LaMarcus Aldridge is retiring from the NBA | First Take

LaMarcus Aldridge is retiring from the NBA | First Take

LaMarcus Aldridge is retiring from the NBA | First Take
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to Brooklyn Nets big man LaMarcus Aldridge announcing his retirement from the NBA.
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49 Responses

  1. universe 86 says:

    that sucks for aldridge, but his health is way more important than a ring.

    • IDGAF says:

      @Evan B yep just like last season 😂 😈

    • Tim Snell says:

      Ya sucks cause he would get a ring even riding the bench on kds team

    • I'll Shiv you. says:


    • Logical-thinker says:

      Good luck to Aldridge, but the Nets are not going to win anything regardless. Kyrie, Durant, and Harden have the talent but their weak minded.

    • PG 13PACERNATION says:

      Man i remember when Chris Bosh retired because of blood clots in his lungs, irregular heartbeat is no joke either. Glad he’s taking care of himself. Had a great career. Best of luck to him. Thank you for the 15 years, LaMarcus Aldridge 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  2. Vyshakh Vathielil says:

    Prayers up to LaMarcus Aldridge, this reminds me of what happened to Chris Bosh who was still an All-Star when he got blood clots.

    • MrBeatboxmasta says:

      @C The OP’s original post did not say the two were exactly the same thing, You chose to make it about that. A reasonable person would look as LA’s situation and agree that it is reminiscent of Bosh’s situation, which is all the OP was saying. You just feel like being argumentative by turning it into a medical journal.

    • C says:

      @MrBeatboxmasta sigh… I think my point is going over your head. You’re making much ado over nothing. It’s fine, but I’m going to stop responding to these. Seems like you just want to argue. Take care.

    • Bohan Xu says:

      @C LA was averaging 19 points per game with good efficiency last year…He still have a lot left in his tank.

    • Foreign_maddogma Morris says:

      @C bruh stfu he was just saying niggas likee u annoyin asfk

    • XxKrazek1lleRxX says:

      @C if you think LA was still not a good player and all-star talent then you don’t know basketball or the fact why ppl were so mad that him and Blake went to the nets. I’ve read what you wrote and the first thing they never said it was a heart murmur he said irregular heartbeat during the game and that it got worst that night. So tbh we don’t know what it could be but if it’s AFIB that could get worst over time and if he plays more it could lead to a stroke or heart failure. So to just downplay it to make a point tbh is insensitive snd the OP was correct. He didn’t choose to retire out of no wanting to play but just like Bosh his health is causing him to retire. If it was on his own accord he wouldn’t have even went to the nets and just retired with the Spurs.

  3. TheRealDJJ says:


  4. F Ya Feelings says:

    Prayers to Aldridge. Obviously his health is more important than a basketball ring

  5. Savage Jose says:

    With someone dealing with congestive heart failure at age 27, I wish him nothing but the best. Prayers ups ♥️

  6. yaz says:

    Aldridge was one of the most lowkey midrange snipers in history dude scored 50 shooting no threes. Solid career

  7. Kur Snippets says:

    He had one of the best jumpshots on 2k for years.

  8. Tam Tam says:

    He played 15 years ..he did a great job and made his friends and family proud ..I salute him and thank him for the entertainment . You did a great job young man

    • Dragan K. says:

      Great comment👌. He did alot. And now he can focus on his health and loved one’s

    • stpaulimdog says:

      I was surprised to find out how long he’d been dealing with this. He’s had so many procedures done in order to keep playing. It had to have gotten severe enough where he knew that he might not make it through the season if he continued.

  9. Jaycol Tejeda says:

    He averaged 19 points his career. Scoring a bucket isn’t easy in the NBA. I wish him the best to him and his family.

    • GT: CrxssV23 says:

      @Mic B who hating? go re read my comment lol

    • Michael Simmons says:

      Ease or a lack thereof of wasn’t the issue, his style of game was. In today’s era it is old school to see a player at the 4 or 5 in the post more and shooting mid range jump shots then to have him shooting 3’s and giving space to the rest of the team with that ability.

      He even wanted out of San Antonio before due to Pop trying to change his game rather then let him ball the way he was taught and conditioned to do so.

    • Kujichagulia Self-Determination says:

      He has $24 million reasons this season to be okay.

    • Foreign_maddogma Morris says:

      Shi its easy for

    • gelene Celine says:

      @Makari Byrd the top comment is talking about after you make it scoring a bucket isn’t easy which is a lie

  10. digitallady1 says:

    His health is much more important than basketball. What good is winning a ring if you’re dead? Much love you to Marcus Aldridge.❤❤❤

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