan HAHAHA!!, And ksi 100% landed more punches, watch the damn replay + round 4 was close round 5 was Ksi (watch replay and count the hard and worthy punches) round 6 ksi won and almost knocked out logan, my friend is a boxer judge and he 100% agrees aswell that ksi was on the winning side.

  12. Mujahid Aziz says:

    The real winners were the ones who thanked the bus driver

  13. Aivaras T says:

    The Real Winner is the

    Indian Dude who streamed it on Twitch for free but got banned.

  14. Just Chill and Game says:

    KSI didnt look that competent… once he was losing he just threw crazy right hooks with no regard looked super amateur… too bad logan couldn’t have ended him alsmot seemed rigged to be a draw

  15. Safah Khan says:

    I mean I was rooting for logan but if one judge said KSI won and two said it was a draw I’m pretty sure KSI won (No hate just saying)

  16. x.lilcharmin.x says:

    I watched it illegally and i still want my money back๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  17. Malphas Mikaelson says:

    Logan Paul was the more skillful boxer and that’s crazy to me considering how much more training KSI has had. For the rematch if Logan can make sure he can be there for all 6 rounds and even improve more on his boxing he should win the rematch. He didn’t use the uppercut enough or liver shot while KSI was throwing all these wild punches. Whenever KSI was throwing these wild punches he was totally open, not to mention that simply keeping your hands up for when KSI throws those would have resulted in a win for him. So for him getting this experience, building off of that and making sure he’s ready for 6 rounds in the rematch I don’t see how KSI wins. KSI has had so much training but he didn’t look like a boxer really. For a guy that wants to go pro it’s not lookin’ to good. You can’t just throw these wild punches.

    • Seb Paine says:

      +Malphas Mikaelson logan had no idea how to pace himself, better boxer isn’t the person who can throw the strongest punches quickest, it’s all about the game plan, how you choose to conserve your energy etc. Ksi kept on going for those wild right hooks because they worked. Ksi adapted better than logan, simple as that. It doesn’t matter that the technique of his pinches were bad, logan was clearly the worse boxer if he couldn’t counter that move. Ksi went really low then did a high right hook multiple times and landed big blows multiple times, why shouldn’t he carry on doing so? It’s a fight not an art

    • Mathilde says:

      His arms sure are heavy because he couldnโ€™t keep them up most of the fight no guard whatsoever

    • CMDTUT says:


    • Tyler Williams says:


  18. Aaron Casserly says:

    The draw was deserved. The first two rounds Logan DESTROYED Ksi, even taunting him. 3rd and 4th were close but Ksi came out on top. 5th was close but Logan came out on top and in the 6th Ksi DESTROYED Logan. Considering it went to points I think the tie is fair, given Ksi might have been deducted a point for the cheap shot after the bell. Many people think because Ksi won the last round he should’ve won the fight. That’s not how boxing works.

  19. Hi says:

    Lol suddenly everyoneโ€™s floyd mayweathers coach when it comes to boxing

  20. ZeroFunTV says:

    *I have created the August 25th MEMES Compilation.*

    *_It is on my channel!_*

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