Last to Leave the Punishment Box Wins!! | Survive the Box!

Last to Leave the Punishment Box Wins!! | Survive the Box!

Hey guys! In this challenge, we do our best to survive in the punishment box! Whoever leaves first loses! Who do you think will be able to withstand the gross and painful punishments? Let us know down below!

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52 Responses

  1. Sreedhara Konduru says:

    You guys are my favorite youtubers. i subsrcibed, liked, and turned on post notifications. an you please like my comment.
    Thanks for being AWESOME

  2. ItsOnlyTilly says:

    ‘I have made a lot of torture boxes in my days’
    ~Bobby 2019~

  3. Deanthony Monroe says:

    Who actually raise your hand when Bobby say when Jay Fred going in the box

  4. jai brownlie says:

    Y’all guys just so epic an fun to watch an always have something interesting everytime ??

  5. Yummy Yupcakes says:

    Bobby got in so pain for nothing!
    IQ: 200 000

  6. Dylan Patel says:

    Reminded of that video on LemonMade with Gram and Joey in boxes

  7. Lovely Kitten says:

    When you click as fast as the notification comes but there is already 164 comments ?♡

  8. SarahTheNoodle YT says:

    Remember when they used to respond to fans comments within the first 30 minutes of being posted?! ?

    • KingRyan says:

      SarahTheNoodle YT ???????????? ???????????? ???????????? ???????????? ??????????? ???????????? ???????????? ???????????? ??????????? ???????????? ???????????? ???????????? ??????????? ???????????? ???????????? ???????????? ??????????? ???????????? ???????????? ????????????

    • drip franc says:

      KingRyan ok Ryan

  9. Namikostar says:

    I wanna say Bobby is gonna win…..
    edit: bobby lost because of crickets, I would’ve stopped too. I dont like them xD

  10. Karlie Buchanan says:

    I love team edge! I have been with y’all for 3 years! ?♥️

  11. Lightning Lion says:

    JFred and Bryan should be in there, They are the only big talk and never really take the punishment

  12. Gaby N. says:

    I died when Joey said “does it remind me you of being a baby” ????Im wheezinggg

  13. Jazzy Baby says:

    Classic Bryan: I have no idea what we’re doing let’s let Bobby do it ??

    Joey scares me ??????

  14. MLGconcrete says:

    ??I’m dead, why gram get the more hurtful punishments but bobby loses from bad smells

    • Jenna Johnson-Hall says:

      Bobby got vinegar and baking soda which literally could have caused chemical burns and was almost going to get crickets dumped on him Graham just got dirty so I think Bobby did pretty damn good. But that’s just my opinion

  15. Benjamin Mohler says:

    I need more of Cali. Brings that fluffy goodness to the already great, team edge

  16. Julia - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :* says:

    Who actually raise your hand when Bobby say when Jay Fred going in the box

  17. Foze Bling says:

    No one:

    Not a soul:

    Bobby: look people raising their hands on the couch!

    No one:

  18. Moon Waffles says:

    Who else liked before watching?
    Team Edge, if you ever need a Giant Pinata Llama for a video, let’s me know! I made one bigger than a horse on my channnel! It’s full of candy!!

  19. Eruraviel MacGyver says:

    Bobby: “Who wants to see Joey get in the box raise your hand.”
    Me: ✋
    Bobby: “Oh look everyone watching us on the couch is raising their hand.”
    Me: “They can see me.”?

  20. Аnna - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO says:

    Cali though??? I pretty much expect Bobby to lose and with Joey’s long legs he probably

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