LeBron is more likely to leave the Lakers than win a title for L.A. – Max Kellerman | First Take

LeBron is more likely to leave the Lakers than win a title for L.A. – Max Kellerman | First Take

Max Kellerman says there is a stronger chance that LeBron James will depart from the “dysfunctional” Los Angeles Lakers franchise than win them a title for the first time since 2010.
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88 Responses

  1. Who Was On Crack! says:

    I wouldn’t blame him one bit for leaving

    • Drink Me says:

      +Brzy but like i said
      First round losses>6-0 finals according to your dumbass

    • Jay Money says:

      +charlie barnett Lebron has already said that it was a family and business decision, not just basketball. Stop with that “he shoulda went to the Clippers” bs because no one knew how good the Clippers were gonna be and how bad the Lakers were gonna be so just stop with that..

    • JBG says:

      +Kam Fisher just a friendly reminder that the cavs were one place behind last place this year. At least last year they actually made it to the playoffs

    • Akash Sathyamoorthy says:

      +Kam Fisher goddamn you drank a lot of retard juice today lol

    • Drink Me says:

      +Akash Sathyamoorthy brontard alert

  2. FoshoTheOne says:

    You know if LeBron wins a title with the Lakers we’ll never hear the end of it from ESPN..

    • Drink Me says:

      +Tripl3 JaY3! With his emojis and the nerve questioning someone’s age

    • Curry Chicken says:

      KD might join him with Melo

    • Tripl3 JaY3! says:

      +Drink Me not even lmao the funny thing is either way we both spending dumb energy weather you like or hate lebron im not even entertaining this dumb youtube comment argument fucking bum go ask ur mom to put some pizza rolls in the oven for you lol ?

    • The Real Jay Stone says:

      Lakers getting better once they had new GM

    • Drink Me says:

      +Tripl3 JaY3! Dont you sound salty lmao hop on somewhere else kid

  3. Thanos Snaps Fingers says:

    As a laker fan, ESPN will talk about anything to fill time lmfao ???

  4. cptsketch13 says:

    Max, show me on the doll where Kobe hurt you

  5. Brandon Giannascoli says:

    Kuzma not a starter?? What he starts for most NBA teams

  6. Arpan Dave says:

    Why you bringing in Kobe in this Max, what has he even done? he been retired for over 3 years now leave him alone.

  7. FoshoTheOne says:

    Lakers stories in the media are more unpredictable than the outcome of these playoffs…

  8. MrGenexxx says:

    5:25 LMAO nobody even asked to put up that graphic on screen

  9. Dk B says:

    SMH they always tryna pit Lebron and Kobe against each other

    • Jesse Cab says:

      Melvin HHCP Hell Yeah, I’m from Riverside and live in El Monte now, I can’t stand these people who are not from here talking out of their asses just because they followed Lebron here.

    • NaawG says:

      that guy if they knew that was happening, they would have blown that shit up for views lmao

    • that guy says:

      +NaawG it’s still a gentlemens game at the top

    • Im Not a Star says:

      just like the media did the other day when magic revealed his reason for stepping down.
      They dont conceal shit when its FACTS.
      So lebron kobe beef is def false?

    • MFBloosh says:

      Remember when they used to compare Lebron n MJ every other segment? Lol

  10. Shantanu Madhav says:

    Max Kellerman youre either high or running out of content

  11. Roo says:

    Max: I love my mom

    SAS: you’re wrong and i’ll tell you why you’re wrong

  12. Donald Monroe says:

    Kobe Bryant probably has little to do with the Lakers at this point

    • samin basir says:

      +Dee James that’s what I’m saying all I see him do is chill I dont think he even cares about the Lakers drama

    • INEED MoNEy says:

      Wrong. Kobe positioning himself to be the new magic, anyone who dont see that is crazy

    • Dee James says:

      +INEED MoNEy if anything him & magic are gonna buy the lakers … Magic said it already if thing’s go right

    • samin basir says:

      +INEED MoNEy Kobe is running a multimillion dollar company and coaching his daughters in his free time, I dont think he cares nor has the time for the lakers

    • Leland Joseph says:

      He’s trying to buy them.

  13. Yab Khris says:

    I honestly think Kobe don’t give af ?

  14. chrisgangsta says:

    So sick of Max’s star system, we get it, numbers

  15. ThaRealCstylez says:

    he said ingram isnt an average starter but average almost 20 a game lol.

    • abdulrahman albedawy says:

      Ingram sucks

    • AlexanderNevermind says:

      He also said Ball will be an All Star…so…not sure if I can take his ramblings seriously.

    • Chongolo says:

      +Bryce Howard You have Lebron James and Kyle Kuzma. Lebron james who has one of the highest usage rate in the nba. We were a top seed before all of our players got injured. Having Lebron in our team is an automatic playoff team, but injuries got us. That lakers team wasnt even close to being a lottery team. Bunch of casuals in this youtube shit

    • Chongolo says:

      +AlexanderNevermind lonzo has the capability of being an allstar. He is a draymond green type of player but as a pg. An elite defender and ball contributor. Sure his stats dont show a lot, you have to watch the games to see how effective he is.

    • AlexanderNevermind says:

      +Chongolo Umm…no. Julius Randle is a Draymond Green-type. Lonzo is a poor man’s Ricky Rubio. And the fact that he shoots free throws worst than Shaq doesn’t help his case. I’m hoping he works more on his free throws and offense this year instead of putting out hip hop mixes like he did last summer. And I’ve watched every Laker game for the past 10 years. Lonzo’s stats speak for themselves, and you can’t always give him props for silly analytics like “how well he throws an outlet pass with his left hand off of his back foot” or some other inconsequential event of his.

  16. Shaq Salis says:

    Can Max please, for the love of GOD, leave Kobe alone? My goodness, did Kobe steak his girl or something? The hate is real

  17. Sunny Darko' says:

    Kuz is not a starter. NO RESPECT! He had 41 in 3 quarters. Won summer league finals MVP, Rookie First Team and rising stars mvp. His game did not shrink all season (until the AD thing) Kuzma deserves more respect! ?

    • B49ify says:

      _ 84 bruh shut your faggot ass up. you under every comment hating. lonzo is one of the best guard defenders in the league. BI avg 18 on good shooting from the field and he’s also a good defender, fuck are you talking about. if tatum a starter, BI is a starter. mo harkless starts, otto porter was a starter. if you’re in the starting lineup for every game of your career you’re a starter foh. name me 30 small forwards better than BI

    • Sunny Darko' says:

      B49ify facts!

    • Sunny Darko' says:

      Trump 2020 Kuzma has been playing CENTRE and guarding players like Yannis this year. His defence is improved. He is also usually one of our top scorers. SF/PF/C he hasn’t been THAT bad. Bron been worst

    • catonic says:

      +Trump 2020 How many guys in the NBA play ZERO DEFENSE? Plenty…Orlando, Atlanta, Phoenix, Cleveland (for god’s sake) Charlotte …Basically the trash ass teams have players starting that are much worse than Kuzma….He’s a starter period…You nor max know what you’re talking about here.

    • Papi’s Papi says:

      _ 84 fuck u talking about Ingram better then Kuz

  18. Benjamin Forbes says:

    Stephen A: How’s your day going max

    Max: Ehh, about a 4 star, not that 5 star mvp level kind of day

  19. OG 2Saintz says:

    Coverage for NBA Playoffs 2019 has been all about the Lakers imploding. ?

  20. Irvin Lopez says:

    bet Max won’t give Kobe any credit if the lakers win a title lmao

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