Labor Day: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)

Labor Day: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (Web Exclusive)

Everyone knows the rule against wearing white after Labor Day. John Oliver suggests some other things we should all stop doing.

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20 Responses

  1. Christopher Rocci says:

    Love Me comments.

  2. EXO L says:

    Ironically my sister’s birthday is tomorrow, on labor day. Yeah.

  3. Danyel Henrique says:

    Ballers is awesome!!!!!!

  4. odd135 says:

    Winking is annoying for me, because I occasionally blink only one eye by
    accident, and I think that people might take it the wrong way.

  5. Bunny and Carrot says:

    Wow, this video was posted 40 minuets ago and there are already 400
    comments. People must really like John Oliver?

  6. DarKnightofCydonia says:

    They should really change the name of this show to last month tonight
    considering how many breaks they take.

  7. Gad Yariv says:

    John Oliver you are British, you don’t even celebrate Labor Day.
    In the UK you have a may Day Bank Holiday on may first, which is also
    called International Workers’ Day, or Labor day for every one on the planet
    besides the US.

  8. Nathaniel WALTERS-BROWN says:

    i cant get over that the audience laughter is fake

  9. Square Squid Studios says:

    It’s not a nog problem… It’s just delicious~ D:

  10. Corey Taylor says:

    star treks 50th anniversary is sep, 9th. for all the Trekkies out there

  11. The Gent says:

    The only videos that are allowed to be watched in Australia are these
    “we’re off this week” bullshit.

    Ploz stop being greedy America.

  12. metfan4l says:

    Damn how long is that lazy fuck on break for? It’s one show a week, come
    back already.

  13. minski76 says:

    Bless you, John Oliver!

  14. djhero0071 says:

    What the hell is wrong with wearing white after Labor Day?????? Who the
    fuck thought up that bullshit????

  15. genjii931 says:

    But, if we can’t wink anymore, then we can’t “wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say
    no more”, and if we can’t do that, this isn’t a world worth living in any

  16. BloggingSpiderman says:

    when john gets the day off so he doesnt bother mentioning all the lower
    class workers who still are forced to go in today…. ?

  17. Marela9 says:

    He really does’t like… *Gwyneth* .

  18. Ben Wilson says:

    I thought that was Idubbbz licking that pinecone for a second

  19. Aidan Keogh says:

    Damnit, now I have to wait twenty days for more John Oliver.

  20. John Muldoon says:

    Who’s this total tvvat?