Kyle Busch Injured in Second Big One – Daytona – 2015 NASCAR Xfinity Series

Kyle Busch Injured in Second Big One – Daytona – 2015 NASCAR Xfinity Series

NASCAR Xfinity: With 10 laps remaining Kyle Busch gets into Erik Jones and hits the inside wall hard.

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20 Responses

  1. Daniel Hobson says:

    That could have been so much worse, hopefully NASCAR have safer barriers

  2. Gabriel Chattoo says:

    Left foot; mid fracture.
    Right bottom leg; small compound fracture.

    It’s still bullshit how it took this long to put safer barriers inside a
    track. Thats about 5-6 months of healing. And a good 7-8 races being missed
    ! This sucks. I doubt even if Kyle is ok to be in a race car. His talent
    might not be the same. I think Tony Stewart, after his double compound
    fracture he only got like 1 win after that. Even though Kyle Busch’s
    fractures isn’t as bad as Tony Stewart. It still is wrong for this in
    NASCAR 2015 ! 2015!

  3. Len Vermeulen says:

    Hell while your at it lets put safety barriers coming in and out of each
    track 100 miles to protect the fans going to the races, who support these
    driver who love what they do. I’m tired of all the whining about safety.
    Hell let’s make the sport completely safe and take the drivers out of the
    cars completely,
    let’s just make them radio controlled cars.These guys are getting paid big
    money for what they love to do, a lot of you people treat them like gods,
    when really all it takes to go fast is a lot of money and the ability to
    hold your foot on the gas longer than the guy next to you. Which Kyle Buch
    won’t be able to do for a while. Life’s tough

  4. Reverend Hogwash says:

    KARMA! This aggressive moron caused the wreck and received a just penalty!

    I dislike BOTH of the Busch brothers and happy now I wont have to see
    either of them race this season! The races will be a lot cleaner without

  5. Hey guys288 says:

    Matt crafton is taking over for him

  6. Keith F says:

    What a great weekend both Busch brothers out of action! 

  7. Dantdm Fan says:

    Put a damn safty barer

  8. Liveoneut says:

    RING RING “Hello, this is Mr. Smith from Talladega Super Speedway. I’d like
    to speak to one of your salesman about a quote on some additional Safer
    Barrier installation.”

  9. Honky says:

    As much as I dislike KB, GET WELL SOON!! I need your ass out there to root

    GO JOEY #22

  10. D4nkfury says:

    I dont see how kyle even spun, he didnt get clipped or hit Larson at all,
    he just spun out

  11. TheBurnracer says:

    Terrible hit for Kyle. I wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to
    his return to NASCAR!

  12. Francesco bisiesto says:

    This is why NASCAR is so fucked up now, not only there arent any safety
    barriers but these stupid races and qualifying races that have so many
    wrecks and fucks people over like Busch. Now he can’t race at the 500 now
    and probably not for a while. Smh…

  13. honey badger says:


  14. Dave Williams says:

    15-20 years ago, that story may have ended with Kyle Busch being killed.
    Sucks no safer barriers there, but it shows the safety of these cars!

  15. Billayy Boii says:

    get well soon Kyle & good luck matt crafton in his 1st 500

  16. Trevor Thomas says:

    That’s sad i’m not a Kyle Busch fan but that’s sad. I hope he’s okay.

  17. Johinator12 says:

    F*ck you Fox – Germany is the best Country …

  18. thebean2713 says:

    Ok. this is the story of the crash….. With 10 laps 2 go, Kyle gets into
    the back of erik jones causing him to spin.while spinning kyle sees erik
    coming up the track again.he goes up and makes contact with larson, causing
    him to spin, at full throttle, Kyle goes down the track into a non-safer
    barrier wall. his car goes front first into the wall, Kyle was hurt, he
    couldnt get out of his car and was placed in a strecher, even though i hate
    kyle, my hopes and prayers are on him,

  19. Alex skrzypek says:

    I was there both when this happened and for the 500 the day after. First of
    all, the tv doesn’t do the hit any justice. It was a HARD hit definitely
    the hardest hit I’ve ever witnessed in my life. Also for the 500 they had
    tire barriers set up all around the inside walls of the track

  20. Daniel Robinson says:

    It said he got a compound fracture. That’s when the bone goes through the
    skin right?