KUWTK | Kim Kardashian Has “Had It” With Kanye Haters | E!

KUWTK | Kim Kardashian Has “Had It” With Kanye Haters | E!

The E! star hits back at criticism over Kanye West’s music video for “Famous.” Watch Kim get real with Kourtney on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

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Things change, but this famous family stays the same. Can you keep up with the drama?

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KUWTK | Kim Kardashian Has “Had It” With Kanye Haters | E!

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20 Responses

  1. Nigger faggot says:

    Who cares?

    Anyone who is this invested that they aftually care about kim kardashian,
    needs to consider finding a hobby

    That or suicide

  2. yusupha jadama says:

    I like it

  3. Connor Faulkner says:

    Why is this trending?…???

  4. Usernameattempt9 says:

    Is it me or does Kim look like Mr Potato? Like that’s the same skin tone

  5. 王兵 says:


  6. its Troop says:

    Hate the K’s

  7. Rainbow Unicorns says:


  8. Mr. Unknown says:

    Sorry honey but your husband is undefendable, that’s just what happen when
    you’re a narcissist, tasteless, talentless “””””Rapper””””” who dresses
    like a hobo but with +500$ tags, composes close to 2% of his songs, has
    deep delusions of grandeur, is publicly near to being an illiterate in
    terms of general culture.

  9. Bruce Wayne says:

    And we’ve had enough of all these uninteresting attention seeking cunts.

  10. Sam Wood says:

    kanye is a total fuckboi

  11. Flaming Tables Jr. says:

    for breakfast i think i will have 2 eggs with toast and jelly. Thanks for

  12. branflakes says:

    tbh taylor is a ?

  13. Dani E says:

    Taylor does love playing the victim. This is the first time i’ve ever
    agreed with Kim on something.

  14. Doug Ransley says:

    America is sick of these disgusting Kardashians

  15. b deep says:

    Kanye sucks, and will always suck, soon he’ll be a woman to

  16. LMA W says:

    Who gives a f#-#@.

  17. EthanMurray says:

    He’s successful because of something… She’s just… famous… I.. guess.
    So of course she’s going to hate on him. Now imagine if he wasn’t yezus.

  18. Jerome Singh says:

    please help gofund.me/2ekcayk

  19. Jared Machado says:

    Tbh Kanye speaks his mind too much. Do you follow him on Twitter? ?

  20. Mike Hue says:

    not justified #tru lolz