Leaving Twitch-The Next Chapter

Leaving Twitch-The Next Chapter

I’ve decided to start streaming exclusively on Mixer. As of today, you can follow my stream on http://mixer.com/ninja

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55 Responses

  1. Mulberryhawk 268 says:

    Ninja: starts streaming on mixer

    Xbox players: I see this as a absolute win

  2. Faista says:

    Ninja: *full time twitch streamer*

    Mixer: I’m about to end this whole mans career

  3. Did I ask lol says:

    Ninja: I will be streaming on mixer
    Twitch:Say Sike Right now

  4. zömbie says:

    Ninja will always be remembered for breaking records on twitch.

    • Spactray says:

      @Reefermane 710 mixer is trash

    • SNIPEonSIGHT says:

      Spactray for now mark my words how it rise it’s the same shit in this society you don’t believe me? Now ppl ask someone you have a facebook remember it use to be you have a MySpace? Lol Facebook copied the idea and got it more popular with a few tweaks here and there. I can go back further you ever been asked if you had a bebo? Lol twitch is big now and will continue to be big but with this move gone have everybody or at least most with an eye over there on mixer if ninja can get them started the way they want! Bill gates own Microsoft who owns mixer its goingvto get big.

    • vikkstar 123 says:

      @Spactray that’s y they have got ninja to improve things

    • Outrageous Bore says:

      @Spactray I’m a Xbox player but I still agree

  5. ProdiJoe says:

    I know exactly what this means. Mixer = Microsoft. Microsoft = Halo. Halo Infinite is going to have a BR I guarentee it.

  6. Kayenen says:

    “I feel like it’s a good way to get back in touch with my bank account”

  7. Holo says:

    They probably paid him so much to switch! Prolly like 10 to 30 million dollars

  8. Zain Z0S7 says:

    Who else thought he was going to quit playing fortnite?

    Phew! ??

  9. smormf the hogdeheg says:

    interviewer: why did you make this decision?

    ninja: well they offered me a life time supply of *MONEY* so like…

  10. Marco Cavazos says:

    Tbh its prob a smart move by him! his sub count on twitch will never be what it was and itll prob slowly diminish further down. This way he’ll get one last good guaranteed paycheck and decent money from his sub count lol. I dont see Ninja being relevant in like 3-4 years much like many streamers that were popular in the early 2010s, but now are forgotten lol. I feel streamers have a short limited window to get popular get big rake in cash then someone else will come along take their spot (tfue,shroud so on….) I think ninja just made a family orientated move and i cant blame him. Just like athletes that go for the biggest contracts u cant hold it against them, its in their best intrest. CONGRATS NINJA!!! ?

  11. Angel Estrada says:

    I miss the old Ninja, when he would jump up in his pjs in his bedroom ?

  12. tagk sk6 says:

    BREAKING NEWS : Bill Gates is sexually attracted to mixer streamer Ninja!

  13. Shadow says:

    Ninja: I’m leaving Twitch

    Twitch: WAiT…ThAT’s ILeGal

  14. Soren says:

    I’m happy for this honestly. Twitch needs more competition to keep it on its toes.

  15. MD HUSSAIN says:

    Twitch: Ninja, you’re adopted. 🙁
    Ninja: From today I will be streaming exclusively on mixer.

  16. Zumbio says:

    Mixer : “Money”

    Ninja : “Yes”

  17. Game ANATOR says:

    It’s just like when I told my wife I stopped smoking…

    And started doing drugs lol

  18. stas says:

    Ninja 100% got a LARGE bag for this switch


  19. D0minanceSZN says:

    Ninja: Streams on Twitch

  20. fret says:

    Interviewer: What motivated you to switch to mixer?


    More options
    New things
    Enjoyable platform

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