Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Journalism (HBO)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Journalism (HBO)

The newspaper industry is suffering. That’s bad news for journalists — both real and fictional.

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20 Responses

  1. jebar01 says:

    Great story, very true. We stop getting the newspaper because the stories
    were so slanted and the spelling atrocious we read on-line. Years ago the
    best newspaper around went out of business and left us with a real
    “spotlight”. Thank-You John.

  2. Ryan Anderson says:

    Proof has been found Hillary Clinton has committed election fraud and Trump
    thinks the world should be afraid we will nuke them off the planet. Wait
    hold it “Breaking News!” Orlando Bloom has a dick.

  3. August says:

    This made me miss Boardwalk Empire, probably because of Bobby Cannavale.
    Also, this is also the main reason why Al Jazeera America went bust. People
    like fluff, gore, comedy, and corruption… but in bipolar, extreme
    amounts. If there’s corruption, it better be because it costs millions of
    dollars and affects tens of thousands of people; rather than hearing about
    one security officer taking a bribe at the airport. Police shootings didn’t
    get attention until people publicized the issue at length and

  4. duke86fan says:


    Fuck Donald Tronc

  5. Maniesh Ramanayake says:

    The acting in that trailer was so awesome, too bad its not a real movie- it
    should be made in to a movie!

  6. Jean-François Bouchard says:

    I really want to see “StopLight” now… and I’m just sad it will never
    happen for real…

  7. Leopoldo Aranha says:

    We are amusing ourselves to death, these days.

  8. Celeste Holmes says:

    The vast majority of us can barely afford to survive, so we should choose
    to put our money towards cable, with extra fees to watch HBO, versus say…
    Food. Rent. Insurance. Give me a fucking break, John. The only ones to
    blame for the state of journalism are the greedy fucks who corrupted the
    government, changed the rules, then consolidated 90% of all forms of media
    into the greedy hands of the rich fucks and six corporations.

  9. SJOlson O says:

    Chorp sounds like what a Pokemon makes during battle. Chorp. Chorp. Chorp

  10. crak3d says:


  11. Vikram KB says:

    Y is not a vowel.

  12. Greg Moberg says:

    why is it that much more difficult to make money from online advertising
    than from print?

  13. the sofoke channel says:

    Please tell me that’s not something they honestly want to do!! Im high
    right now and i know that is a one way path to dystopian, future! The world
    is a scary place.

  14. emilymfv says:

    I’m not over the coffee shop, I’m at the coffee shop

  15. Aaron “The Talisid” Armstrong says:

    Do you want Skynet? Cause thats how you get Skynet!

  16. Tazzer88 says:

    17:25 Yeah yeah, that’s all well and good, but I have a major lead on a guy
    creating a non-nutritive cereal varnish that’s going to revolutionize the
    way we eat breakfast. His name is Grismal, Grisball, something like that, I
    didn’t really catch it. F**k you.

  17. Eaque Johnson says:

    OK, I’m not an expert of this topic at all, but I’m gonna go out on a limb
    and ask a few questions, y’all can tell me what you think…
    The way I see things, there’s a couple of things hurting the printed news
    industry ;
    1) would be the advent of the digital news circulation model, for which
    obviously printed newsgroups did not prepare for in a sufficient way (but
    who could have? I don’t think anyone had any idea what kind of market the
    Internet would shape)
    2) Editorial bias and conflict of interest — from what people tell me, and
    what I read around here, many people seem to have trouble trusting what
    they read anymore, because so much of it is sponsored propaganda rather
    than (f)actual journalism… Basically I feel like some reporters do not
    ‘report’ anymore, they ‘present’…

    Now I don’t know how you get out of #2, on that one I think the harm’s
    done, and unless you start an entire movement like “autonomous, responsible
    journalism”, you will still get the same level of respect for the craft
    from the people.
    #1 however, makes me think of another situation, which I think is
    comparable, although seemingly far-fetched: the case of online video
    streaming… If you know your innanet, you might never have to pay a dime
    to watch any box office movie or any of your favorite series. People are
    really used to getting their fix for free, whether they download or
    stream… So, in a seemingly very adverse market, how does Netflix thrive?
    How does a guy like me, to whom paying for any movie often feels insulting,
    ends up with a Netflix subscription? To me, it provides 2 distinct
    advantages: streaming is practical, and it doesn’t hurt to on the right
    side of legality for 10 bucks a month…

    To me, journalism is very far away from finding these clear competitive
    advantages (as compared to online free stuff). A pity, because there’s at
    least one that should be undisputable: it makes sense to be correctly
    informed on things, not having to suffer through that Huffington post
    crap… But in all honesty, tell me you’ve never grabbed a paper, read a
    piece, and went like, ‘I don’t know why I should trust what you say’…
    It’s incredible that after so many years of existence, they still have to
    establish that they do things the right way, and why it matters to follow
    proper sources of information…

    (Any of that make sense?)

  18. harry haluester says:

    So the option is pay $1 for newspaper or google …….
    yep journalism is screwed

  19. Cbizzle2590 says:

    Print is a dying beast. Hell, my degree focus USED to be Print Journalism,
    and my university scrapped it because “Multiplatform Journalism” was
    considered the future, hence why its new name. And the ending, although a
    parody, is FRIGHTENINGLY accurate.

    What’s scarier is that this is nothing new. I, as well as many others have
    been saying this for YEARS. What doesn’t make sense is that we’re asked to
    be “backpack journalists”; which means we have to write, do photography,
    shoot video footage, edit said footage, and build a social media presence
    on our own. That’s fine, since developing new skills makes it harder for
    employers to tell you no. But if we’re going to be doing so much more, then
    why are we getting paid absolute shit?

    I’m all for hard hitting investigative journalism like Ben Swann, but for
    fuck’s sake, a decent paycheck certainly keeps the motivation going, as
    well as keeping the lights on.

  20. Oskar Funes says:

    wow, that was really scary