Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Daily Fantasy Sports

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Daily Fantasy Sports

Daily fantasy sports sites claim they are not gambling enterprises, but they seem awfully…gamblish.
If only their ads were more truthful.

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20 Responses

  1. Potato says:

    Get em’ john!

  2. Liam Bedard says:

    I mean the people that put more time into anything do better then the
    people that don’t not all people on those sites are just masters of math

  3. HEAVYISPY says:

    Completely off topic, but I really like John’s suit…just putting that out

  4. Nukle0n says:

    I hope this means Giant Bomb will stop doing ads for these fucks

  5. robt400 says:

    rubio and shelden adelson passed the online gambling ban. who gives a shit
    if people gamble?

  6. njdevs1987 says:

    I’m still not sure why gambling but especially betting on sports is illegal
    in most of the US. Shouldn’t we just legalize it instead of driving it
    underground and unregulated where anything shady can happen and we aren’t
    reaping the tax benefits? Sounds alot like why we should legalize pot too.

  7. SelfMadeMan_ says:

    Wouldn’t the stock market or any investment where your goal is to gain more
    than you spent on something that has a CHANCE of return be gambling too? If
    you are going to take something down, take it ALL down.

  8. Jean~Luc Picard says:

    Russian entertainment syndicate. :P

  9. queendsheena1 says:

    Regulation is clearly needed. I remember years ago when I used to be
    bothered a lot by pop up ads for this stuff. Today it is ads on TV but
    either way I would never spend money on this stuff unless I got the luck of
    Janice from accounting or hire that algorithm guy. These games are very
    hard to win and whether you believe it is gambling or not people need to
    spend their money wisely.

  10. Lewis Gardner says:

    Fan duel is trash. It needs to be banned.

  11. Ringo Brat says:

    you gotta love the ads made for LWT with John Oliver. he always reels in
    cool celebs to be part of his silly-yet-genius ads. LOVE IT!

  12. Ahmed Mohamud says:

    who else thought he was gonna talk about paris ??

  13. Nancy Power says:

    Mr. Oliver, you & your team are a host of hilarious and benevolent angels,
    smiting greedy arseholes with your comedic bolts of truth. Carry on.

  14. simre333 says:


  15. Valhalla Bound says:

    Birdy Fact Funny Man gave me nothing about the show in google. LIAR!

  16. Schwindsichtiga der Echte says:

    I loved the arguing couple at the end, that was hilarious! Well, the whole
    thing was hilarious, as your stuff usually is, but the couple was my
    favourite part.

  17. Duke Gundam says:

    That’s a funny way of spelling “Trans-Pacific Partership.”

  18. Milan R. Vuckovic says:

    Hey, I have a good topic for you: Mizzou

  19. SalameeQueijos says:

    So it’s kinda like Pachinko in Japan

  20. Mabeh Al-Zuq Yadeek says:

    DFS is not gambling more than the stock market is gambling.

    Individual player’s performance is largely predictable with the right
    statistical methods, just as Hedge fund companies have statistical methods
    to predict stock behavior and generate a lot of revenue.

    Anything that can in large part be predicted is NOT gambling. The core
    definition of gambling is “play games of chance for money; bet.” DFS has
    very little chance or “luck” and is mostly based on skill (i.e. how good is
    your statistical model at projecting a player’s performance).

    It’s very easy to prove that DFS is not luck and has been proven time and
    time again in many great articles you can find on Google. Even I have found
    that randomly generated lineups NEVER win any cash, while lineups built
    with simple linear regression cash more often than not.

    John Oliver has NO basis on calling DFS gambling other than asking some
    uneducated former NFL QB about his opinion on the subject, which carries no
    weight on this subject whatsoever.