Kunal Nayyar Meets the Queen

Kunal Nayyar Meets the Queen

The “Big Bang Theory” star told Ellen all about meeting the Queen of England, and discussed his hit show’s renewal for two more seasons.

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20 Responses

  1. Jenna XOXO says:

    Where’s the notification squad at?!

  2. Jariyah Mohammed says:

    When you’re early but don’t know what to comment

  3. Jenny Lopez says:

    U guys did not even watch it do u no were he is from

  4. madhu_31 says:

    I loveeeeee his accent. He’s sooo fucking sexyyyy. Wow I’m Geeela.?

  5. cymruisrael says:

    She’s the Queen of the United Kingdom, not just England!!

  6. I, Sheldon Cooper, want 15,000 Subscribers says:

    I don’t know why but this guy kinda looks familiar to me.

  7. Shruti Sen says:

    when it said ‘kunal nayyar meets the queen’ i thought they were referring to ellen

  8. Gibran says:

    The fact that there is still a queen in this world is sad and barbaric.

  9. MeR!n ChAcKo says:

    DAMN he looks HOT! ?

  10. Khan Singh says:

    Anyone remember what happened when Mr. Bean met the Queen?

  11. Saba Ghodrati says:

    you can tell ellen doesn’t like big bang theory, because for shows like modern family she tells the actors how funny it is but here she just says it’s a popular show

  12. Drg Sh says:

    The Nigerian Prince emails me everyday to help him ha

  13. Darcey Moore says:

    i thought by the title they meant that Ellen was the queen ?

  14. Mark Zuckerberg says:

    He’s Indian And Only Thing He Had To Say To Queen Of England is “Nice To Meet You??”

  15. aditya mandavia says:

    Being and indian , I wish you had asked her to give our diamond kohinoor back.

  16. Blue Soul says:

    The British Monarchs is one of the biggest war mongers in this freaking planet. They should go to hell.

  17. JohnPaul Dixon says:

    Oh for pity’s sake,when will the US get it right … she is not the Queen of England. She is Queen of the United Kingdom and N.Ireland.

  18. Sean Go mez says:

    England doesn’t have a Queen… She’s Queen of The United Kingdom.

  19. KebRahtube says:

    This is actually a very nice interview!

  20. 59ersfootball says:

    Can’t wait to see this guy on Ellen….wait

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