KUWTK | Rob Re-Gifts Kendall’s Present to Blac Chyna | E!

KUWTK | Rob Re-Gifts Kendall’s Present to Blac Chyna | E!

Kendall Jenner is furious when she finds out Rob Kardashian gave the iPad she gifted him to his GF Blac Chyna–whose had a bad history with the family!

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KUWTK | Rob Re-Gifts Kendall’s Present to Blac Chyna | E!

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20 Responses

  1. Candi Scarborough says:

    its not that deep

  2. Jessica D says:

    It is blatant disrespect. Why didn’t he buy one for her instead? Instead of
    giving away a gift that his sister bought him for Christmas haha. And he
    just bought her a car but couldn’t do that? He did it on purpose.

  3. Basket Case says:

    In the words of my girl Kourt “Kendall, there are people that are dying”

  4. Alizey Roman says:

    I totally understand there situation

  5. Julissa . says:

    I love Kendall but she really needs to chill tf out , I once gave my
    brother my old car and he gave it to his gf (I don’t like her either) but I
    honestly did care cause that was my brother choice , so Kendall chill out ,
    bad history? how lmao

  6. martin duenes says:

    Thats fucked who gives a gift that you give to that person to someone else
    in that case if you didn’t like then you would want them to give it back so
    thats a reason to get mad ASF !! And by the way she didn’t confirm nothing

  7. Shonnani Boo says:


  8. FurriehPie says:

    Rob and Chyna are the ones I wanna see on the show

  9. Cindy Medina says:

    its a gift! that means its officially his! he can do what he wants with it!

  10. zakiah keke says:

    Why are they fighting over a Ipad? It’s just a freaking Ipad. Get over it.

  11. Zitlaly Garcia says:

    That is messed up! Rob should give the iPad back.?

  12. Jenny Le says:

    This is hilarious ???I want Chyna to drag Kylie tbh

  13. Michael Young says:

    The massive one? I assume that she’s talking about the iPad pro12.9″ and
    the Apple Pencil. Lol cuz iPads don’t come with the pen. ??

  14. Moriah Hyder says:

    They so mad but not mad that Kylie dating tyga..

  15. Keandra Banks says:

    she doesn’t care about the money she is hurt that he gave it away to some
    girl after it was a present for him from kendall she had all the right to
    be mad it’s her life

  16. Regina George says:

    Its funny how everyone prefers Kendall over Kylie. Kendall seems bitchy.
    Eh.. idc for either one

  17. Hilda Yu says:

    que risa!

  18. Frankie Chavez says:

    Talentless blokes.

  19. Rah L. says:

    I cannot believe this!

  20. Colin Burhart Wilson says:

    Rich people are very greedy, as you see here.