Lazio 1-2 Juventus | Ronaldo breaks Lazio hearts with 88 min Penalty! | Serie A

Lazio 1-2 Juventus | Ronaldo breaks Lazio hearts with 88 min Penalty! | Serie A

Ronaldo scores the winner to defeat Lazio!

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86 Responses

  1. Kevin Mulvey says:

    3:35 If you want the Suuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

  2. Jessica P says:

    Szczesny is verry good… He is hero of this match!!! Love Juventus

  3. MEGA says:


  4. Paulo Dybala says:

    Cancelo is the best RB in the world today

  5. Alex Sj says:

    Happy to see that messi fans are also watch CR7 match with big mouths just to see if ronaldo can make any mistakes ??? funny as hell I feel so bad for them ??

    • joao moura says:

      +SHAZAM ZAMAN are you lonely, wanna talk? jajajjaaj

    • Viral Videos says:

      Justin Oppermann Maybe If you learn to respect other people’s opinions you would be less stressed…

    • Justinho Dos Santos says:

      +Justin Oppermann you are clever

    • Justinho Dos Santos says:

      +SHAZAM ZAMAN Let us enjoy the end of his career, when he will retire forever, we will be missing him, so let us enjoy our GOAT’s games

    • Ur fat says:

      +Alex Sj lol u probably haven’t seen any messi fans saying stuff like that in this video cus the only thing we saw penaldo do was score a penalty so why would the messi fans bait themselves out to “looking for ronaldo’s mistakes”
      Lol ur just another cr7 fan craving for attention

  6. Wojciech Szczęsny says:

    am I the most underrated GK in Europe right now ?

  7. Ugg Lee says:

    Misses a pen last game.. gets another one when the game is level at 88th min.. scores.

    • tyson fureh says:

      +Justin Oppermann thing is almost half of his career goals are from penalties. Absurd number of his goals are penalties. Absurd mate. He’s King Penaldo. Master penalty ninja assassin.

    • Ammar Mustafa says:

      tyson fureh he has 109 penalty goals I think, and around 670 career goals, not even close to half. But I agree 109 is alot too


      +Ammar Mustafa and that just means he’s better than anyone in the team…. you can’t be apologetic for being the best??

    • Justin Oppermann says:

      +tyson fureh Messi has nearly as many pen goals as CR7.
      In UCl e.g. Messi has only 3 Pen goals less but more than 30 games less. So stfu and know the facts.

    • tyson fureh says:

      +Justin Oppermann shhh. Penaldo NEVER let’s anyone else takes penalties. Which is pretty pathetic. Messi regularly let’s other take penalties. See the difference? Penaldo is a penalty dictator lol.

  8. Alisha Cris says:

    *RONALDO …The winning decider✌️?*
    *SZCZESNY…The saviour?*
    *CANCELO…The equaliser?*

  9. Xhuljo Lenja says:

    Szczesny the gladiator ???

  10. Russian guy - Русский парень says:

    Ha? Ronaldo scored on penalty again

  11. Dino Boriel says:

    PENALDO !!!
    No reffere no party ???

  12. Gabriel batista says:

    If Immobile scored that goal… ,things probably would be different

  13. Umzi Waheed says:

    #Penaldo lol
    17 Goals this Season with 6 Penalties
    The Greatest Penalty taker ever

  14. polish king says:

    Szczesny Definitely Should have been Player of the match .He Had Amazing saves which Keep Juve in the game .

    • Valeria Arantes says:

      Um lindo e abençoado dia amor meu pois vc medeu o maior tesouro que são nosos filhos Cristiano Ronaldo Aveiro CR7 te amo podemos brigar mais eu sei que eu sou tua ?cadelinha e vc è viralatinha ? meu amor ? pr todos nòs❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤????????????

    • mateusz garbowski says:

      Ronaldo.penaldo the best schizofrenic player ever buhaha.

    • mateusz garbowski says:

      Schzoprenic maniac style ronaldo

  15. Peter Md says:

    M a Barcelona fan like a crazy barca fan like Messi can’t do no wrong type of fan m talking about when Messi had tax evasion issues I acted like it was a conspiracy against Messi but….. don’t act like Ronaldo ain’t a beast either he is 34 or something and still killing it. What a player i always check on him at juve because this is the only player who I know kept Messi on his toes. Think about that with everything messi did… and all Messi achieved when everybody looks back at this time they will not only remember Messi… they will remember Messi and Ronaldo. So stop with the hate u know we are not juve fans we are here simply to see Ronaldo

  16. Defence is an Art says:

    they say juventus was already champions without ronaldo, but with him they will be unbeaten

    • 3DS9Y says:

      +Gaurav Vats only 6-7 matches

    • Bayu Wibisono says:

      “Ghost” penalty!! Lol

    • Caleb C. says:

      William King Disagree. Defense wins championships and Juve is No. 1 in the world when it comes to that. With a healthy Mandzu. And Pjanic in the game, they are pretty unbeatable. Place Bernardeschi and Ronaldo on the wings and you have a very potent attack.

    • Caleb C. says:

      golu singh I agree, Ramsey is critical. Can and Matuidi are not cutting it.

    • No Fear says:

      +Tengku Zamm about world cup?Argentina just have messi for their team and they can go to final vs Germany…and u said messi is nothing if he fight with EPL u r so funny…top player on that club?lol almost all legend player in football choose messi than ronaldo…Ronaldo can’t do nothing without his team…have u seen ronaldo making solo goal?if yes maybe just 2 or 3times…almost all his gold assist by his teammates..he just wait in front of the goal to score…and he is top player?haha I think mbappe is better than him lol

  17. Tauhid Patel says:

    Ronaldo was fabulous as always(GOAT). Juve has to work on their defence and mutual communication otherwise they are fantastic. Szczęsny is the real hero tonight the wall of juve. #Finoallefine #ForzaJuve

  18. Frionel MISSi UEFAlona Referee Associations says:

    If it was Alisson or De gea people would have said best GK in the world but it’s Szczęsny they are quiet.

    • C Face says:

      Or maybe it’s that Alisson and DeGea get more media exposure in the UK than the Italian league does because, you know, it’s the local league.

    • Eddie Banson says:

      Cus Serie A don’t get that many views duhhh. But honestly tho De Gea’s reflexes are the real deal

    • Sodium Ruto says:

      Well de gea is more famous than man utd’s strikers so he’s headline news. In barcelona, ter stegen is almost same level imho with de gea but they have messi so he aint headline news. Ronaldo n messi are two players who will always grab the headline regardless of how good their teammates are.

    • Rods Start says:

      Szczesny the best GK in the world ,I did say that !

  19. X xX says:

    no penalty no party peenaldoooooooo

  20. Ritwik Ghosh says:

    How penaldo gets penalty in every game

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