Late Show Secret Netflix Codes

Late Show Secret Netflix Codes

Netflix has a lot of super specific “secret categories” that can be accessed with a 5-digit code. So Stephen has decided to introduce some of his own.

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20 Responses

  1. Distracted Observer says:

    I don’t get netflix jokes because I get all my movies for free off the
    internet like a normal person.

  2. Anthony VP says:

    Stephen forgets that his audience is made up of 18 to 35 year olds 70% of
    whom are already unemployed.

  3. filmthingsarefun says:

    867-309, lol.

  4. Animatiotron says:

    so did I watch a 4:40 minutes ad for Netflix? Is this what ads are now ?
    Disguised as segments of popular shows?

  5. Papa J's Maze says:

    Sorry Tommy, I’m not calling Jenny.

  6. RMJungleBerry says:

    Netflix’s algorithms are total balls.

  7. Whovian_BenK says:

    William Hartnell was the first Doctor (Who). Duh.

  8. TheNeoReaper says:

    The croods is pretty good.

  9. Fred Bobs says:

    William Hartnell is the first doctor for dr who, wow stephan who is your

  10. supershinigami1 says:

    Is there a category about horrible adaptations who are also terrible as
    standalone? This list would include the Shadowhunters, the PJO movies,
    Eragon and Game of Thrones.

  11. Collin Carver says:

    Yeah Brenda, you need to pull it together…

  12. Billy Reynolds says:

    Pfffft William Hartnell was the first Doctor Who..Philistine. Your geek
    level just dropped a level Stephen…but Munchma Quchi keeps it above

  13. Bdan 2525 says:


  14. Chopchopchop says:

    seriously netflix, it’s been years of this bullshit, learn how to search
    for tags, assholes.

  15. Alex Beerling says:

    All LOTR all the time, but not even a passing knowledge of Doctor Who?
    C’mon man!

  16. egonkirchof says:

    It is not secret if it is public available…

  17. Nels Marie (NelsLikesCookies) says:


  18. Beatlesfanish says:

    You know full well who the first Doctor is you geek 😛 XD

  19. Damian Zepeda says:

    “No one tell me how it ends.” That seemed to go right over the audience’s

  20. copycat2025 says:

    69433 turns out to be the code for Kevin Hart.