Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Public Defenders (HBO)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Public Defenders (HBO)

The Miranda warning includes the right to a public defender. It doesn’t include the fact that public defenders are highly overworked and grossly underpaid.

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20 Responses

  1. TheSarahRamsingh says:

    This is where the Federal government needs to step in and say, NO FUCKING

  2. Borovez says:

    What the fuck did I just see… a judge bad mouthing and threatening, and
    actually beating up a defendant? This is considered a first world country?
    America is a cesspool of cum and shit, it is the last world country.

  3. John Smith says:

    cops median salary is $52,741(Their job is mostly boring,just writing
    tickets) ; judges median salary is $120,130; senators median salary is
    $174,000 per year and you’re telling me we can’t afford to have public
    defenders that are staffed and equipped to do their fucking jobs?

  4. Slime Time (geridesu) says:

    I watch this show for John Oliver’s various rodent impressions.

  5. DoctorWeeTodd says:

    The new episode still doesn’t appear for me on HBO GO. That was what I was
    looking forward to on my Sunday evening.

  6. subductionzone says:

    Sorry, but I have know too many that rely on the Public Defenders Office,
    and they have all been guilty. Yes, I am sure that there are a couple of
    exceptions, the case that he mentioned may be one, though even that is
    dubious. Just because a case falls apart it does not mean that those
    charged were innocent.

  7. Daniel Smith says:

    This really is a great show, John does a great job in the field of
    investigative journalism, and heck, it’s even funny. I’ve used a public
    defender once before, but as a white male i imagine i may have a skewed
    version of reality–also it was in NY, not some backwards-ass hick state
    where the most heinous of these issues happen (like MO, ME, VA, FL…). I
    got off with a pretty good deal, no issues, and it made me feel good about
    this system with my only experience; but this changes my opinion of the
    program overall. Now that I live in TX, I’d better keep out of trouble,
    ::insert forced laugh here::

  8. Jasmine Pathak says:


  9. The Nik of Time says:

    To be fair, a lot of the suspects in L&O (at least in L&O:SVU and L&O:CI…
    I don’t watch a lot of the original) DO take a deal and plead guilty…

  10. nadesico81 says:

    Ah John Oliver telling America how it is.

  11. RealMcForesT says:


  12. ThePaperFlowers says:

    Public defender advises you plead guilty, even if you’re innocent or the
    case can be dropped; you apply for a job; job asks if you’ve ever been
    found guilty of a crime; you have no legal basis to defend yourself; job
    doesn’t hire you; you stay unemployed & impoverished; you cannot pay legal
    fees; you go back to jail; repeat.

  13. surgeyX says:

    7:45 — His nose is so gigantic, looks like a hawk fucked a penguin

  14. Felix Sheldon says:

    Justice is not dead, in the USA, it just smells funny . Legalize
    Marijuana, 67 people serving Life in prison, for a plant that heals!

  15. Peter Jones says:

    Anyone else get the callback to that old “Hardly Working” sketch? Dan
    obviously wrote this one.

  16. Joe Jr. says:

    The sentence. is death.

  17. Jacob S says:

    I was trying to sleep LAST WEEK TONIGHT!!

  18. joeshadowman says:

    That judge should be disbarred and the Lawyer should have called for a
    mistrial. They he should have sued both the judge and the state for
    providing an unsafe work environment. Than he should have also had the
    judge arrested for threatening to harm him physically. In other words. Fuck
    that judge and if I ever meet him in a public place, I’m never going to let
    him live it down.

  19. Ninj4ful says:

    Finally after two weeks?

  20. mori1bund says:

    There’s only one real law in America.
    That law is “MONEY TALKS!”