Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Lead (HBO)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Lead (HBO)

Lead poisoning is a national problem. If only lawmakers were as concerned as the puppets on Sesame Street.

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20 Responses

  1. Wesley Letendre says:

    let’s see how the republicans can spin a pro lead agenda. they are the
    dimwits trying to kill the EPA after all

  2. SlimxWorm says:

    “Humble lead” he actually said that. 

  3. Artyom Silaev says:

    I dont follow John’s logic. If Pb paints were banned in 80s’ that means
    that number of houses with lead paint stopped increasing. So, in 20 years
    of service cleaning off houses with lead paints founding will go down
    because less homes will have lead and more homes will replace their 30-40
    year old paint job with a more modern paint. Lower class housing might be
    the only argument.

  4. Nyxary Senpai says:

    Pff it’s not a big problem lead it go…

  5. _vialite _ says:

    *snarky comment about how I was gonna sleep but can’t*

  6. RelsonGracieBlueBeltFL says:

    A solid color? How dare you, John. How dare you not wear a checkered
    pattern. I depended on you.

  7. CyricZ says:

    Genuine applause for Oscar the Grouch is the sweetest moment of all this.

  8. Court Jester says:

    well gosh darn, John Oliver is so on target, so well spoken, can make make
    light of a situation and or fact yet still get across the core of any
    issue, expose the blithering idiots tap dancing to preserve their phoney
    balony existence I can’t find any reason not to write him in on a
    ballet……Better yet create a new cabinet position where he is permanent
    to call bullshit on any bill and give him birch slap authority against all
    so called politic ions!!! Total BITCH SLAP AUTHORITY ARCHER STYLE!!!!!

  9. Adam Duskett says:

    Janis ate lead, but she doesn’t give a f***.

  10. Jacob Campbell says:


  11. Michael O'Connor says:

    Almost unsubscribed when the shit talk about my second-favourite cherry
    soda started. When you make fun of Code Red, you dun goofed.

  12. Sigusen says:

    I love this show… freakin brilliant!

  13. whuzzzup says:

    Using lead paint?
    You are truely third world america.

  14. sandy patton says:

    So depopulation is well on it’s way………especially in the minority and
    poor areas……….Hummmmmmm????????

  15. Yamit Kashyap says:

    13:20 – one of th many reasons to watch John Oliver

  16. Jessica Pereira says:

    oliver should be our next mr. rodgers ?

  17. wenigmehl says:

    Lead poisoning lowers the IQ… explains a lot.. does that mean the new
    generation of US americans will stop being stupid?

  18. Spiffleh says:

    May as well call Last Week Tonight with John Oliver “Poor people get
    screwed again.”

  19. Ramona Limon says:

    Is it just me, but looking at the bigger picture, lead poison and fluoride
    flushes, why is this happening to a country that claims to be safe. Feels
    like this country had set up for failure ages ago.

  20. bigwingedkuriboh says:

    I honestly thought he was going to say Carlos Danger