Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Voting (HBO)

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Voting (HBO)

Every American deserves an equal vote. But in some states, access to voting is becoming less and less equal.

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20 Responses

  1. VibrationPunk says:

    Nobody wants Zombies voting, except the Flatbush Zombies

  2. Robert Drake says:

    Without id what’s to prevent some Canadian from coming down and voting.
    Hey, maybe I’ll do it many times over. HAHA.

  3. RazzGaming says:


  4. Josielikesm&ms says:

    It’s about time you come back, young man.

  5. thesmeck says:

    Really…the “civilized” USA USA USA, the best country in the world!!!! Are
    complaining that you cant vote without an ID.
    How do you not have a licence/passport/ID card like, I don’t know, THE REST
    OF WORLD?!
    And even worse…complaining that you can’t get an official ID without
    proper PROOF that you are who are who you say you are…REALLY?!
    How backwards and ancient is the US?

  6. BigNick66 says:

    I’ve watched Adam ruins everything about voting and have decided to say
    “fuck voting my vote doesn’t count.” But in still going to vote on voting

  7. dunnobutwayne says:

    in germany you have to provide ID ( be it drivers licence or other id with
    picture like a passport) or else you cant vote… i dont see the issue
    but making getting an id easier should be the first step

  8. pokyto says:

    How can you identify as a citizen without an ID? I mean… could I go to
    the USA and inexplicably go and vote for a president? Don’t need to have ID
    to vote, so what’s stopping me?

  9. SilverBlade15 says:

    People should actually, you know, familiarize themselves with Americas ugly
    past of systemic voter suppression, racism, the constitution, and state by
    state “policy” designed solely to make minorities and the poor jump through
    one hoop after another in an attempt to make getting an ID so difficult
    that they give up. It’s much like our old literacy tests but far more
    nuanced and subtle. Then you can comment on the BD of an ID to vote in a
    state where voter fraud is not even worth mentioning. Maybe in your country
    it is or was in the past…. But in a country where voter turnout is in
    itself often poor, it’s not even worth talking about except to cull the
    voting block that does in fact vote.

  10. Chase Comfort says:

    Mandatory voter ID laws would make more sense if you could obtain them for
    free from any post office, library or DMV in the land. If you have to pay
    for one, how is that not a poll tax?

  11. DevilisInside says:

    The fuck is wrong with you americans? In Germany you are required by law to
    always carry your ID when you are older than 16, otherwhise you can get
    into trouble when something happens (involved in an accident, police
    control, etc).

  12. Goyim says:


  13. Lan Alex says:

    Sure a photo ID shouldn’t (emphasis on shouldn’t) be that much to ask to
    maintain the integrity of the ballot. The problem is that there ARE people
    who don’t have them. And it can be really hard to make the time and find 30
    extra dollars (after paying the rent and getting fed) to get one when you
    live in destitute poverty or work a full time minimum wage job which is
    usually just enough to be off the streets.
    People who are pushing for this “common sense” law should be making sure
    that this requirement is easy to fulfill (they do make it clear that they
    believe it is) but then the politicians who push for these ID laws come
    from states that actually makes it HARDER to obtain the ID’s required.
    Coincidence? I think not.

  14. Ginkoman2 says:

    Do Americans dont have an ID-Card? Like a driver licence or simply a
    ID.Card wich states where you were born and live, what your name is etc.
    In Germany, and I think in every Country in the EZ, Everybody obove the age
    of 16 must have an ID-Card with them, or a thing wich states the same thin
    (drivers licence, etc.)

  15. Hammer0f Thor says:

    Apparently this British Bozo has never lived in Chicago where the motto is
    “vote early vote often”. If the poor people shown needed an ID to get free
    benefits, they would be busting their asses to get one without complaint.
    Only when voting is concerned does it become an insurmountable task and the
    liberals parade them around as poster children.

  16. Varun Vedanth says:

    What a politician decides to bring 10000 some people to each state and get
    them to vote??

  17. Max Torque says:

    damn that booty is firm

  18. Honest Red says:

    I’m with the Europeans on this one. How the fuck are you living without a
    state ID? The only person I know without an ID is a total shut-in. There
    are so many things that require an ID including getting a decent job,
    buying a car or home, or even going to a concert or buying alcohol.

  19. William Money says:

    When is Oliver going to cover anything about the Clintons?

  20. Hermes Bouza says:

    Dear US citizens, get mandatory IDs. Then ask for the fucking IDs before
    That is common sense.