Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Scientific Studies (HBO)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Scientific Studies (HBO)

John Oliver discusses how and why media outlets so often report untrue or incomplete information as science.

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20 Responses

  1. Evan D'Andrade says:

    cool to see john oliver tackling the issue with /r/science

  2. MysteryASMRguy says:


  3. Darkspace says:

    A lot of you are in the TODD talk audience

  4. Allan Tj says:

    Whenever I read or hear someone said the recent study says.. all I can
    think is “what study? Whose study?” and so on.. I think everybody should
    have this mindset when “the recent study says” pop up somewhere.

  5. Java Joe says:

    I love how this story starts by mentioning the “Don’t Hug Your Dog” bit,
    which was an op-ed piece written by a retired college college professor who
    conducted his study by looking at pictures of dogs on Facebook. Ted Talks
    are the scientific equivalent of a Home Shopping Network infomercial.

  6. Insane War says:

    I smell Moroccans here.

  7. Christopher Gabriel says:

    John is the real MVP for that religion joke lol

  8. The Groovy Guitar Dude says:

    A new study shows watching John Oliver may result in YOU learning about
    something that ACTUALLY MATTERS!

  9. Jewl Le says:

    I swear the Onion has more realistic articles than the shit these morning
    shows spit out

  10. Susan Williams says:

    New study has found that autism causes global warming

  11. OddOneOut665 says:

    Can these guys put up some of the smaller segments? The one about Rodrigo
    Duterte was funny, yet disturbing.

  12. Shaun Dreclin says:

    Was that ninja brian? O_O

  13. Soren Lunarhomonid says:

    1 in 9 statements made in news media are fabrications.

  14. Hellion Shark says:

    THrere is enough cool, real science to share with people.

  15. Joshua Gang says:


  16. Naryan Robinson says:

    This is one of the funniest ones so far.
    That lab coat guy at the end sounds like Archer.

  17. Scrotie McBoogerball says:

    The Onion already did this – The Onion Talks.

  18. marsha woods says:

    So much”Junk Science” out there!! Use your head. And John… I think your
    brilliant but… why do you have to use filthy sex remarks in your

  19. Robin Taylor says:

    I am currently working obtaining my chemistry degree, and everytime I see
    one of these so called “amazing” cure studies on tv or facebook I die a
    little inside. What will my legacy be when I finally get to do my own
    studies and have them manipulated for big business purposes?

  20. Steffen Vriend says:

    Goddammit Archer, lying to me again.