LeBron doesn’t want blame if Luke Walton gets fired- Stephen A. | First Take

LeBron doesn’t want blame if Luke Walton gets fired- Stephen A. | First Take

Stephen A Smith and Max Kellerman break down if Magic Johnson will consider moving on from Luke Walton as Los Angeles Lakers head coach even though LeBron James doesn’t want another one of his coaches fired.

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107 Responses

  1. Ernie Grunfeld says:

    LeBron can’t guard a chair right now whatever lil defense he had left in the tank is completely gone

    • Da Kiddd says:

      I’ll beat Lebron 1 on 1 right now

    • Dan R says:

      +Da Kiddd You will ! Since you are better than a chair ! Lol

    • Quicktwosteps says:

      Did you guys even watch the last HEAT game? Wade was active on defense, even if his time was miniscule. He even chased and blocked a three point attempt. Wade is old and he puts LeBron into shame.

    • Dan R says:

      +Quicktwosteps The answer you are looking for is right in your statement… miniscule playing time. The Lakers as a whole are not playing defense.. Lebron wants to play in a defensive system that is not reliant on one person for success but the unfamiliarity, lack of chemistry, miscommunication and simply laziness is apparent leading to poor defense overall. Lebron at this point in his career doesn’t want to anchor the defense… look at GS, Steph and KD have Draymond a former DPOY to anchor their defense, and the best 3 and D wing today in Klay Thompson. Lebron is not MJ who is a monster at both ends even at an old age.

    • LebronBlew5Finals#NotTop5 #Needs2AllStarsToWin says:

      Anthony Dexter Kobe was all defensive teams his 16th and 17th season
      Duncan and Karl Malone both all defensive teams in their 16th year

      Lebron didn’t make an all defensive team since 2014

  2. Bearboy193 says:

    LeBron isn’t doing anything to re-group this team either… 🤷‍♂️

  3. Teezy says:

    Lebron should be on the hot seat

    You give a 4 yr max contract to a 34 aging superstar on the decline. Completely stunting the growth of your young players. When you know damn well nobody’s beating the warriors over the next 5 yrs. should’ve stayed patient and built from the ground up…dumb decision lakers

    • King Collazo says:


    • Basketball Hot Take Evaluation And Examination says:

      No ones beating this warriors team in the next 5 years if they all stay together. Cant sign boogie or one of the other core 4. Also would be 2 years older by the time they get a chance to beat them. So no your wrong

    • Nik3 says:

      +Jay Fitmed
      5 years… We don’t know how any other team will be in the next 5 YEARS.

    • A.A. B.E. says:

      Signing Lebron makes sense if you want to sell more tickets, merch, and advertisements.

    • Wodz30 says:

      So the warriors…. are going to the NBA finals…..for NINE CONSECUTIVE YEARS?…. did you turn fatigue off in 2k or are you just retarded.

      Name the last NBA team that went to 5 consecutive NBA finals, win or lose

      I will wait

  4. j0epark1 says:

    I honestly think Eric Spoelstra was the only coach LBJ had that hasn’t ever had his job in the Heat Seat.

  5. Stephen A Smith says:

    Lebrons defence is just as bad as my hairline and his obsession with controlling the narrative is just as bad as Molly getting involved in the debate!

  6. Robloxster Gamer says:

    Luke Walton wants friends
    1like = new friend

  7. LDG says:

    LeBron can’t guard a Snail.
    It’s embarrassing and he just stands there and blames the SOPHOMORES playing defence.
    So far he’s done nothing Magic and Kobe advertised he was going to do = play in the post.

    • tee Hoops says:

      GiovannisSanctuary keep dreaming. Lmao why would we give up are many pieces like Kyrie tf lol. And. Def don’t want those to buns yeah he probably wanted to drafted them but. Glad he didn’t Tatum is a way much better player than both of them combined and rival teams don’t do trade with each other keep on dreaming u guys will never get anybody from the Celtics lol

    • GiovannisSanctuary says:

      +tee Hoops I’d add Smart also.. you’d have marcus.

    • kingrobinho777 says:

      No Kyrie to carry his teams anymore.

    • Randy Hughes says:

      Mike Jones he def ain’t putting up the best numbers in the league 😂

    • tee Hoops says:

      GiovannisSanctuary celtics aren’t trading for any of those bums on the lakers not one of them! Are team is good the way it is nobody on the laker plays defense. And as you looks at celtics they have a defense system we don’t need no half ass defensive players on are the am and this is why celtics will always be better than the. Lakers. Can’t spell L without lakers!!

  8. Axum ገብረመድሂን says:

    Luke ain’t to blame… Even pop couldn’t make it happen with these bums.


      +Criss Walker
      Stop actin like KING JAMES came
      2 da NBA playin NO DEFENSE but
      It bad ovr my 3 yrs now

    • kian26master says:

      +Activerici 23 Pop can fit any player into his system and win games/titles. So yeah..

    • Criss Walker says:

      +KING COON & BLACK ASS HELL I didn’t say he came into the nba playing no defense I said currently which is RIGHT NOW he ain’t playing no defense he suppose to be the best player in the world he should play defense point blank period

    • Łeone says:

      +Sixtus ? Lmfao lebum has no defense and the lakers are 4-6 cry

    • kharis87 says:

      Donie Caldwell he hasn’t played defense in 3 years. His record leading teams against Western conference teams in his career is mediocre. He is an overrated leader and the talk of him making team mates better is overrated. He always needs MORE HELP. So yes………great player but overrated.

  9. Tony Stark says:

    LeBron doesn’t want to get blame being a defensive liability either. The young Lakers are better without the old man who also ruins their ball movement.

    • LakeShow says:

      LeBron hasn’t played defense since 2016, no reason why it’s suddenly a surprise. And clearly you are a broke bum who watches highlights and thinks he knows wtf he is talking about, Lakers DON’T HAVE BALL MOVEMENT SETS IN THE HALF COURT. Luke ran like a total of 8 sets in that recent Laker game (I get that you are a moron and can’t spot things like this and the best basketball knowledge you have is 2k) and he’s leaving LEBRON JAMES out of multiple plays where he literally stands in the corner and doesn’t get to touch the ball for 3-5 mins into a quarter. I get that your life depends on Lebron losing but stop using lies to promote your agenda.

    • Theo Smith says:

      +SK Glizzy And the year before that and so on

    • Doriel Morris says:

      +Kenny Ghee I’m agreeing with the OP. Have you read any of my comments.

    • Hermenchie Cortez says:

      +Pj Riley bcoz he is stats padd im telling you if the stats is a besis of good leader russel is the great player now

    • Quicktwosteps says:

      Did you guys even watch the last HEAT game?
      Wade was active on defense, even if his time was miniscule. He even chased and blocked a three point attempt. Wade is old and he puts LeBron into shame.

  10. ToneCre8 says:

    The Lakers are worse when Lebron is on the floor. Just facts.

    • sorry, idgaf. says:

      Yvng Kvng Matic That has nothing to do with “HIS” defense.. lol

    • christopher Burks says:

      +Yvng Kvng Matic yea I knew they would struggle..but -30..that’s unacceptable

    • Darius Clark says:

      It’s -3 per game lol… they are under 500 and he plays the most minutes…DUH his +- isn’t the best lol… it’s a brand new roster for him what do you expect? Lonzo has a worse +- than Rondo but the eye test shows he’s playing better then Rondo… yall must be new

    • Christian Knows says:

      +Antonio Banco down to tutor me bro lol

    • Basketball Hot Take Evaluation And Examination says:

      You and the 121 fuckin morons who liked this just showed you have no clue about what goes on in basketball. If you play 38 minutes a night and your team is 4-6, which means your losing of course you will have a negative plus minus. What your saying is this team without lebron could make the playoffs? Yikes

  11. AustinxAvery says:

    Remember when Lakers fans were happy they got lebron 😂

  12. Molly Qerim-Rose says:

    I’m enjoying this road trip. First Dallas then LA. I wonder where to next.

  13. DJ ShaqTown says:

    Listen I believe everyone before Magic got there is gone… Luke and Ingram Will Be Gone Before Next Year Watch

  14. Colby The Nerd Basher Covington says:

    You know Stephen A is crying inside. He so badly wants the Lakers to be good even said they’d have no problem reaching the WCF but there not lmao

    • Benny Alv says:

      Colby The Nerd Basher Covington –

    • Sean Rankin says:

      I can see them making the playoffs but the WCF is beyond reach. That’s wishful thinking

    • Phil Jackson says:

      Brandon Dozier Well it’s a difference a 26 year old Lebron who was willing to play defense while averaging 26.7 , also with Bosh giving you 19 and it didn’t hurt to have wade with his 26 a game as well plus surrounding that with 3pt shooters.

      Before Lebron joined the heat the previous year that 2009-10 Miami heat ranked 6 in defensive ratings and held their Opponents to 94.2 points a game that was second in the league.

      They didn’t go 10-10 in their first 20 games it was 12-8…in that 20 game run their last lost came to Dallas on 11-27-10 then going on a 12 game win steak.

    • Basketball Hot Take Evaluation And Examination says:

      +Brandon Dozier and the cavs went 19-18 lol. Shhh dont let them know

    • allen dawson says:

      +Phil Jackson they started off 8-9 Lebron first year with Miami

  15. Kingslayer says:

    LeBron is a parasite like fleas on dogs. He jumps from host to host. He sucks the blood out. Then leaves them in ruins. *THIS* *IS* *NOT* *LUKE’S* *FAULT.*

    I was listening to *Tania* *Ganguli* who covers the Lakers on the LA Times yesterday on Petros & Money. Last season, the young Lakers had camaraderie. This year, LeBron and the older vets changed it.

    What happened to LeBron after the Raptors destroyed them the other night? He went out partying at Puffy’s birthday party! LeBron doesn’t care being a Laker. He’s just out here chillaxin’. Lakers need to develop the kids. Fuck what LeBron wants. He’s not your future.

    The Lakers are already the New York Knicks of the West. If they give in to LeBron’s demands, they will turn into the Cleveland Cavaliers. Lakers lack any direction right now. They lack a visionary.

    Luke will be just another coach they fire after two years. The organization lacks zero stability. No stars would come to the Lakers and respect that. Lakers culture needs to change without the EGO and the DIVAS. Be like the Spurs.

    • Jack Reacher says:

      +trevon windley y’all niggas are a trip. If that’s what u call taking it to the rack, then I’m fucking flying high as a kite. The shot was weak, terrible and he should’ve gave up the ball to the young fella. What he did was drive and pull up for a floater. That ain’t going to the rack buddy

    • trevon windley says:

      +Jack Reacher I watch the game and highlights homie. LBJ wont have anyone in quicksand. The media and haters might put them in quicksand. People have short term memory. Its was only a few months ago that lebron scored 50 against the warriors in the finals. But anyways I’m just glad you are a saints fan

    • trevon windley says:

      +Jack Reacher did he get fouled or not? Did he get 2 points? Did they win? Yes yes and yes

    • Jack Reacher says:

      +trevon windley we just saw his ass get swept in the Finals a few months ago. Ain’t no hating going on towards LBJ. If u claim u want these young guys to have confidence and go hard with u in the trenches. Waving him off on a mismatch like he did is not the way to do it. He not bout to drop 50 and that West is gonna wear his body down more so than what he is by season end. Personally I think he’s soaking because he doesn’t have a Star or 2 there to play with him. Defensively he doesn’t have it anymore, but he could average 5-10 pts more. If you’re not gonna D up then he needs to average 30.

    • Juan Cruz says:

      Kingslayer man thank you for being a real sports man and not a bitch fan like these bunch of queen James’s bitches. I wish people will talk real basketball and stop all this nonsense

  16. VergzHD says:

    The supporting cast lost confidence the moment LeBron sided Paul in that fight.

  17. Doctor Outer says:

    Lebron can’t guard a parked car in a drive way right now and forever.

  18. J T says:

    How Lebron blames everyone else except himself… will NOT attract any super stars to the Lakers. You can book it 😉

  19. TheHHA13 says:

    Really Stephen A? 2:07 Rob Pilinker? REALLY? STAY OFFFFF THE WEEEEEEEDDDDD!!!

  20. adrian28576 says:

    LBJ in LA to be in the movie industry not to win championships magic and the lakers got fleeced but they and the NBA don’t want to admit it😂🤣😂😆😂🤣

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