Lakers with Paul George would been ‘destined’ for conference finals – Stephen A. | First Take

Lakers with Paul George would been ‘destined’ for conference finals – Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A. Smith says the Los Angeles Lakers would have been “destined” for the Western Conference finals if they had Paul George on the team.

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102 Responses

  1. Stephen A Smith says:

    I’m back and ready to go to work and bring these ratings backup. Oh yeah and don’t you think for one second that i forgot about John Wall i got something for his ass on folk

    • 4WeeKs Highlights says:

      +lancey Mike lmfaoo ????

    • 4WeeKs Highlights says:

      ???? LoL

    • Rontavious Rodgers says:

      close your damn mouth ur lucky john wall injured and cant woop ur old ass u might put some harrass charges on him cause ur old asf dude and close ur damn mouth about lebron talking about oh hes 0-2 against kd idgaf about ur saying hes 1-3 against gsw cause dey know how to beat lebron but before kd went to gsw he was getting his ass wooped and kd cant carry a team to a championship

    • jad sabbagh says:

      @Stephen A Smith
      This is not even an argument.
      Mr. Stephen is just on another planet when it comes to basketball. ( sorry ?❤ )

    • Michael L says:


  2. 1An OnlyJDaGoat says:

    The new girl is better than molly imo

  3. ShowTime says:

    Glad Paul George stayed in OKC. He’s having the best season of his career thus far.

    • Jay Ow says:

      +NinjAudio lol the lakers? Yea right. These salty lakers fans really trying to prove something. Okc has much more chance i can tell you that. Defense stifles them offrnse is the only thing they need to work on. ? yall cocky but that wont last long ?

    • Nuby29 says:

      What do you mean they’re not at full strength? Alex Abrines is a weaker version of Nader and Andre Roberson will not be ready by playoffs. OKC is at full strength right now. Looks at Russ playoffs last year, he has to shoot a shit load to be “hot” and effective otherwise, he’s useless, but that takes away from PG and the rest will suffer. Like I said, OKC is not built for the playoffs.

    • Jay Ow says:

      +Nuby29 are you dumb? Im pretty sutr nobody except you has said that dre wont be ready for the playoffs. Abrines is a shooter who needs to get in rhthym but has illness problems. He need to shoot that many last yr because nobody is stepping up. Unlike now where grant pg and even dennis could hwlp him. You need to watch more games and not just make stupid ass conclusions because its embarassing and shows how low your IQ is

    • Adams Wong says:

      +Jay Ow lol westbrook overrated man, did you notice how russ took a stepback yesterday and still ended up taking 20 shots. Once it comes playoff time, its gonna be another 1st round exit, guaranteed.

    • Jay Ow says:

      +Adams Wong know what overrated means first kid. So what? Shots are more important than Ws now? And hes trying to get some rhthym and they were up anyway so idc. Id rather have him shoot like this now than in the long run. 1st round exit my ass, it aint happening. ??

  4. Jeffrey House says:

    Why must everything be centered around the Lakers and LeBron?

    • Westbrook’s Year 2K19 says:

      This whole segment is a backhanded complement to OKC. Smdh ??‍♂️ Lakers being shoved down your throat every day like Cod liver oil when u were little ????

    • Slim 803 says:

      Shit annoying

    • Wane Walker says:

      It obvious. I saw a undisputed video with 11k comments. This is what people to hear. In one day

    • Wane Walker says:

      +No Filter he took a Cavs team to the finals. He wasn’t the favorite to come out of the east. You can say the east was weak but he did it tho. U can’t be overrated if he did what he supposed to do. If he underachieve u still don’t have a point. He definitely the mvp of the playoffs. In the first round no one score more than 20 points except for him. If u watch the games they couldn’t do nothing with the ball. Jr taking horrible three. Don’t why he didn’t drive the ball. Kevin love get the ball in the post and couldn’t do nothing.

    • Wane Walker says:

      +SuperVillian SVWorld Steph still don’t have a finals mvp. Kd join the warriors to get his rings that beat him. He didn’t even tell Russ he was leaving. It major difference when kd join the warriors to LeBron joining the heat. LeBron came from a bad team. Kd has Russ, harden, iblaka. Than he went to the Cavs. Kyrie wasn’t doing nothing on the Cavs. Love wasn’t doing nothing on the wolves. We only talk about love because he play with LeBron.

  5. SamoaVsEverybody_814 ™ 2.0 says:

    I love her. Please keep her and don’t bring Molly back. Thanks.

  6. Fadhil Batfleck says:

    Stephen A and Max is banned from vacation. 2nd and 3rd take have been awful

  7. Gol.D Roger says:

    The new girl is ?

  8. Shrek says:

    Paul George didn’t want to get no credit when the Lakers win and all the blame when they lose

    • Bruce Rivers says:

      +Paul Bearer Major facts bro. PG13 ain’t with that Hollywood spot light bullshit. He just wants to ball and go home to his family. He could careless about the fast life.

    • xIpyschoIx says:

      NU? ERA? People aren’t saying that its very clear we actually got to see it you the only person that i ever seen say that. The point is ppl want to say who contributed more its easier to say lebron and how he filled the stat sheet and the stats that support irving are just harder to find like how he score like 20 and 17 in the first quarter of those come back games so. Yes kyrie help a whole lot gave the almost the most help. But lebron just did more to be fare he did take 10 more shots only getting 20 more points then irving but when compare everything else it isnt close

    • ShrekLiveActionMovie420 says:

      I’m the better Shrek

    • corey darko says:

      Paul Bearer agreed

    • James Barkley says:

      Kyrie had 2 back to back 40 wtf and so did Lebron wtf are you talking about?

  9. OGMillyMillz says:

    Stevie A came back from vacation with the same hairline ??‍♂️

  10. Howard Davis says:

    So basically according to SAS they wouldn’t be bo better cuz u been saying all year Lakers gone be in the conference finals ?

    • Douglas Edwards says:

      +Silver Enigma Boogie is a solid point. Curry isn’t the most reliable in big games though

    • Douglas Edwards says:

      +Silver Enigma true last two finals were good. But their competition also wasn’t as strong in the finals

    • Douglas Edwards says:

      +Silver Enigma my mistake, 2018 not nearly as strong. 2017 he definitely did perform

    • David Ojuka says:

      +Silver Enigma why you lying? these stats aren’t even correct.
      In 2018 Steph shot 40%
      In 2017 Steph shot 44%
      in 2016 Steph shot 40%
      In 2015 Steph shot 44%.
      He has never shot over 45% in an NBA finals series and this is the greatest shooter of all time. And don’t even get me started on his assists to turn over ration in those games.

    • Patrick R says:

      SAS was saying that lakers wouldn’t stand a chance even if they added PG which is not far from the truth. Max acts like Lebron owns the golden state the past 4 years like adding 1 star would decimate the golden state dynasty.

  11. Vince G says:

    He just extended his contract with OKC, there nothing here… Next

    • Peace on Earth says:

      Vince G Exactly…they desperate for topics smh

    • edentaylor211 says:

      Right, I don’t understand why they keep talking about PG he already made his decision. So, why they still talking about like they can change this man’s mind or make him go to the lakers.

  12. YungChip030 says:

    This topic has been dead for 6 months smh

  13. Not Kevin Durant says:

    Trump needs to build a wall around Ryan hollins house. I think the taxpayers would be willing to foot that bill

  14. Nehemiah Howard says:

    Back to the lakers talk already

  15. Manny Manhattan Music says:

    ESPN really left molly in 2018 damn ??‍♂️

  16. Christopher Reed says:

    There are three things in life that are guaranteed: death, taxes, and Stephen A “prefacing” every critique of an athlete or a coach by over praising them and not questioning their talent or said “sports acumen”

  17. Albert Dennis says:

    Molly is trashhhhhhh, keep our new representation of ELEGANCE

    • thetrib1 says:

      +Lavar Ball TBH no one is… not even me…. but people in that role have to speak. she doesn’t over power them ever, on any topic.

    • thetrib1 says:

      +Gerae Little I never brought up equality… ESPN does, but I didn’t. If you were to look at many other sports shows with or without. you can tell the difference. but yet and still on sport shows that have a moderator, the moderator usually speaks.. it maybe less than the people around them, but they all still do. if you want to say her commentary is trash… then ok, I disagree… but If you want to say that she just takes over with her talking, that would be wrong, incorrect, and not true. Humanity’s progression… that’s funny… but wrong.

    • Lavar Ball says:

      +thetrib1 she doesn’t over power them because she is not a debator she is a moderator who’s only job is to simply bring up topics that the debators should discuss and change topics when they have debated long enough. I actually don’t have a huge problem with molly and if she was a debator on the panel her input would be necessary but she is not

    • thetrib1 says:

      +Lavar Ball “she is a moderator who’s only job”… um… there isn’t a single job in america where someone doing a job doesn’t every now and then overflow into a job they assist on a day to day basis. This is very similar to shut up and dribble.. the only difference is she is on a show where there job is to speak on topics of the day… so….yeah you don’t understand the show that’s cool. I think your son can be great, so you got that going for you.

    • Lavar Ball says:

      +thetrib1 lol I won’t pretend to not understand what your saying because I do haha and I hope my point isn’t completly evading you.

  18. Erick Bolden says:

    We missed these dudes. Ryan Hollins was acting like a clown trying to be Stephan A

  19. Max Kellerman says:

    Ryan Hollins 3 day contract may have tainted are ratings, but Stephen and I are back and ready to get these number back up

  20. MrRay says:

    “If” they would’ve signed Melo in 2015. “If” they would’ve signed Westbrook. “If” they would’ve got Kawhi. “If” they get Bradley Beal. “If” they would’ve got Boogie. “If” they drafted Tatum. “If” Phil Jackson came back. “If” Magic comes out of retirement. “If” they signed Thanos.

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