Last To Fall Asleep Gets The 10 MILLION DIAMOND PLAY BUTTON!

Last To Fall Asleep Gets The 10 MILLION DIAMOND PLAY BUTTON!

there are 2 of us, but only 1 diamond play button…. who gets to keep it? the last one to fall asleep that’s who. watch the find out who gets it… we got ….. delirious :0 AND THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR SUBSCRIBING


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55 Responses

  1. World Record Avocado says:

    *Ethan:* “I become a rebel after midnight!”
    *Me:* “Why do I like this rebelious side of Ethan? ;)”

    (Like if you agree 😉

    • Angel Bishoujo says:

      World Record Avocado
      I accidentally pressed the dislike button… sorry. BUT DONT WORRY: I changed it.

  2. S!nnNe R says:

    Who knew Ethan’s laziness could win him something…

  3. 10000 subs with no videos challenge says:

    Grayson: *makes toast*

    Ethan: *jumps in a pool, puts on winter gear, and makes coffee*

  4. Someone you don't know says:

    *Petition for YouTube to give them a second play button*

  5. Ugly Monkey says:

    The twins: do a whole challenge for it
    Me: JuSt FuCkInG ChOp It In HaLf

  6. Sarahh barahh says:

    Ethan smiled @24:09 as if it was the best joke he ever said

  7. DR3AMYT29 says:

    Ethan to Grayson: do you have a girlfriend?

    Tea pages: ✍️?

  8. lvmmulti says:

    Yay Ethan called me a superhuman for being able to sleep with socks on


  9. Goat Soap says:

    Idk why 17:12 makes me laugh so much???

    *your eyes sticky?* aww?❤️

  10. Alexis Episode says:


  11. Msp Queen says:

    can u pls do the 48 HOUR SURVIVAL CHALLENGE againnnnnnnn 🙁

  12. Al ex says:

    12:22 Okay, Ethan saying he was a rebel, oddly reminded me of when he got his wisdom teeth removed….

  13. Julia - I MАSTURВАТЕ P.U.S.SY! :* TAР МY BООBS! :* says:

    Grayson – “Yeah, and this is our baby”
    Ethan – “No its not, were never going to have a f**king baby together”
    Me – DEAD ????? part – 2:10

  14. Julia - I MАSTURВАТЕ P.U.S.SY! :* TAР МY BООBS! :* says:

    No one:
    Not a soul:
    Not even the nonexistent 10m roast:
    Ethan & Gray: sleepy f***

  15. angy may says:

    Grayson- “Although Ethan does sleep in until 11 and I wake up at 7 like a mAtURe adult”

    Ethan- “or an old f*ck”

    IM DEAD ?? 3:12

  16. shane sparks says:

    *Me watching this at 5:14am after drinking no coffee*
    “Oh, so this is a challenge now? Ok”

  17. Anna Park says:

    ethan: jumps in freezing cold pool
    grayson: “got my cute little butter knife”

  18. Charlotte Sat says:

    Grayson is just the cutest human being alive I’m actually melting ???

  19. Sunflower Guchh says:

    There should be a *10* *million* *twin* button come on YoUTuBe StEp uP YoUr GaMe ??‍♀️?

  20. Julia - I MАSTURВАТЕ P.U.S.SY! :* TAР МY BООBS! :* says:

    Dear YouTube can you send Grayson and Ethan two diamond play buttons so they don’t kill each other love you

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