Lamar Odom Collapses at Nightclub, Security Rushes to Help

Lamar Odom Collapses at Nightclub, Security Rushes to Help

Lamar Odom collapsed at his VIP booth at an L.A. nightclub early Sunday morning … TMZ Sports has the video.


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28 Responses

  1. Neveah Lorne says:

    this guy never learn.

  2. Raul Macias says:

    I know is not an upper! is probably boose and some pills. he better cut the shenanigans or else he dying!!! sad though

  3. Free Bee says:

    The video ends with a giant ass fleeing the scene. coincidence?

  4. Chaz Jew says:

    Can’t fix stupid

  5. TheRealtalk617 says:

    Poor Lam Lam

  6. Matt says:

    I don’t smoke crack motha fucka I sell it

  7. Young Ebitda says:

    when the bill from all the bottles comes….

  8. Nora Peace says:

    Don’t regular people film these videos and then sell it to TMZ for money? Or is TMZ actually there all the time? I don’t think so

  9. wazl No says:

    lamar is a good christian…..all about drugs money cheating then at the end believe u are saved by worshiping the dead man christian

  10. Joseph Jay says:

    He saw that ass and fainted haha

  11. Michael vW says:

    Shame not long now, next one could be fatal and the rest of the world will feel zero fucks….

  12. Almon joy says:

    Dude got problems… not gonna end well…😔

  13. Soundafek says:

    Dude needs to stay home and rest, the street life party life can be deadly for a sick individual…

  14. Kippax123456789 says:

    I want you to hold me tight ’cause I’m out of sight and I’m dynamite I’ve got cocaine running around my brain

  15. HIS TREASURE says:

    I hope he learns his lesson REAL SOON…. this is terrible pray’n for you O!!

  16. Steel Boss says:

    don’t help him… leave him face down in the gutter where he belongs. Let the maggots eat him from the inside out..

  17. Thomas Rogers says:


  18. Christina says:

    Poor guy this is a low time in his life hope he gets better soon

  19. Newyorikan.007 N.Y/P.R says:

    why is everyone shutting down and dropping on there asses like avatars now a days?

  20. Skyhighblu says:

    Oh he’s not dead yet? I thought he died in Vegas. Oh well it’ll probably happen soon given the fact that he clearly wants to die!

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